Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kay / Truetone N-2 Electric with Venetian Cutaway on ebay for $199 + $25 shipping

This eBay listing is set to end in about 4 hours and if you are a fan of the Kay N-2 with the cakepan pickup you might want to consider this rather unusual one with a Venetian cutaway.  I've seen dozens of these guitars and none of them had a nice rounded lower bout like this one so it is fairly uncommon.  It gives this full size hollow-body electric a similar look to the more expensive Kay Barney Kessels and Swingmasters.

The seller doesn't seem to know much about it (he doesn't even know it is a Kay) or that the pickup is a stock item.  My guess is that the folks at the Kay factory opened up that lower F-hole a bit to help accommodate access for  the volume and tone pots they had to insert inside the guitar body since it would be hidden by the pickguard once that was in place.

I'd say $200 is a pretty good price for this guitar if you can snark it without much competition. - JC

Here is the link to the listing - remember it ends very soon!

Kay N-2 with venetian Cut on eBay  


Here is a vintage archtop acoustic guitar,nice tobacco sunburst,this has a primitive pickup installed and it is working fine.I do not know who installed this pickup but they cut away a small part of the f hole(see all pics),this is covered by the pick guard.It does not look like a hack job on the pick up assembly despite the cutting of the hole ,the jack and knobs are solid and obviously very old,also the pickup has some sort of gasket underneath it and has stayed functional all these years.Also the pick guard is manufactured to fit this pickup exactly(see pic).This could have been a Mfg. conversion to meet the demand for electrified guitars,I don't know.Inside is stamped L 3240 and "w2" or "N2".All mating surfaces are solid,neck is straight,and binding is good.Origiunal tuners are old but work and hold the guitar in tune,flame maple top.Some scuffs on back(see pic).Strings are 7/64" just under 1/8" off the 12th fret,you can lower this buy reconfiguring the bridge.I have taken close ups of all the parts and angles.Pick guard is removed and unchipped and uncracked,I am not going to put this back on it is in a seperate box with the hardware.I know a lot of you know more about these old archtops than I do let me know if you know the Mfg. or model on this guy.This will come boxed with a marginal case that is ment for shipping only.High bid pays 25.00 in the continental USA, AK and HI contact me for quote.Thanks Mike

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1960's MIJ Silvertone or Penncrest electric in Columbus OH for $40

This seller is offering a neat little mail order catalog MIJ electric that looks like it hasn't seen much play in the last 40 years.  This may have been a Silvertone (Sears) or a Penncrest (J.C. Penney) but could have been from any of a dozen catalogs.  Has a nice original case too so if you've been hankering for a twangy piece of nostalgic Japanese technology -- well here ya goes fer cheep.

Note:  Seller says $50 in the ad but $40 on the listing so he may have lowered the price.    My guess is he probably paid the old lady about twenty bucks for it. - JC


Vintage Electric Guitar - $40 (Obetz)(Columbus)

Date: 2012-06-23, 7:28PM EDT
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Nice 1970's or 80's vintage electric Guitar with the original case.The lady I bought this from said she got this for her son when he was small and he didn't have any intrest in learning to play so it remained in the closet until I bought it.I hooked it to an amp and everything works as it should.It is missing the bottom string and has a small 1/4" chip on the back side of the headstock.No marking of any kind of who made it or what country.Child sized.$50.00 buys it.Jeff  

Silvertone 1446 "Chris Isaak" in San Pedro CA for $850

This seller is offering a Silvertone1446 for the relatively sane price of $850.  I've seen these go for a good bit more so it should be a nice deal.  These have fairly thin necks for Harmony made guitars so if that is what you like - and you want some of the sexy cache that this guitar embodies - you might want to take a look.

Doesn't include a case but that is not too big of a deal - these fit in most ES-335 type cases, only be careful about that neck and headstock angle - make sure there is enough room for it to lay flat without any pressure. 



