Thursday, March 11, 2021

Silvertone 1484 Tube Amp in Minneapolis area for $100

Accoerding to this seller the amp works. Sounds like it just needs a little tune up/ cleaning. If you are in the Twin Cities area you may already be on to of this one. LOL. Might even be worth making the trip. 1484's are great Danelectro made amps. A lot of fun and some have even used them onstage (i.e. Jack White). The cabinets are always the weakest part - that and the flimsy reverb units. Sears Silvertone Guitar Amp - $100 (Vadnais Heights) 800 county road e east (google map) Works. Needs some TLC. No speakers in cab. I tested on another cabinet and head works and is loud. All pots could use a cleaning and sometimes play quiter until knob is tapped. Reverb was not working with switch or other switch. Though I can hear slight reverb, it's just not getting through amp. Has new old stock pair of matched russian 6L6GC tubes. Back needs a jack for speaker connection. Has just 2 bare speaker wires coming out from back. Both sides work. Cases are in rough used condition. Comes with rare original pedal. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

1980's Kitty Hawk M3 Tube combo Amp in Chicago area for $250

This seller is offering a KITTY HAWK M3 for $250. That's a good price for these fairly well built amps that were made in West Germany in the 1980's. Sort of a variartion on a Mesa Boogie circuit. Big wattage and lots of gain on tap in a very compact package. you can drive multiple speaker cabinets with one of these if you have the need. There is some "Dumble lore" that goes along with these but it is not really founded. Roy Brothers simply were involved in distributing Dumble amps back i nthe day. But these amps are more closely related to the Mesa Boogie in design. Nice deal for somebody. 60W All Tube Amp Last Call!!!!! - $250 (Lombard) < image 1 of 5 >
60W All Tube Amp Last Call!!!!! - $250 (Lombard) image 1 of 5 1 12345

Friday, November 20, 2020

Fullerton '62 RI Strat in Los Angeles for $3500

This seller in the Los Angeles area is offering a very nice 1983 Fullerton AVRI '62 Strat for $3500. That is a good price for one of these that have been and will continue to be very sought after by collectors. I would guess that this one should have the "Red Bottoom (or Red Bobbin) Pickups" which are terrific and highly prized. But he doesn't say that in the listing so maybe not. These earliest examples of the Vintage Strats were overseen by John Carruthers who apparently had a hand in setting this one up as well. Quite a find really at any price. This one comes with all the vintage style accesories which just adds to the long term value for most colectors. ************* Fender 62 Reissue Stratocaster Fullerton Model - $3,500 (Los Angeles) image 17 of 22 1 12345678910111213141516171819202122 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Well I can’t believe but I have finally decided to part with 1983 Fender AVRI thar is in mint like new condition. This is actually a collectors item because it is what is call a Fullerton model. From my pictures you can see how the beautiful three color sunburst finish transitions so seamlessly between each color which is top quality finishing. This Strat's tone is just fabulous.... the best I have ever heard and action is set to be smooth and low. John Carruthers set this up for me, he’s the best in the business. He helped develop the 62 the 57 and 52 Telecaster to name just a few. This deal includes the mint condition original G&G tweed case. Don’t miss out on this deal. $3500. Check out the fantasic tones of this amazing guitar Please I am downsizing all my gear so I will not consider any trades or partial trades. If you are interested in this guitar let me know by texting me or emailing me here. If you have any questions I would happy to answer you call show contact info . Thanks

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Late 90's Guild Starfire in Atlanta area for $1000

GUILD STARFIRE II - Late 90's USA Model - in Atlanta GA area for $1000 According to the Guild Dating Wwebsite I use this would be one of the last Starfire II's to come off the USA assembly line. Why in the world it would only have been played 3X in the past 23 years I have no idea but it certainly looks to be in great shape. Nice price for a USA model of that time period. Those Guild HB-1 Humbuckers may be the Guild made ones or they may be the Seymour Duncan versions. Can't tell by looking at the covers. ********************* Vintage USA Guild Starfire II - $1,000 (Stockbridge) image 5 of 5 1 12345 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap 559 Ransom Way (google map) condition: like new make / manufacturer: Guild model name / number: Starfire II Mint condition only played 3 times opened to trades of usa guitars of similar value

