Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Harmony H-165 all Mahogany acoustic in Phoenix AZ for $100

If you ever wanted a Martin OO or Gibson LGO but couldn't afford it you should check out these Harmony H-165 acoustics. They were made from the 1950's through the 1970's and this one looks to be from somewhere in the middle. They have a nice bright tone considering the mahogany top and body - not as dark as the birch Harmony's or the Gibson or Martin version - and if they neck on this one ain't bowed and the bridge is still snug then everything else should be an easy fix.

I love the shape and look of these - though I have found no evidence Lightnin' Hopkins ever played one. He is often associated with a "Stella" guitar from his early days - but that slothead parlor guitar is nothing like this one and his may have been a pre-Harmony Stella guitar anyway.


Vintage Harmony All-Mahogany Gtr Project

Date: 2011-03-30, 1:52PM MST
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Cool old guitar (Lightnin Hopkins was known to pick one), by Harmony. All mahogany body, in good shape. Neck straight but it needs new tuners and a good going over. Nice project for somebody. I don't have time. $100. 480-921-9299

16 Nice Effect Pedals incl Ross and Univox in AZ for only $290 cash

There are a couple of gems in this effects pedal bundle - esp the Ross Flanger (Black version) and the Univox Micro Fazer. Those are classics and usually sell for over $100 each. The Fender Blender is a nice find too since they go for $199 new (and this might be an original from the 70's like the ones used by Lenny Kravitz and Billy Corgin).

Some of Boss pedals look to be older MIJ models too like that OD-1.

I tried to jump all over this but, of course, a guy was there buying them already when I got the seller on the phone. No rest for the wicked LOL.


"EFFECTS PEDALS" BOSS AND MORE... - $290 (sun city west)

Date: 2011-03-30, 11:09AM MST
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fender Silverface twin amp in St. Louis MO for $450

No matter what anybody says about Master Volume Twins - and it's mostly a bunch of elitist nonsense - this is still a heck of an amp for $450. You can even have the circuit redone to "Blackface specs" if you want to. And he's even throwing in an old Strat Case (who knows maybe it is a late 60's tail on logo original like the one I found a few years ago).

No pic on the lsiting but we all know what they look like.


Fender Twin Reverb tube amp - $450 (north St.Louis County)

Date: 2011-03-29, 3:55PM CDT
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I have lowered the price to $450 . This is a Fender Twin Reverb Silver-Face tube amp with the Master control knob and it has the foot switch. The front screen panel is in very good condition,The black leatherett covering has a few small problem spots. Included with this amp is a very well used old Stratocaster black case.The inside isn't too bad but the outside shows plenty of use. I will consider a trade of old firearms. Phone calls only,no E-Mail. George 314-355-4845

•Location: north St.Louis County

Ampeg 212 ReverbRocket 50w Tube combo in Oklahoma City OK for $400

These Ampeg Reverbrocket Reissues fly way under the radar. This one is from the 90's whcih means it was made at the old Ampeg plant in Arkansas before Loud Technologies (the parent company) shut it down and moved everything to Asia. I've plugged into these 2x12 RI's and they sound pretty sweet. Much louder than the original blue tolex Reverbrockets - and these are two channel amps. Not exactly like a Fender and definitely not a Marshall. The gain channel is not high gain - more like crunchy. If you want an idea of the tone check out KINGS OF LEON since that guitarist uses one of these in the studio - his is a Reissue too. If you upgrade the tubes and speakers it makes a huge difference - and it sounds like this one may already have decent tubes in it.

You can find these amps cheap all the time - I've seen them listed as low as $250 in recent years. People just don't know what to make of them - and they are also quite heavy - so keep that in mind if you are an old guy with a bad back and you like a light amp. Ampegs have always been heavy mothers - LOL!