Vintage 60s Silvertone 1446 semi-hollow body w/Bigsby tremolo - $850 (San Pedro)

Date: 2012-06-26, 9:26AM PDT
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Commonly known as the Chris Isaak model because it was his first guitar (he also named his third album "Silvertone") these are very sought after among players and collectors. The pickups were made by Gibson and are PAF Mini Humbuckers. They came stock with this model which was the only time Gibson ever interacted with Harmony/Silvertone. Guitar has a great weight and feel. Neck is straight and action is fast. I did a gig with this axe last week and it killed. Hate to part with it but just have too many.
Only modifications are: An ivory colored plate on the input jack and strap locks. I do not have the original pickgaurd either. Will send more photos upon request. Sorry, no case.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Magnatone Custom 260 in Northern Michigan for $550

This amp may have already been sold but i just spotted the listing so here it is.  Magnatone Custom 260 2x12 tube amp circa 1958-1962.  Seller says that it is in great cosmetic and working condition - though there is no photo on the listing.

This would be one heck of a find if it is what he says it is.

Note;  there is a phone number on the listing if you click through to the original post. - JC


1958 - 1962 Magnatone Custom 260 Amplifier - $550 (Petoskey)

Date: 2012-06-11, 1:44PM EDT
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All original, except the handle, 1958 - 1962 35 watt Magnatone Custom 260 tube guitar amplifier. Most famous for it's extremely musical pitch-shifting vibrato, the Magnatone 260 and 280 models have become incredibly popular for the beautiful and classic 1950′s tone. The Custom 260 has (2) heavy duty 12″ speakers, and is capable of wide tone range from resonant bass to brilliant treble with a dynamic solid middle registor for stand-out performance. The 260 and 280 were most notably used by artists such as; Robert Ward, Lonnie Mack, and Buddy Holly, and it is without a doubt one of the best vintage amps for the value.

It is in beautiful condition for a 50+ year old amplifier, tolex has minimal wear, speakers are in perfect working order, grill cloth is still like new, all channels and vibrato sound amazing.

Supro solid body electric in Cincinatti for $400

The seller is calling this a Supro 60 but it is not - this single pickup Supro has the same body shape and overall look as a Belmont or Sahara - but the seller says it is a 3/4 guitar so I am taking for granted it is a short scale neck.  I doubt it is as short as the Special or Super models because those joined the body at the 12th fret and had a very small look and profile - this guitar appears to be close to a normal size with a 14 fret to the body neck.  It may not be a 3/4 size guitar at all. 

Personally, I love when a single pickup is placed right smack in the middle.  IMO single neck and single bridge locations severely limit the range of tones you can get from a guitar's pickup - the middle spot gives you a lot of room to shape the tone using the amp and volume knobs.  

I would love to get a chance to play and hear the sound of this guitar.


1962 Supro 60 - 3/4" size guitar - $400 (Hamilton)

Date: 2012-06-11, 10:49PM EDT
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Here is a 1962 Supro guitar. Sounds great, has dings all over the guitar, input jack needs some work on it. You have to move the chord around to get it to work but once it works it don't stop working even if you move it. I'm thinking it just needs taken apart and cleaned. Has that classic vintage sound. It has a wooden bridge and the neck seems to be straight but I'm no expert. All I have is a little Crate amp to hook it up to so if you want to hear how it really sounds you would have to supply your own amp. The lettering is fading off of the pick guard. That is normal for this guitar and most of the ones I've seen the lettering is all the way gone. These list on Ebay around 700.00. Please feel free to call or text or email. Thanks for Looking.

Harmony H-162 Acoustic in Detroit for $70

I expect most of my readers will be familiar with the Harmony H-162.  The seller posted a tiny photo of this one but it looks to have some minor cosmetic damage on the face (lower right) and the headstock logo looks to be for a late 1950's or very early 1960's model.


Harmony Guitar H162 - $70 (BLOOMFIELD TWP)

Date: 2012-06-12, 11:03AM EDT
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Vintage Harmony H-162 Acoustic Guitar.
Spruce top - Mahogany sides and back, steel reinforced neck.
Grand Concert Size. Production years: 1940-1971
$70 Cash  

Charvel Surfcaster in Cincinnati for $550

The only drawback to this early Japan-made Charvel Surfcaster being sold in Cincinatti is (sigh!) no Vibrato tailpiece.  Other than that she is a real beauty.   If you don't know about the Surfcaster do a Google search and you'll see they are a highly desirable guitar especially the earliest Japanese models with two lipstick pickups (like this one).   The fit and finish on this model is beautiful and I'd expect it to play like butter.

