Monday, November 30, 2009

Magnatone 422 Tube amp in North New jersey for $300

The Maggie 422 is a circa 1966 small combo - similar to a Princeton. Note - it does NOT have the magnatone True Vibrato circuit - still a nice little amp though.

Magnatone 422 Amp - $300 (NNJ)

Date: 2009-11-23, 5:45PM EST
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Magnatone 422 Amp. Sweet sounding, all tube amp. Works great. Pictures on request.

Location: NNJ

Mesa Boogie 100 Watt Tube head in Boston for $125

This head may be stolen - I can't imagine why else he'd be selling it so cheaply - either that or he fell and hit his head very hard.

Mesa Boogie tube amp head - $125 (North Cambridge)

Date: 2009-11-29, 11:36PM EST
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This is a "Son of Boogie" 100 watt tube amp head.

It's been around and has significant wear but works great and is dependable.

Three knobs are missing but the controls (treble, mid and presence) are fully functional.
Replacement knobs would be easy to get at Guitar Center, etc.

3 outputs on back - two 4 ohm and one 8 ohm.
I have noodled around with this using a 4x12 cabinet and it has a wide range of cool sounds and kickass power.

Also for sale: 4x12 Ampeg cabinet - $125.
take the stack away for $225 total.

Location: North Cambridge

Wards Airline Tube amp head in Minn for $150

Looks like a pretty basic model - likely a bass head - but seller says it is 6L6 so could be nice find.

Wards Airline guitar head from the mid 60s - $150 (Richfield)

Date: 2009-11-28, 2:12PM CST
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wards airline guitar amp head. uses 6L6 tubes so its probably around 30 watts or so. decent shape. some oxidation on the face plate. works as it should. reduced to $150

Location: Richfield

Framus Atlantic Semi 335type in PA for $275

This is a month old posting and it may be gone - but it is probaly still available because nobody knows about these guitars. Check it out....

Vintage Framus Atlantic Thinline Electric Guitar - $275 (Newburg, PA 17240 )

Date: 2009-10-30, 9:04PM EDT
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This is a great vintage sounding guitar. Humbuckers, tremelo bar no tailpiece! Partially hollow body all original, no case, sorry! The Framus has a label inside with the model Atlantic and 5/118. The serial # is 9277c - year is 69G which means July 1969. It was inspected by Miller. There are a few nicks on its edges and some minor surface rust on the bridge and some screws. It plays great. It is a good solid guitar and with a new set of strings it will be ready to go out on a gig playing Stones Covers! I went to the Framus page to study a litte about it. I have had it since about 1994 when I bought it in a pawn shop in FL. I couldn't match it up exactly to the models listed. It has a long skinny and easy neck that is awesome to play! The tone is kind of a cool vintage twangy sound. Here's Framus' site:
Email for more pictures and details about this guitar.
I will ship if you are a verified with Paypal otherwise cash in person. If shipped, I will calculate shipping and handling on top of the agreed price. No Scams!!!!!

Location: Newburg, PA 17240

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fender Classic Player Strat in LA area for $500

These are nice Strats and this is the Sonic Blue w/ Rosewood neck which I think is pretty awesome. Nice guitar... at a decent price.

Fender Classic Player 60's Stratocaster - $500 (Van Nuys)

Date: 2009-11-29, 8:00PM PST
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This is a Classic Players 60's Strat in a cool Blue. I'm selling this guitar because I have way too many guitars and space is an issue. These sell at Guitar center for 800 new. It is made in Mexico but has all American hardware. Check the Fender website. This guitar has been professionally set up at Eric's Guitar shop in Van Nuys. Looks and plays great! Has a fresh set of strings on there! First $500 takes it!! Thats better than Guitar center will do on a "black Friday" sale!

Location: Van Nuys

Thursday, November 19, 2009

MusicMan HD130 2x12 Tube amp in Slippery Rock PA for $400

I have no idea where Slippery Rock pA is but this is a good deal and this HD130 looks to be in nice shape. These are very loud and toneful amps designed and built by the great Leo Fender at his G&L Factory in CA in the 1970's. Leo was THE MAN!