Ampeg tube guitar amp - $400 (yukon)

Date: 2011-03-25, 6:38PM CDT
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This is a dual input 2x12 combo, 50 watt with EL34 power tubes. It has two channels, one clean and one dirty, volume controls the preamp on the clean and the gain controls the preamp on the dirty channel. Treble, middle and bass as well as a master volume controls. It has an excellent sounding reverb and a 1/4 inch line out/in. I am including a custom made footswitch that switches the channels and turns the reverb on or off. It is from the 90s and has some scuff marks, one small rip in the covering. Get that sound only a tube amp can offer. Carl 405 923 0266

•Location: yukon

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welson Vedette in Cleveland area for $300

Here is one for all the Euro-trash Italiaphiles (and I say that with the utmost respect and admiration). Welson is one of the original Italian Electric Guitar companies of the 1960's. The Vedette is one of their best models since it is their own design not a copy of a Gibson or Fender. It is also a bit more playable than some of the more outrageous pushbutton MOTS glitter models favored by collectors.


WELSON JAZZ VEDETTE Electric guitar - $300 (Lorain co)

Date: 2011-03-25, 2:48PM EDT
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ELSON JAZZ VEDETTE Electric guitar from 1963-65.this one is in great condition due to its hard case and the fact the owner died in 65. has not been used since other than me testing it out. a great collector piece that will only increase in value.all the italians want it but i dont ship over seas.first $300 Takes it. With orig. Vintage case included Call #.440 822-5725

•Location: Lorain co

Harmony Silhouette in Part Huron MI for $400

These Silhouette's are more commonly found as Silvertone 1478's but this one has an added plus - it has the Swedish Hagstrom Vibrato tailpiece instead of the usual crappy Harmony version - a much better choice if you can find one. This one is far from pristine but it should be highly playable.


Harmony Silhouette Vintage Electric Guitar - $400 (Royal Oak)

Date: 2011-03-24, 1:50PM EDT
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for sale is a mid 1960's Made In USA Harmony Silhouette guitar. this guitar isnt one of the crappy 60s guitars you see all over the place and are typically unplayable. this is a real deal high quality guitar. highly playable with tons of mojo. these go on ebay for up to $800 in various conditions. this one is well worn but the price is fair and firm.

i will also take trades for a black Squier Bronco bass + cash.

Please contact with questions or interest.

•Location: Royal Oak

Friday, March 25, 2011

Stella (by Harmony) Acoustic in Irvine CA for $50

Cheap little Stella acoustic in Irvine CA for only $50. Everyone should have one - at least once in your life. - JC


Very old Stella 3/4 scale acoustic guitar - $50 (Irvine)

Date: 2011-03-24, 10:39AM PDT
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Very old Stella 3/4 scale acoustic guitar.

•Location: Irvine

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crazy Cool Framus SL-1002 Semi-hollow w/ built in FX - Vintage 1960's - on Ebay right now

I just wanted to highlight this guitar because first off - how cool is it?! Secondly, I believe it must be a prototype of some sort because I've never seen a "Frequensator" tailpiece on a Framus guitar. The reference link on the eBay listing goes to the Framus Archive where they show an early 70's SL-1002 but that is a different version of the guitar with a slightly different body shape and knob configuration and a very different tailpiece. This one must have been either a prototype or an early version available only in Europe. All in all it's a very cool guitar - and I'd love to hear that germanium fuzz and tremolo circuit - it must be awesome.

But wait there's more - a Youtube link to hear it - let's check it out...

OMG... did you hear that FUZZ?! I want this guitar...


FRAMUS SL-1002 Item number: 330543338055 Ends March 24th approx 4pm PST

This quite rare guitar was purchased in Europe in the late 1960's and brought back to the USA by the guy we just got it from. We cleaned up the pots and WOW this thing is loaded with a sonic time capsule of that now distant era. It comes equipped with factory installed active effects that include mid-boost, treble boost, repeat (a hard chopped-off square wave trem) and the best fuzz ever. A little knob manipulation coaxes out almost ring modulator tones. We think this processor could be reverse engineered to create a fantastic, boutique multi-effects pedal. The instrument itself is a top shelf thinline set up with 2 high quality P-90 style single coils, a bound ebony fretboard, a bound "F" (singular) hole and a zero fret. The multiply neck construction reminds us of the great playing Hagstroms of the 60's. Straight neck, almost no fret wear, and low action makes this thing ready to go. Notice the Epiphone inspired details like the "frequensator" tailpiece, the cloud inlays and the general headstock and body outline. No case. Here is a link to a German site showing a similar ax: Pay by PayPal, credit card over the phone. Call Matt or Doug for in-hand description. 800 452-2991 PLEASE DO NOT BID ON THIS ITEM IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. NO P.O. BOXES. $50 fixed shipping will be by FedEx ground. ALASKA AND HAWAII will be extra. Bidders with LESS THAN 2 feedbacks or NEGATIVE feedbacks email or call before bidding 1 800 452-2991.

