Wednesday, June 19, 2019

1964 Silvertone 1454 in Waco TX for $300 (needs work)

This seller is offering a fairly well worn Silvertone 1454 for a great deal if you want to bring it back to full functionality.  These usually gof for about $1K + in decent shape these days (Though I sold mine about 10 years ago for half that, darn) and this one has the very desirable original BIgsby B6 vibrato tailpiece.   Looks like one of the DeArmond "Diamond" pickups has been replaced at some point by a DeArmond "toaster" pickup (which also sound great) and one of the knobs and a switch tip are missing.  The main issue he says is that the neck is bowed - however, if you know these guitars you know you can swap a neck out pretty easily.   Most of the Kay and Harmony and Silvertones screw necks from this period are very similar - you just might have to do without the nice block inlays of this one.  Or you might get lucky and locate an identical neck. Ready to get your Black Keys groove on??  Good Luck!! 

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1964 vintage silvertone electric guitar, model 1454. The guitar needs a new neck, or some work done on the existing neck. It has a serious back bow, that truss rod loosening does not correct. Electronics work, good Bigsby, DeArmond pickups, old tuners, etc. I am in Waco, Texas. 300.00
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

1968 Mosrite / Bill Gruggett Semi-Hollow electric in Santa Barbara for $550

Here is a rare bird. A Mosrite branded Semi-Hollow built by Bill Gruggett in Bakersfield CA in 1968.  Bill teamed up with Semie Mosely on and off from the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's, 

This guitar sports the telltale slanted Neck pickup that Bill placed on some of the Hallmark guitars he designed in later years.  The body on this is a sort of 335-ish with a bolt on neck.  The shape looks more like a Japanese made Mosrite "Avenger" than the more common Mosrite "Celebrity" hollow body electric.  And that Tunematic style bridge is very "un-Mosrite." So who knows what this really is.  If Bill Gruggett did build this he may have cobbled it from various leftover spare parts - which he was known to do in his shop in Bakersfield.   

Definitely not one of Bill's highly figured bodies or more eccentric designs like the "Stradette." 

Expect the neck on this to have small low frets like all Mosrite guitars.  No idea about those Humbucker looking pickups.  This one will have to be played to be assessed properly.

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Mosrite Hollow Body Guitar 1968/69
Really cool vintage guitar
Brazilian Rosewood fretboard
Electronics work well
Made in Bakersfield by Bill Gruggett while working at Mosrite
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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Teisco SSL 4 at GC in Rhode Island for $249

Longtime followers of this blog may recall an incredulous post I put up a few years back when one of these "Hound Dog Taylor" model Teisco (Kawai) guitars sold on eBay for $1000+.  Crazy, I know. But that is the whims of the vintage guitar market.

This one looks to be in very nice shape for a more reasonable and appropriate price of $249.00 at the Guitar Center in Warwick RI.  I owned one very similar to this quite a few years ago and it was fun to go trashy garage slide guitar wild on.

Fans will note that this particular model is the exact one that Hound Dog is holding on the cofer of his Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers album that came out in 1971.

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