Vintage Tube Amp for sale or trade for iPod Touch - $400 (Slippery Rock, PA)

Date: 2009-11-10, 6:27PM EST
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For sale is a Musicman 212HD 130 amp. Do a quick search on ebay and you will see what these amps are going for. This amp is generally in good shape. It has two small holes in the grill cloth as can be seen in the pictures. It comes with an aftermarket foot pedal for the trem and reverb.

I would be willing trade this amp for a 64 gig iPod Touch or $400 cash.

Location: Slippery Rock, PA

Kapa Continental in Naples Florida for $500

Okay - $500 is not a great price for a Kapa Continental - it's probably even a little above market value - but I wanted to post this because these are great little guitars and don't turn up much (I am still on the hunt for a green one). The Kapa is one of THE coolest Indie guitars - ubnassuming but very rare and can sound and play great as well (when properly set up). Quality control was very hit or miss on theee (built in the back room of a Music store in Delaware) but they use Original Hofner parts and pickups so they can sound pretty darn good.

Kapa Continental Vintage Guitar - $500 (Naples)

Date: 2009-11-08, 2:24PM EST
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I have a 1960's Kapa Continental. Good shape. Must see!
Will trade for golf cart, go cart, dirt bike, atv, jon boat, a pair of kayaks or 1 two seater, atv trailer, large lcd or flat screen tv, car or truck rims, or anything interesting.
I also have 2 Surfboards i will put toward trades.

Call for details... 239-687-9329

Interesting acoustic - possibly very old - in Las Vegas

No idea if thisis or isn't what he says it is... 1850's is awefully old for a guitar - but I guess itis possible - this instrument looks pretty cool either way.

Vintage Guitar for sale

Date: 2009-11-19, 8:39AM PST
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Around 1850's.All hand made
Its 12 string.And is very playable,With inlay work.

Trade,Or cash,Or Cash + Trade call or e-mail
Will e-mail more pictures if wanted.
Also have a letter stating the age of the guitar


Kay Vanguard in Forest Lake, MN for $200+

This Kay Vanguard has been stripped down a bit - owner seems unaware or uniformed about the guitar - these do sound nice with those bright clear Kay pickups.

Vintage guitar! - $1 (Forest Lake)

Date: 2009-11-17, 9:58AM CST
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Moving sale! This guitar must go this weekend!

Best offer gets the guitar. (I've already had offers at $200)

I've never seen a guitar like it, and I don't know what make it is. Someone told me that they think it may be an "airline" guitar, which is apparently very rare and sought after. Not sure though.

It has a 19 fret scale and 2 humbuckers. I used to use it for slide playing, but it's been years since it's been played. I remember it working fine, but I recall that some of the electronics/pots weren't effective. May need some rewiring or something.

Please email! Must be picked up on Saturday (the 21st) between noon and 6:00pm or Sunday (the 22nd) between 1:00pm and 5:00pm.

Location: Forest Lake

Harmony Bobkat in Moreno Valley CA for $100

Nice little single pickup harmony Bobbkat for $100. Moreno Valley is out near Palm Springs.

Vintage Harmony Guitar - $100 (Moreno Valley, CA)

Date: 2009-11-07, 4:27PM PST
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Vintage Harmony Guitar, I believe it was made in the 60's. In decent condition considering the age of the guitar. Asking 100.00. Please email me at, Guitar is sold as is!!!

Location: Moreno Valley, CA

Harmony Guitar w Orig Case in Beaverton OR for $125

Not much info here and no pic - bvut the price is right - I doubt it's from the 1920's but you never know. Give him a call.


Date: 2009-11-19, 12:08PM PST
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

1969 National N-6899 Tube amplifier Head in Chicago for $350

The seller calls it a model 99 but it is actually a Valco National N-6899 and was the top of the line Amp and a brand new model during the last gasp of Valco before it's 1970 bankruptcy filing. It is about a sophisticated and powerfual an amp as they ever made. The seller describes it as a 50 watt amp but guess what - note that there are FOUR 6L6 tubes and two seperate output transformers - so it is a real DUAL CHANNEL 50 watt amp - like the Magnatone 480 Stereo amp. You shoould be able to drive two seperate cabinets with a split stereo signal with this baby and have headroom to spare.