Watch and hear the guitar at this link:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kapa Continental 12-String in Orange COunty CA for $550 - Sonic Youth!

Kapa made two diffferent 12 string models, the Continental and the Minstrel. The Minstrel looks like the Vox Phantom and Lee from Sonic Youth played both a Blue Minstrel and a Red Continental onstage during the 1980's. The Continental was the more popular guitar and the GREEN is the coolest (and most rare) of the colors. There is no pic here but the green is a sort of aqua-turqoise - very nice - however as all Kapa collectors know the paint finishes on these are extremely thin and usually always chipped and badly worn. But you never know with a 12 string because it may have gotten very little play. Kapa guitars were assembled in Silver Springs Maryland from Hofner parts that were imported from Europe. Nice thin necks good for small hands.


Vintage 60's Green Kapa Continental 12 String Electric Guitar (Orange County)

Date: 2011-03-22, 9:46AM PDT
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I'm selling a Kapa Continental 12 String, it was made in the U.S. Original pickups have a real cool 1960s tone. A rare find, especially in green. They were made until 1970, when Kapa went out of business. These are amazing vintage guitars with one of the best neck designs ever produced, thin and extremely fast with slab rosewood fret boards and M.O.P. dot fret markers. Kapa guitars offer the player and collector the unique opportunity to own an excellent sounding and playing vintage guitar for far less than comparable instruments from Fender and others. It has a zero fret as well. I'm asking $550 OBO

If you're interested, e-mail me back.

Thanks for looking!

•Location: Orange County

Silvertone 1457 Electric in Long Beach / Belmont Shores area of CA for $400 (or less)

This is an okay price for a Silvertone 1457 but this one looks very nice. Of course it is missing the 4 tube amp in case (1457 amp case models are better than the 1448's since they use 12AX7 and 6V6 tubes and have the tremolo circuit as well) but the guitar looks to be in very nice shape.

I absolutely love my 1457 and think everyone should have one (LOL) so this might be your chance.


SILVERTONE 1457 vintage guitar - $1 (Belmont Shores, CA)

Date: 2011-03-21, 10:24PM PDT
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I'm gonna say 400, but i'm willing to drop to negotiate.
it is still in good condition, some minor scratches but nothing to affect sound or play.
for serious buyers i'll send them a picture
comes with soft case

•Location: Belmont Shores, CA

Friday, March 18, 2011

1991 Fender Stratocaster Plus in SF Bay area for $550

If you like the Strat Plus - and many players do - you will want to check out this deal. This is a very good price for a Sunburst USA Strat Plus in a decent case.

Note: The seller had this listed at $650 but he lowered it today to $550 so it looks like this is a very good deal. - JC


1991 Fender Stratocaster Plus Sunburst W/HSC!!!!!! - $650 (Great Deal!)

Date: 2011-03-16, 12:38PM PDT
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I am selling my 1991 Fender Stratocaster Plus in Sunburst Finish W/Hardshell Case. This guitar has some miles on it but plays great! Stratocaster Plus's feature Red White and Blue Lace sensors as well ask Spertzel Locking Tuners. Again you will not find a better player for the money. Has a lot of buckle rash and various nicks and scratches but has a cool Vintage Vibe look. You will not find a better deal! I am only asking $650 or Best Offer. Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions you may have. (209)665-9000 Paul

•Location: Great Deal!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monterey (Harmony) Archtop Acoustic in Phoenix area for $125

I really like the look of this Archtop. The headstock shape and the name make me think it must be made by Harmony - and it still have a nice look to the finish with that Faux tiger stripe on back etc.


