Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gibson SG Special in Modesto CA for $150

I spotted this seller offering a USA Gibson SG in Modesto CA for only $150.  Looks like he lost a knob and the switch tip so don't expect it to have been coddled (probably no case) but it is still a good deal.


Gibson - $150 (Downtown Modesto)

Bought for 800 few years ago, selling all my old guitars. Plays really nice, also have a small amp I can throw in for $25
  • Location: Downtown Modesto

Silvertone/Harmony H-165 solid mahogany acoustic in Mariett GA for $100

I don't know what the Silvertone model number was on these guitars but other than the different pickguard this is clearly an early 1960's Harmony H-165 acoustic.  A little darker in tone than their Spruce top cousins the H-162 these are still well loved (as long as the action is too brutally high).  This one appears to be in nice shape.

 Vintage Silvertone acoustic guitar - $90 (East Cobb/Marietta)
Classic Silvertone folk sized guitar from the 50s. Especially great for blues and slide playing!
$100, trades, OBO.
Email for more pictures/details.
  • Location: East Cobb/Marietta

1940's Kay Sherwood Deluxe in St. Paul Minnesota for $450

This seller is offering a Sherwood Deluxe.  I've seen these for sale at Elderly and other vintage guitar sites and they usually fetch at least a grand or more.  The Sherwoods are known for being well made guitars - they were one of Kays high end lines, and from what I've seen about this model it should have a solid spruce top and maple back and sides.  The fact this seller has had the neck reset and refretted is a HUGE bonus to any buyer.  He's even had a regular 1/4 output jack added since these would have originally had the screw on type output similar to the old Supro lapsteels and some vintage microphones.


Vintage Kay Sherwood Deluxe Electric Archtop - $450 (St. Paul)

Kay made a lot of guitars with other brand names; although many of their instruments were extremely budget-oriented, this one is one of the deluxe models, marked as a Sherwood Deluxe. My guess is that this is a guitar from the 40s. Check out the awesome headstock, and the gorgeous yellow body. Real pearl inlay on the fretboard, and a huge carved rosewood pickup cover. This one has had a professional neck reset, refret and overall restoration to get it playing just right. It is now setup with flatwound strings, and it plays really nice. It has a big and balanced acoustic tone, and sounds even better plugged in. Would work well for jazz, early country, rockabilly, blues, or just about anything that calls for that old-school archtop tone. Call for more info at six five one ***-****.

  • Location: St. Paul

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teisco solid body electric guitar in St. Louis for $75

I'm not going to rant and rave about "gold foil" pickups or Rye Cooder, David Lindley, or Jon Spencer but I will tell you this looks like a decent deal if you are in the St. Louis area.


teisco - $75 (pevely)

nice retro sound jerry 636 208 5731
  • Location: pevely
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1981 Fender Twin Reverb at GC in Whitehall, PA for $349

This has got to be one of the better deals I've ever seen on a Silverface Fender Twin Reverb.  I believe 1981 was the last year that they made these with the Silverface cosmetics and no printed circuit boards here in the USA.   This would be the 135 watt model so even with the Master Volume you will get plenty of clean sparkly headroom on this amp.  GC will usually ship their used items to you but I don't know about a Twin Reverb (approx. 70 pounds?).   Worth checking out if you are in the market for a serious tube stage amp.



Guitar Center Allentown
Whitehall, Pennsylvania  18052
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Really nice Warmoth Custom Thinline Tele in Santa barbara for $450

This seller is offering a custom built Warmoth Thinline Telecaster with all top notch components and it looks like a sweet guitar.  That birdseye maple neck is something else.  And the Dimarzio's are good pickups. I can't vouch for it but I would think this axe should sound and play as nice as it looks.  Check it out.


Warmoth Tele-style guitar - $450 (Santa Barbara)

Thanks for checking out my ad. I've decided to sell my "Tele". This excellent guitar was hand built from the finest components available, as described below. It is very well set up, with good intonation and nice low action, and the frets are in great condition. I can throw in an old hard case too, for a little extra.

Email or call ***-***-****. Scammers, don't waste your time. I'm onto you.


Body: Warmoth chambered Telecaster in swamp ash, with f-hole. Tummy, arm, and neck heel contours. Black urethane paint by Warmoth. If you know guitars, you know Warmoth makes high-quality stuff. This body alone would cost $352 to replicate on the Warmoth website.

Neck: Warmoth Pro neck in birdseye maple with standard thin back contour (similar to Fender American Standard Strat or Tele) and vintage tint gloss finish. Standard Fender scale (25.5"). Standard 4-bolt mount. This neck would cost $328 to replicate on the Warmoth website.

Fretboard: compound radius (10" to 16") in pau ferro, with 22 nickel 6150 frets (like on modern Fenders).

Nut: Graph Tech TUSQ.

Nut width: 1-11/16".

Tuners: Sperzel locking.

Bridge and saddles: Gotoh. Vintage Tele (not American Standard) -style mount.

Pickups: 2 hot Dimarzio humbuckers (Evolution and PAF Pro).

Switching: 5-way (1. neck full; 2. outer coils on both; 3. both humbuckers full; 4. inner coils on both; 5. bridge full).

  • Location: Santa Barbara
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Saturday, March 16, 2013

1960's Airline Resoglass Electric at GC in Portage, MI for $599

Spotted this Airline at a GC in Michigan for only $599.  This is a 3/4 scale guitar otherwise very similar to the Supro Sahara.  The neck is 14 frets to the body so not as small as one of the Tosca's but should still be a light and easy player (and it probably screams).  The original Resoglass bodied guitars are hard to find in this good condition.  Worth checking out for sure. - JC



Guitar Center Kalamazoo
Portage, Michigan  49024
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Available In: Kalamazoo Telephone: 269-276-9344 Manager: Matt Gullo
All sales subject to sales tax where applicable. Shipping charges available upon request.