National model 99 - $350 (Albany Park)

Date: 2009-11-06, 3:35PM CST
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I have here for sale one very special amplifier, yes indeed. If you are familiar with the National brand you know what I am talking about.
This amplifier was made basically on the same Sears Roebuck assembly line as the old Supro and Supras.
It is an antique('69). This doesn't effect its performance though. I had a grounded power cord and new tubes installed last year by Midwest Music Menders.
Other than that it is all original.
National Model 99. head.
50 watt all tube (6L6) power (12ax7) preamp.
Sweet analog tremolo
Tube reverb.
High/low inputs on two channels.
Built in power attenuator, i.e. Studio/auditorium setting

DON'T Let this one go!

Supro Lap Steel in NYC for $280

Like the title says - she looks like a beaut too.

vintage supro lapsteel guitar for sale - $280 (astoria)

Date: 2009-11-07, 10:42AM EST
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vintage supro lapsteel guitar for sale

comes with original case.

Location: astoria

Kay 507 Twin Ten Special Tube amp in Riverside CA for $275

I can tell you right now that the reason nobody has bought this Kay 507 is because there are no reviews for it on harmony Central so none of the gearheads in LA know if it is decent or not. Guess what - it rocks!! The Kay 507 is a rare bird indeed - similar to a Tweed Deluxe and with a pair of original Low Wattage Jensen Alnico 10 inch speakers this amp should howl like a banshee - let the juke joint stomp begin!

Here is what the Blue Book says about this model: Kay Twin Ten Special (Model K-507) 20watt, 2 ten inch speakers, guitar combo, 7 tube chassis, two channels, rear control panel, 4 inuts (Ch 1 vol, tone, Ch 2 Vol, tone, Speed, Intensity), two tone, brown rear and light brown front, brown grillcloth with swirls, 24 in Wide x 20 in tall; Mfg. 1957-1960. (Note: According to Schematic Heaven it has four 12AX7, two
6V6GT and a 5Y3 rectifier tube).

Kay Vintage Amp 1962 Model 507 - $275 (riverside)

Date: 2009-11-10, 4:44PM PST
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Kay Model 507 Gutar Amp 1962 all working. worn tolex and grill but solid, repro back panel, recapped and with working tremelo, guitar stuff for trades welcome, $275.00 OBO

Location: riverside

Harmony H306A tube amp in Chicago for $275

The H306A is voiced similar to a Tweed Deluxe - has two channels and tremolo. Great harp amp and awesome for growly raunchy electric slide guitar tones!

59 HARMONY OF CHICAGO (ALL TUBE AMP) - $275 (Campton Hills Il.)

Date: 2009-11-06, 10:23PM CST
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FOR SALE ; 1959 HARMONY **All TUBE** Combe Amp # - H306A New (gray) Tolex / New Blue-Gray Grille cloth - Factory Tubes as follows (2-12AX7's)(2-6V6 GT's)(1-5Y3 tremelo tube) tremelo works Great ! And (1-6SH7 rectifier tube) Non Original "Vox Warfdale" 12" speaker - Leather handle - Light Blue Control panel with White writting & numbering / White Chicken Head Knobs / 2-Channel / 4 inputs etc. This Studio Conversation Piece is worth the price in nostalgia (semi-mental) value alone ! PICS available upon request ! Fully Functional *Rock-n-Roll History* Thanks for looking ! Still got the 2-prong (non grounding) power cord ! Pics available upon request !

Location: Campton Hills Il.

Harmony H410A for $50 and Univox tube amp for $75 in Boston each

What's there to know? This guy is even selling a Rhodes Mark 1 for just $200! Ridiculous. he H410A has tremolo and should have a Jensen 10" if it is all original - Univox made a couple of cool tube amps that all sound decent.

Old Musical Equipment for Sale - $200

Date: 2009-11-12, 10:09AM EST
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I have the following musical items for sale...