"vintage monterey guitar - $125

Date: 2011-03-14, 7:35AM MST
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vintage monterey guitar steel reinforced neck made in usa i dont know the age, missing pick guard call 602-684-3964"

1967 Fender Coronado II in S. Dakota/ MN area for $950

It's interesting because about ten years ago you could barely give away a Fender Coronado but like everything else with the growth of guitar collecting they've developed a cult following. They are now aggressively sought out so you rarely ever see one for under a grand. So here it is.


fender guitar - $950 (sw.Mn)

Date: 2011-03-05, 5:20PM CST
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1967 vintage fender coronado II electric guitar. 100% origanal in excellent shape,wonderfull sounding guitar. if interested call John at 507-296-4467

•Location: sw.Mn

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Old Kraftsman Acoustic in Louisville for $50

Now this is more up our alley... this is an older posting but I contacted the seller and the guitar is still available as of today 3/15/11. Of course everything this seller is saying about it being a "Gibson" is nonsense and it is not a 100 years old - more like 60 years old most llikely - but we don't expect accuracy in these listings - only good deals. LOL.

Contact the seller at


Old Kraftsman guitar (gibson) - $50 (Louisville)

Date: 2011-02-13, 9:43AM EST
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THis is a 1923 Old Kraftsman guitar built by gibson for the Kay guitar company and sold in the 1923 speiggle magazine. This is a rare guitar very rare. Take a look online and google it, you will find maybe two of these acoustics and for a very high price. This one is a project guitar. You could string it and play it now though the action would be very high. It needs to have some work done on it and could be done at any utherie shop or if you know what you are doing you could work on it. There is nothing like the sound of 100 year old wood on an acoustic guitar. Please look close at the pics and do not reply if you are expecting a new guitar. This is a project guitar or a very nice display piece. Let me know if you are interested.

•Location: Louisville

Danelectro Bellzouki in NJ for $1300

I know, I know... $1300. Pricey. I don't expect my readers to run out and buy this guitar but I did want to highlight it because these are as rare as hen's teeth. This one has had the same owner since 1966 - quite a find.


Danelectro rare 1965 12 string electric guitar - $1300 (Morris County)

Date: 2011-02-24, 7:10PM EST
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A very rare original 1965 Danelectro Vincent Bell 'Bellzouki' model 7020 guitar. It’s in 100% original playable condition. All hardware is rust free. The painted finish has normal age checking for a 45 year old instrument, the headstock has a couple of minor worn off paint areas. Volume/tone knobs are very clean, no noise. I purchased it in 1966 along with the hard shell case (I don’t believe the case was made by Danelectro) The case’s interior deep blue plush is in very good condition, the exterior has a bit of road wear. The case is included in this sale.
It plays and sounds great. A nice combination of lipstick tube pickups and 12 strings.

The manufactured date in control cavity has the code # 115, which I believe means the first week of January 1965 (see close-up photo)

•Location: Morris County

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kay Hollow Body Electric in Chicago for $140

There is no pic on this listing but it sounds like an old Kay N-1 made for Holiday or a similar 1950's vintage beater electric ala Jack White.

Expect to put a little work into this one - though it might not be too bad. Heck he'll even trade it for Queens of Stone Age tickets. LOL.


Vintage Kay Guitar For Sale - $140

Date: 2011-03-14, 12:36PM CDT
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I am selling a VINTAGE Kay guitar, similar to the guitars Jack White (White Stripes, The Dead Weather) Uses, This guitar is in somewhat, good condition, it has rusty pick-ups, and a couple of bolts are missing from the pickguard, EASY to repair, I am selling this beautiful guitar to make space in my house, feel free to email, and nagotiate prices, a GREAT guitar for collectors. I would trade for 2 queens of the stone age tickets.