Mesa Stiletto Ace in Bullhead City AZ for $595

This seller is offering a very nice deal on a Mesa Stiletto if you are anywhere near Bullhead City AZ (which is right next to Laughlin NV). Serious gigging amp - especially with the 2X12 Vintage 30's. This is being offered at a very good price (hopefully not too good, if you know what I mean). - Jim C. > > Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 2x12 - $595 (Bullhead City)> condition: excellent Selling my Stiletto Ace. Amp is in perfect working condition. New Mesa power tubes and Mesa rectifier tube. Comes with Ft. channel controller box. There is a small tear on the grill cover. Asking $ 595 or make a reasonable offer. Call show contact info or email with any questions. NO TEXTING

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Epiphone Electra EA-26 RVT - Vintage Tube Guitar Amp in Idaho for $200

This seller is offering a mid-1960's Epiphone EA-26 RVT for $200. These amps are similar in some ways to a Fender Deluxe reverb. About 20 - 25 watts and two cahnnels into a 12 inch speaker. However he says the Tremelo and reverb are not working. AStill - it makes a good basic tube amp considering it is 50+ years ld and looks pretty nice. ************************* Epiphone Electra EA-26 RVT - Vintage Tube Guitar Amp - $200 For sale is an Epiphone EA-26 RVT tube combo amp. This comes with converters that accept 12ax7 tubes in the original 6eu7 sockets. There’s a new set of JJ tubes installed, and the amp idles fairly quietly with just a little buzz. 12" speaker at 8ohm. There is no foot switch, and the reverb and tremolo do not work. A good sounding amp on it's own and a nice platform for pedals.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

1956 Rickenbacker M-11 Tube combo Amp in Southern California for $600

1956 RICKENBACKER M-11 Tube Combo Amp This seller is offfering a cool and rare 1956 Rickenbacker M-11 tube Combo for only $600. These are similar to a Tweed Deluxe from the same period. Made in SoCal at the Rickenbacker Electro Factory. I have an M-8 from a few years later and it is one of my favorite samll amps. Just super clear and glassy tone that compresses nicely and gets gritty as you crank it up past 5. Of course that is a 5 watt amp and this M-11 is more like 15-18 watts. These are really well built. Similar to the Magnatone amps of the time. - Jim C *****************************
Okay, I've apparently overestimated the fervor vintage tube amp geeks (myself included) feel for vintage Rickenbackers. Fair enough. I'm dropping the price on this wonderful little piece of American tube amp history so as to send it off to a new owner, hoping he or she will live to see the day when these amps are held in higher regard for their place in SoCal's considerable musical instrument manufacturing history. Here's the skinny: This is a time capsule piece of Rickenbacker history. It's been played for sure, but it's 100% original right down to the tubes (and tube sleeves!). Everything on this vintage amplifier is as it was when it was made in Los Angeles shortly after F.C. Hall purchased the Electro String Company from Adolph Rickenbacker in 1953. The tubes - a Telefunken 12ax7 in V1, RCA 12au7 in V2, two RCA Blackplate 6v6s in V3 and V4, and an RCA Blackplate 5y3 in V5 - all have date codes near the end of 1956. They alone are worth a few hundred bucks! The speaker is an original cone Jensen P12R dated the 47th week of 1956. The transformers, caps, resistors and wiring are all original as well. Everything is! The grey tolex has its share of battle scars, and is lifting in some spots. The control panel has some pitting, which is to be expected from a 64 year old. The power cord is the old "lamp" style, and is of course original. I am the second owner of this amp. The original owner played the hell out of it, obviously! It sounds wonderful: nice and nasty, much like a 1950s Fender tweed Deluxe. All I did to this amp was clean the tube sockets and De-Ox the pots. Amazingly, it's now good to go. I am not open to any trades whatsoever, save a 1964-1976 Fender Deluxe Reverb, and if needed, some cash on my end. I won't ship this amp. You can pick it up socially-distanced style here in Southern California. I'll let you test it, of course, outside on my porch, and you gotta wear a mask, so if that's a problem, forget about it. I'm including a ton of good photos with this, but if there's something else you'd like to see please contact me. Thanks for looking! Call or text Mick 310


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