Fender Rhodes Mark I 88 key Piano -- $200.00 -- Piano is in good condition, one of the legs needs to be repaired but still works...
Gauss Loud Speaker used for bass guitar -- $50.00 -- 12 inc Dia.
Ampeg Amp -- $100.00 -- I think 120 Watts or more...
Univox Tube Amp -- $75.00 -- I'm not sure on the amperage
Weston Spectrum Bass Guitar -- $100 -- In good should could probably use new strings
Harmony Practice Amp.H410A -- $50.00 -- a classic
Franz Electric Metronome -- $15.00
Banana Quartz Guitar Tuner -- $15.00 --

Harmony H53 Rocket in White Plains NY for $200

This is a very good price on an all original Harmony Rocket - and this one is a nice dark rich tobacco bnurst as well. Hard for me to resist this one...

Vintage Harmony Rocket Guitar - $200 (White Plains)

Date: 2009-11-07, 11:11PM EST
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This is a classic guitar from the 1970's. Harmony Guitar - Rocket

Set of new strings along with the guitar. Moving sale so everything must go.

Call (914) 683 9430 or

Ask for Jay
Cash only.

Location: White Plains

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

John Carruthers Custom Strat in Los Angelesfor $600

The Carruthers guitars have a good reputation and he is a well-respected custom luthier located in Venice CA. You'll eitehr love or hate this Psychedlic desing - but since it is already 20 years old you get a vintage axe as well. John's guitar usually go for quite a bit more than this seller is asing.

1988 John Carruthers Custom Strat - $600 (Hawthorne)

Date: 2009-11-11, 10:04AM PST
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This guitar was made as a prototype for a psychedelic Strat line that John wanted to produce. It has a great maple neck with rosewood fingerboard that is nice and thin with a wider fingerboard than a standard strat; similar to a 60's neck. It has EMG's and sounds and plays awesome. It needs a new pick guard. Other than the pick guard, it's in mint condition. Also includes the original fender style pickups and hardware. Originally sold for $1500.00 in 1988, I'll take $600 OBO.

310 686 2274

Crate Vintage Club 20 tube combo w Reverb in LA / Long Beach area for $150

Here is a nice deal ona very useable tube amp. Dual EL84 and three 12Ax7 plus reverb for only $150. It's not a Princeton but it's not bad at all for the money.

Sweet Tube Tones!!Crate Vintage Club 20 Combo Guitar Amplifier,Reverb! - $150 (Southbay Area/San Pedro/RPV)

Date: 2009-11-10, 2:45AM PST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


Hi, I've got a sweet Crate Vintage Club 20 Class A guitar amplifier combo with reverb for ya'.......and if you're looking for an amp that has those warm tube tones...clean and overdrive, sweet subtle reverb,plenty of power in a small compact package,headphone jack and even an external speaker-out jack then this amp is for you!! A pair of EL-84 tubes for power and a trio of 12AX7s give this amp some very inspiring tones for your guitar to sing about!!For controls it has-gain,treble,middle,a boost button,bass,level,and reverb,one 10" heavy duty speaker,amp measurement is 14"H x 16"W X 9"D...Everything works great and sounds great,amp is from mid-90s, Harmony Central online reviewers LOVE this amp!!Check it out!! The Dunlop Cry Baby Wah-Wah pedal in excellent condition is available for $25!!Cash only,no shipping,local Southbay area pick-up only please!! (310)704-8094 Thanks!!

Location: Southbay Area/San Pedro/RPV

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1992 Fender USA Left Handed Strat in Memphis for $500

Here is one for you Lefties out there. He says one of the pickups isnt working - most likely the switch (unless he left a magnet in the guitar case LOL).

Lefty Fender USA Strat Sunburst - $500 (Central Gardens)

Date: 2009-11-07, 4:06PM CST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


I'm selling this guitar for my father. He hasn't played it in years and after some testing, I found the pickup selector does not work of the front position. It may just need a good cleaning. Other than that and two small chips along the side, the guitar is in great shape. I'm pretty sure it's 1992. It comes with the newer Fender Deluxe Gig Bag. I'm asking $500. I would consider a trade for a tube combo amp.

Thanks for looking!