1965 Kay Holiday 1 Pickup Vintage Guitar

Original 1950's Silvertone Thin Twin Jimmy Reed Guitar in Chicago for $650

These guitars are legendary because of Blues great Jimmy Reed. However, you have to play one and decide for yourself wether they are worth all the hype and frenzy. To me they are more of a collector guitar but that is just me. I like an axe with more bite and growl and punch; these are milder in output than say a Valco or Airline from the same period. That said they are considered classic collectible guitars. Keep in mind that the seller is making it clear his is not a pristine model - but it is mostly original.


1950's Silvertone Thin Twin Jimmy Reed Model Guitar - $650 (Logan Square)

Date: 2011-03-11, 1:33PM CST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


1950's Silvertone Thin Twin Jimmy Reed Guitar-if you are looking here then you already know what this is on how scarce these are and how Killer Cool they sound.Fantastic Sunburst- Here are the important details:
All Original Electronics,Knobs,Tuners (replaced buttons),Tailpiece,Bridge, Pick-ups work great. Pickguard screws have been replaced as well as pick-up screws and finish washers.The input jack has a large washer on the body where there was some hole damage.This guitar has been played and has years of wear and ageing,but sounds Great for Blues,Rock or Jazz. If you are a collector and want a pristine example of this don't even bother... if you are a player and want a guitar that has plenty of Mojo and will blow minds wherever you play,then this may be the ax for you.Sorry NO TRADES,CASH &CARRY,NO LOW BALL OFFERS,TIMEWASTERS,DEADBEATS,EBAY WANNABES OR IN GENERAL IDIOTS need not reply.

•Location: Logan Square

Dwight (Supro) Lap Steel in Venice CA for $250

This is a great looking Dwight Lap Steel. Check it out. MOTS Acetate skin and looks all original. Dwight was a model line made by Supro in the 1950's and they have the great "String-thru" pickups that sound so sweet.

$250 is a very good price - about half of what you'd pay in most vintage guitar shops.


Vintage Dwight Lap Guitar - $250 (Venice)

Date: 2011-03-14, 8:45AM PDT
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I've had this 26 years got it used... If interested E- Back a # And I will Answer Questions... will remove add when no longer Available.

•Location: Venice

Friday, March 11, 2011

Airline 62-9013A in Folsom CA for $300

I've seen this particular amp for sale at some point in the past - I rememebr that little jack plate on the back. These are good amps that really growl nicely. I just played my Tele through mine the other night and it was one barn burnin', hellzapoppin, hootenanny of atti-tone.


Vintage 1965 Wards Airline tube amp with vibrato - $300 (Folsom)

Date: 2011-03-09, 7:27AM PST
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A 1965, Mongomery Wards Airline 62-9013a (1), tubed guitar amplifier, in good working condition. Equipped with a 12" speaker The power cable is still nice and pliable. Dual channel, two inputs per chnl. Chnl A has a bit more hum, then chnl B. It also has "scratchy" noises when the volume is actuated.. Rheostat probably needs cleaning, thats all. Chnl B is good, no remarkable problems noticed,. Amp cranks out great sounds irregardless.

Vibrato intensity and speed works flawlessly. All original control knobs are in place. The original partial back cover was removed many moons ago, to custom install speaker-to-headset output plug. This is an oldie, so it's only got the two electrical prongs for wall plug, therefor ungrounded. An electrician can easily remedy this. The back cover has been misplaced and cannot be found. Amp is a bit dirty, but a Collector can easily clean it up with a little TLC. I am firm at $300, please, serious inquiries only, absolutely no low-balls.


I am reposting items here that are listed on CRAIGSLIST throughout the USA. I am not selling any of these items and I cannot facilitate the sale of anything here - so please do not comment or post questions like "Is this still available?" or "I am interested in your guitar please call me, etc." You need to contact the seller directly by calling the phone number listed on the post or by going to the CL listing and emailing them. NEW FEATURE: Click on the title of the CL Listing inside my post to LINK thru to the original Post. If the original CL listing is deleted the item most likely is no longer available. Thanks for checking out my blog and GOOD LUCK!

Please don't call, contact, bother or harass these sellers long after their post is expired. Take for granted if the listing is over 30 days old that the guitar or amp is LONG GONE! Thank you.