Friday, July 21, 2017

1960's Kapa Continental at GC in Cherry Hill NJ for $299

These Kapa Continentals were assembled and painted in a Music Store in Maryland all through the 1960's.  The early bodies, parts and necks came for the Hofner factory in Germany - including the unique "staple" pickups. Later they switched to a mix of German and Japanese parts and eventually by the end of the 60's Kapa's were built completely in Japan and imported to the US.

This appears to be one of the earlier Continentals which still has all the German parts (to my eye anyway).   These are great "budget vintage" guitars that are perfect for Indie/Jangle/garage rock.

Female guitarists in particular will appreciate the light weight, thin necks and cool vintage vibe.

this guitar is for sale right now at the Guitar Center in Cherry Hill NJ.  (Note: GC will ship to anywhere in the USA so if you want this one give them a call and ask about the playability, etc.   You can buy it right over the phone (believe me I've done it a dozen times).  GC shipping is fairly cheap.