Location: Central Gardens

Silvertone 1448 Guitar and Amp in Case in Los Angeles for $300

This is the right price for one of these 1448 Danelectro made Silvertone guitars with amp in case. This one looks pretty good too. No vintage American guitar collection is complete without one.

Silvertone 1448 Guitar and Amp in Case - $300 (Echo Park)

Date: 2009-11-10, 3:04PM PST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


1960’s guitar and amp in case. Very good condition except the case is missing two latches. Works perfectly and sounds amazing. Great recording amplifier.

This 13-inch-wide solid body guitar weighed approximately 5.20 lbs. and had a nice, fat nut width of just under 1 11/16 inches and a scale length of 24 1/2 inches. Came with masonite top, poplar frame, poplar neck with aluminum nut, and Brazilian rosewood fretboard with 21 frets and white dot position markers. The headstock had a silver silk-screened "Silvertone" logo with one-piece six-in-a-line metal tuners with "Skate Key" stamped buttons. There was one "lipstick tube" pickup with alnico bar magnet with an output of 3.32k.

Baked melamine pickguard. Two controls (one volume, one tone) and jack socket, all on pickguard. Black plastic knobs with white tops. Combination rosewood bar bridge/stud tailpiece.

The 1448 came housed in a three-watt "Amplifier" case with a six-inch speaker. The guitar with amp in the case weighed approximately 25.00 lbs

Location: Echo Park

Vintage Guitar and tube amps in Encino CA - $175 to $1500

This is my personal listing so of course I am willing to ship these guitars and amps anywhere as long as you pay the shipping cost - I will pad and box them well.

Vintage Guitars and Tube amps - Collection - $500 (Encino)

Date: 2009-11-10, 2:30AM PST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


Reducing my guitar and amp collection. Call me to discuss if interested.

1965 Harmony H-75 - all original, Honey Burst semi-hollow w/ 3 DeArmond pickups - $695

1963 Harmony H-59 Rocket - all original, Red Semi Hollow w/ 3 DeArmond pickups - $595

1963 Kay / Truetone Speed Demon w/ 3 DeArmond Pickups - $395

1959 Harmony H-53 Rocket - Red w/ non-original EMG Select pickup - $300

1979 FenderAsh Strat - hardtail - al original, grey bottom pickups, 3 bolt Maple neck - $1500

1983 Gibson Les Paul XR-1, all original w/ Dirty Fingers Zebra Humbuckers - $750

2007 Gibson Melody Maker, custom upgraded w/ stop Tailpiece and Lollar P-90 and original Melody maker Pickup - $400

1990's Epiphone Korina Explorer - set neck w/ upgraded Gibson Sonex Zebra pickups - made in Korea - $400

Rogue Copy of Hofner Beatle bass - nice - brand new - great sounding and playing bass - $200

1961 Hofner Colorama - red vinyl covered wood body and white binding, made in Germany, highly collectible, w/ original pickup - $350

1959 Kay Archtop acoustic - great tone, high action, setup for slide - nice vintage f-hole archtop - $175

1990 Fender Squire MIJ Wayne's World Stratocaster - Vintage Olympic white - upgraded with USA pickups and Seymour Duncan - Japan - $400

1960 Supro Comet Lap Steel in original case - nice - $350

Oscar Schmidt acoustic Resonator (Dobro) guitar - beautiful deep mahogany with vintage look and tone - $175


Fender Champ tube amp - late 70's Silverface - needs new grill cloth - sounds great - $325

Univox ULM6 Tube combo - 6V6, 12AX7 w 10 inch speaker - $200

Fender Vibro Champ - Silverface w/ Weber Alnico Speaker - $425

Lectrolab S-400 EL84 tube amp w/ two 8 inch speakers - cool, rare, collectible, - $350

Hand Built 6550 (KT88) 60 watt dual rectifier tube head - Amazing Vintage Voiced amp w/ master volume - one of a kind - $400

Lectrolab S950 vintage Tube amp head project - dual EL834 five 12Ax7 w/ Tremolo and Reverb, not working - highly collectible, very rare - $150

Picks of all guitar and amps available upon request (if you are serious) - Thanks for looking.