But alas... you can't play The Ventures (or Mr. Moto) without a Vibrato arm. 


Charvel Surfcaster - $550 (Cincinnati)

Date: 2012-06-13, 10:01PM EDT
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I have a Charvel Surfcaster for sale with a hardshell vintage case. The guitar is in great shape with a few minor scratches from play. Never been on the road or been under heavy abuse. It is a model somewhere in the early 90s according to the serial number when they were made in Japan before they were moved to India and went to Sh**.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1964 Ampeg ReverbRocket in Matoon Il (Indiana?) for $425

This seller is offering a 1964 Ampeg Reverbrocket (I believe they were once called "Reverb-o-Rockets") and though I am not sure if Matoon-Charleston is in Illinois or Indiana it is somewhere in that part of the country.

These are pretty darn nice amps - especially when you can find them in mostly original condition.   The reverb is different than a Fender but it is still very useful


Ampeg Reverberocket R-12-R-B 1964 - $425 (Mattoon)

Date: 2012-06-12, 9:24PM CDT
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FS: 1964 Ampeg Reverberocket includes original Jensen speaker, original footswitch. Fully functional sounds great. New leather carrying handle. Recently capped and professionally gone through. All of the tubes are Ampeg labeled vintage except on 6sl7 tube which is GE. The tolex has some wear but no bad blemishes. There is a little tarnish on the control panel but nothing excessive. This amp with a slightly more efficient speaker would work in a band. Very touch sensative.Barks like a Tweed Deluxe but Can also be smooth and clean. this is a perfect players amp. Great Ampeg Reverb and Tremolo.

$425 for this great vintage tube amp that works and has been maintained and is ready to work for the next 20 years.

I am selling to get some $ to buy my 11 yr old daughter some drum equipment for her birthday.

I will respond to any inquiries with a phone number and I will get back to you ASAP.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kay 503 redone as an 18 Watt Fender 6G3 Deluxe in Santa Clarita for $325

What a great deal on a nice looking Kay 503 Box redone as a serious little Deluxe style tube amp.  Dual 6V6 output tubes and a 5y3 rectifier - bet this sounds great.  Just hope that lil speaker can handle it - LOL!


Kay 506 Vintage Tube Guitar Amplified Exc! - $325 (Santa Clarita)

Date: 2012-06-12, 12:39PM PDT
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This a Kay 506 18 watt guitar amplifier. It has been modified to sound good. The original Kay circuit was not very good and had little gain. It was just lifeless. After trying a few tricks I was not impressed. So I rewired it as a Fender Deluxe 6G3 circuit. Now it kicks butt! It has a lot of gain so you can ride the edge with your Strat or just hammer it with humbuckers. It will make a fine harp amp. It has new capacitors and a Quam 12" speaker freshly reconed by Freeman-Tuell Speaker service of Dallas Texas. Has a couple of old American 6V6 output tubes, two new Groove Tubes and one new Sovtek preamp tubes and a 5Y3 rectifier. Has a new grounded power cord for safety. The cabinet is very nice with some wear and one cigarette burn. The grill cloth has a small tear. Vibrato works but it's not the greatest. No foot switch. ******************************************

1965 Kay semi hollow electric in Chicago for $350

I am not sure the model number or name of the Kay electric this seller is offering - it is similar to the Speed Demon  but has a double cutaway and a better neck.  I've seen an Airline version just like this but with the Kleenex Box pickups.  These teardrop necks are usually pretty nice - very similar to the Swingmaster.    I also like the red finish on this one - looks pretty cool to me. I wouldn't count on that Bigsby style tailpiece to stay in perfect tune but you never know - it might work great.  



KAY electric guitar 1965 - $350

Date: 2012-06-12, 5:23AM CDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Guitar is about 50 years old. In good condition.In working order .Everything stock.

350 OBO.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dan Auerbach Vintage Guitar Slideshow

For fans of the Black Keys (and old guitars) here is a link to a cool cool slideshow of Dan Auerbach's vintage guitar collection I found online.   Interestingly this doesn't include his most well-known axe his Silvertone 1454.


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