Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1984 MIJ Squier Stratocaster in Camasrillo CA for $275

Here is a seller offering a 1984 Squier Strat that has a big headstock, 3-bolt neck and bullet truss rod just like the 1970's era guitars.  This is from the period when FMIC had been purchased by the employees and they didn't have the Corona plant up and running yet so Japan production was a big part of their business.  I've owned a  few Japanese Fender Strats from this period and they can be pretty nice - especially the necks.    Note that this is not a JV Squier (Japanese Vintage series).  

The hardware and wiring is usually hit or miss so it helps to look at them carefully - edxpecailly things like the saddles, the bridges and the biggest culprits are the VOL and tone pots.  However, as we all know - those items are fairly easily replaced.   I see MIJ Squiers going for quite a bit more than this on eBay.  Some sellers are even asking this much money for just a neck.  Either way might be worth checking this out.


1984 Vintage Fender Squire Japan w SQ Serial 70s Reissue trade 4 Bass - $275 (camarillo)

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I am Selling my Vintage made in Japan 1984 Fender Squire plays amazing. Or I will trade for a bass of equal quality. This vintage guitar comes with the original owners manual that you will have a hard time finding anywhere. This is a good one and has the SQ serial number, and is a Fender 70s Reissue with a nice maple neck with large headstock and has the alnico pickups like the American Strats and some of the JV Squires so it sounds amazing also has the 70s 3 bolt neck and bullet truss rod and big block trem. Plays and sounds better than some American Fender Stratocasters out there. Comes with a really nice heavy duty carry Bag and the original owners manual. First $275 cash firm If you find a cheaper one of these buy it cause this is a great deal. Give me a call at  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

1960's Teisco/Kawai/Guyatone Bison Bass - big ole Thumper in Central CA-Bay Area for $80

Wow check this nifty long scale solid body Japanese made Bison style Bass guitar form the 1960's.  Not sure who made these but it looks similar to some of the MIJ Kingston/Kawai/Apollo made Bison guitars of the period.

Can't go wrong for $80... can you?


1960's Vintage Bass Guitar - $80 (Atascadero)

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condition: good
I got this Bass guitar at an estate sale. I am most positive that this is a bass guitar from the 60s. based upon the style of the pickup and body shape. I'm guessing it is similar to a Japanese brand guitar. might be japanese. Either way it's a really cool vintage bass and with some new strings and fine tuning this bass guitar will stand out.

only asking for $80.00


1943 Epiphone Olympic Archtop with added pickup in Springfield MO for $400

This seller is offering one of the earlier Epiphones to gain popularity - the Olympic.  Nice Solid Spruce top archtop made in the original New York factory.  Quite a find for only $400.  Seller says the pickup was added in the 1970's so might be decent sounding.   Check it out:



Vintage Guitar - $400 (Springfield)

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1943 Epiphone Olympic archtop guitar. A pickup was installed back in the 70"s. Comes with a semi-hardshell case. It has a crack that has been repaired. It is in the picture. The color of the guitar is more like the close up of the crack. The guitar sounds great. Price is $400.00. Feel free to email, call or text.

Airline 1960's Tube Combo Amp in North Hollywood for $300 - Model 62-9013

This seller is offering one of my favorite vintage tube amps - an Airline 62-9013 for only $300 - he says it still has the original tubes (which I don't doubt because so does mine).

These are great little amps with a single 12 inch speaker and pair of 6V6GT output tubes for about 15 watts. My favorite thing about these  Danelectro built amps is that you can jump the inputs and get serious Crunch without having to use a pedal.  Great amp for a great price.


vintage 1963 airline amp for sale! - $300 (noho)

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Selling my 1963 airlines amp! With original American tubes! Everything is original.
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