Jim In Encino 818-744-2791

Jim In Encino 818-744-2791

Jim In Encino 818-744-2791

Jim In Encino 818-744-2791

Jim In Encino 818-744-2791

Jim In Encino 818-744-2791

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fender Champ 25 in SFV for $100

These Champ 25's are little known Fender Tube Hybrids made between 1992-94 but the nice part is they use a pair of 6L6 power tubes and a 12ax7 inverter - just like the Leo Fender designed Music Man amps. 25 watts is very conservative for a pair of 6l6 tubes no matter how small the output trannie - this is a LOUD little amp.

Fender Amplifier Champ 25 - Frim - $100 (North Hills)

Date: 2009-11-01, 8:04PM PST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


For sale is a Fender Champ 25 Amplifier in Very Good Condition!!!

Tube Amp. Fender Champ 25 combo amp. 10” speaker. 1 clear channel, 1 overdrive with master volume. Reverb. Preamp Out/Effects Loop. $100 Firm.

Dimension: With = 10", Length = 20", Height = 17"

Call Michael at: 818-614-4383 after 6pm or leave message. Thank you.

Cash and Pick-Up only.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Silvertone Vintage Archtop in St. Louis for $50

This needs a bridge and a setup - nice project for not alot ofdough.


Date: 2009-10-24, 10:00AM CDT
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Gibson 1966 LG-O in St. Louis for $550

the seller does a good job of explaining the issue around the plastic bridges on these vintage Gibson student guitars. This one is a player - not a perfect collector - but any player worth his salt upgrades the bridges on these anyway.

1966 Gibson LGO - $550 (South St Louis County)

Date: 2009-10-28, 10:43AM CDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


I have a 1966 Gibson LG-0 in great condition. This guitar plays great has great action and very few markings for as old as it is. It comes with the original case which is always good when you have an old collectible guitar. . In the sixties Gibson made LG-0s with rosewood bridges and plastic bridges. The ones with the rosewood bridges are worth more and retail around 1100 dollars at this time. This guitar originally had a plastic bridge but recently had an ebony bridge put on and was fully set up to make it a great playing and sounding guitar and could arguably have increased its value. It definitely makes it better all around guitar. There have been some corrections. The value on this guitar according to vintage guitar magazine is in the 675 to 800 range because of the original plastic bridge. The plastic bridge has been replaced as many of them need to be at some point with an ebony bridge. This definitely makes the guitar a better playing guitar with excellent action and sound but can be seen as a drawback because its originality is compromised Please call me if you are interested. 314-489-2894. I will not reply to scams.

Location: South St Louis County

Kalamazoo Model 2 Tube amp in St. Louis area for $200

These are the best of the Kalamazoo amps - nice range of tone form a very small and portable tube combo - harp players love these.

60's Kalamazoo (Gibson) Tube amp - $200 (Edwardsville)

Date: 2009-11-01, 7:14PM CST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


1960's Kalamazoo Model 2 tube amp. These were made by Gibson. Great sound with tremelo. Just had it recapped by Killer Vintage. Speaker is original and have original cord as well. Email with questions.

Location: Edwardsville

Kalima Foot Pedal Steel in Missouri for $300

This is an interesting little Pedal steel (not a lap steel) that uses all foot pedals vs the usual foot and knee pedals. Exp Pedal Steel players may be familiar with this model - I've never seen one.


Date: 2009-11-02, 7:53PM CST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]



Location: SCOTT CITY


I am reposting items here that are listed on CRAIGSLIST throughout the USA. I am not selling any of these items and I cannot facilitate the sale of anything here - so please do not comment or post questions like "Is this still available?" or "I am interested in your guitar please call me, etc." You need to contact the seller directly by calling the phone number listed on the post or by going to the CL listing and emailing them. NEW FEATURE: Click on the title of the CL Listing inside my post to LINK thru to the original Post. If the original CL listing is deleted the item most likely is no longer available. Thanks for checking out my blog and GOOD LUCK!

Please don't call, contact, bother or harass these sellers long after their post is expired. Take for granted if the listing is over 30 days old that the guitar or amp is LONG GONE! Thank you.