1981 Fender USA Bullet at GC in Indianapolis for $349

The Fender Bullet is a not-very-well known model that was only made in the USA for a few years before being shipped to overseas production as a Squier.  I spotted this one at a Guitar Center in Indianapoolis and I chatted with Robert in the guitar department there and he verified that it is a USA model with an E1 serial number making it part of the original 1981 USA Bullet run at the Fullerton CA factory.

This guitar is either a very RARE bird or it has been modified at some point in the past 30 years.  The reason I say that is because it has 3 pickups and a 5 position switch and as far as I have read on all the Fender Bullet owners forums (including the one at there never was an official model with this Tele-ish body shape and the all in one pickguard/bridge combo that had 3 pickups.  The Bullet Deluxe S3 had three pickups but it also had a separate bridge.   The fact that the middle pickup on this one has exposed pole pieces and the other two don't makes me suspect it was added later and the switch also changed to a five way.  But here is the mystery:  Those original USA Bullet pickguards with the integrated bridge are made of METAL!  So how the heck could someone cut a nice clean factory looking hole for the pickup and mount it in there without tearing it up or even marring the paint?  Could this be a one of a kind?  Don't ask me. - JC


Guitar Center Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Indiana  46250
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Available In: Indianapolis Telephone: 317-578-9570 Manager: Josh Stuban
All sales subject to sales tax where applicable. Shipping charges available upon request.

Stella 12 String at GC in Kirkland, WA for $249

Spotted this listing on the Guitar Center website for a used Stella 12 String at their Kirkland, WA store.  If yu look closely you will see that this is an early Harmony made Stella 12 perhaps from the 1950's before they added the Star and "by Harmony" to the headstock.  It is also without a pickguard giving it a more vintage look.  I can't vouch for the playaboility of this instrument wince most of these were tough to play even when new - but if you are a fan of either Leadbelly or Rory Gallagher you will recognize these as the same model 12-string guitars they used.


108656955 ACOUSTIC (STEEL)

Guitar Center Kirkland
Kirkland, Washington  98034
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Available In: Kirkland Telephone: 425-814-9640 Manager: Tygus Darr

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1950's Silvertone Artist lap Steel in San Luis Obispo CA for $225

Valco made these lap steels for Silvertone and they are a sort of fancied up version of the Supro models.  Check out the beautiful headstock graphic on this lappie.  Wow!  The Supro style "string-thru" pickup gives a super nice growl to these that makes them unpopular with country players but loved by blues hounds.


1950's Silvertone Artist Lap Steel - $225 (SLO)

1957/58 Silvertone Lap Steel guitar with original case -- plus an old style steel in its original cardboard tube. The guitar is nearly flawless and all the electronics, knobs, and connections work perfectly. I pulled the photos here from a posting on eBay, but mine looks exactly like the one shown (though mine's in a little nicer condition). I'll replace the photos shortly with those of the actual guitar for sale. $225.00 OBO

1971 Audio Guild 1x12 tube combo with True Vibrato in OKC for $350

This seller is offering one of the Audio Guild amps (similar to a Magnatone) for $350.  This one looks to be in very nice shape.  These have the full, rich, Hi-Fidelity guitar tone associated with Magnatone and Panoramic amps and it also has the "pitch-shifting" Leslie type tube driven true vibrato and tube reverb.

The only drawback to these amps is that they are kinda big for a 1x12 but that is the way they made them back in the 1960's and 1970's.  People liked their amps big back then.  - JC



For those with discerning tastes who demand a unique tone I present one:
RARE c. 1971 AUDIO GUILD 120W 100% HANDWIRED TUBE AMP W/ BROWN PAPER TRANSFORMERS AND TUBE RECTIFIER!! Features 3 brown paper transformers that control the power output for bass, treble and mixed frequency amplification. This amplifier is very similar to the MAGNATONE PANaramic series but it is a single twelve powered by two brown paper transformers and a third for an extension speaker. The vibrato circuit(True vibrato, not tremolo, gives a leslie type effect tht modulates pitch not volume like Fender, for anyone who is wondering, think badcat vibe) is tube driven and uses an optical sensor to control the speed and intensity of the vibrato, the reverb is a long pring reverb that is tube powered as well and has a gentle transparency you typically only find in high end studio processors. This amp is a closed back design and has a great bass response but can achieve a very Fender Deluxe Reverb sound open backed. If you a true connoisseur of vintage amps
who demands that killer clean tone then this is your dream amp but it sounds amazing with some boutique dirt pedals in front of it as well.

for any questions text or call (405)625-2671, also see my other listings:
1969 AMPEG GEMINI 60W 15" Custom:
I will entertain reasonable offers inluding partial or full trade offers for equally cool gear!!

Preamp Section: 3 12AX7A tubes
Vibrato/Reverb: 1 12AX7 tube
Rectifier: 6GH8 tube
Power Section: 4 7951a "Small Bell High Output" tubes
Speaker: 1 12" Utah original paper cone speaker

Front Panel:
Input Jacks: 5 input incuding dual low gain selector switch

Volume(Pull for Bright)
Ultraflex Balance Control(controls transformer output)

Volume(Pull for Bright)

Intensity, Speed.

Fuse Replacement Compartment

  • Location: Oklahoma City, OK
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


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