Saturday, April 27, 2013

Airline 62-9015A Twin Twelve tube amp at GC in Lancaster PA for $399

Saw this old Airline amp listed in the used items available at the Guitar Center in Lancaster, PA.  This is basically the same as a Silvertone Twin Twelve - dual 6L6 power tubes put out about 50 watts and it has both Tremolo and Reverb.  That's a whole lot of vintage tone for about the same price as a new Fender Blues Jr. 


108690700 GUITAR AMP

Guitar Center Lancaster
Lancaster, Pennsylvania  17603
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Magnatone 213 Troubadour in St. Louis MO for $600

This seller is offering a Maggie Model 213 Troubadour.  Some player-owners believed that the Model 213 is the best and most useful of all the Magnatone amps - especially in a studio setting.  This is quite a find.  though it is not really 50 watts like he says - more like 20 watts - similar to a Fender Deluxe Reverb. - JC


vintage tube amplifier - $600

Vintage Magnatone Troubadour ampliflier. Original condition. "Great virbrato sound"
Model 213 50 Watts

Rare Magnatone M4 in Branson MO for $300

This seller is offering a Magnatone M4 which is the entry level suitcase model from the mid 1960's but get this, even this little 12 watt amp with an 8 inch speaker has both tube Reverb and Pitch Shifting Vibrato!

He doesn't seem to know if it is working properly or not so good luck.


Vintage "Magnatone M4" guitar amp - $300 (Branson)

Vintage Magnatone M4 gtr amp.... In really condition for age. Got this amp on a trade deal, previous owner said it worked and sounded awesome, I don't know anything about the amp, sold as is..!! Powers up but I think it has a short, or just needs a good cleaning and contact cleaner.. I'm not a gtr player, so have no interest.

Looked them up on internet, been selling in the $300-$400 range... make me an offer or trade offer..???
Randy 417-***-**** or text
Info I found about amp...............!

Years 1963
Series Custom Series
Channels one
Power 2x 6GW8 (power and phase inverter)
Power Bias cathode
Preamp 7025
Vibrato 12AU7, (1/2) 7025, 2 varistor
Reverb 7025 (1/2)
Speaker 8" Oxford 3.2ohm
Output Trans 9k:3.2
Rectifier solid state
Output 12-15 watts

The M4 has simple volume and tone controls, reverb, and a F.M.Vibrato unit mated to a single 8" speaker. Vibrato has speed and depth controls and a footprint jack. Reverb has a depth control and a foot switch jack. This was the entry level model amp.
  • Location: Branson

Audio Guild Vintage tube amp in Oklahoma City for $325 - Magnatone type amp!

This seller probably provides more useful information  about these Audio Guild amps in this one listing than I have seen all over the internet in the last five years.  He seems to really understand the circuit.

His asking price is very reasonable for such a unique and well built amplifier in good working condition. \

He listed his telephone number on the original post so call him if you want to know more (I cannot list it here in order to respect his privacy).  - JC



For the true vintage gear connoisseure who demands a tone which sets you apart from all others at any gig or recording studio I present for your viewing pleasure an amplifier designed and built in Van Nuys, California; the recording capital of America, but I guarantee you will not find another for sale right now anywhere else in the entire country!
Designed by Dan Armstrong and Don L. Bohnam , this extremely rare amplifier
The Masterminds behind the MAGNATONE amplifiers that defined
the Sixties' Surf Rock/Garage/Rockabilly sound, This truly innovative configuration
utilizes 3 independent brown paper output transformers to achieve a unique effect
in it's primary channel called ULTRAFLEX.
In the ULTRAFLEX channel bass frequencies are sent to a large transformer and treble to a smaller.
A control knob is used to balance the power being sent to each to achieve an entirely different response curve
from the speaker and then another set of controls are used to boost or cut gain to bass or treble afterwards.
To top it off the volume knob is push/pull to go from normal to bright tone in an instant so you can cut through
the mix with a "bell like chime" while maintaining your overall tonal quality.
The vibrato in this amp is a true pitch shifting effect, not a tremolo(volume warbling) like a Fender.
It's haunting and unbelievably smooth characteristics are due to the modulation being created by
an optical sensor which induces no additional RF noise into the amp. The spring reverb is tube driven and
and has gentle studio grade curve instead of a drippy bombastic ploink, but an external tank can be connected
via RCA jacks on the rear panel if desired. The power tubes are insanely high ouput for their size and
have a rich warm tone that sets it apart from the normal 6L6/6V6/EL84 sounds found in most amps. The rear
has an external speaker output with a separate transformer for those who require that extra oomph.


    • Preamp Section: 3 ECC83/12AX7A tubes
    • Vibrato/Reverb: 1 12AX7 tube
    • Rectifier: 6GH8 tube
    • Power Section: 4 7591a "Small Bell High Output" tubes
    • Speaker: Original 1x12" Utah in pristine condition

    Front Panel:

    • INPUTS:

      • Channel 1 low
      • Channel 1 high
      • Switchable dual input jack: channel 1 low gain/channel 2 low gain
      • Channel 2 low
      • Channel 2 high
    • CHANNEL 1:

      • Volume(Pull for Bright)
      • Bass
      • Treble
      • Ultraflex Balance Control(controls transformer output)
    • CHANNEL 2:

      • Volume(Pull for Bright)
      • Tone(Bass/Treble)
    • VIBRATO:

      • Intensity
      • Speed
    • REVERB:

      • Duration


      • MODE: Idle/On
      • POWER: Off/On
    • VIBRATO/REVERB Footswitch Control Input Jack

    • Fuse replacement compartment

    • Hum reducing polarity switch

    For any inquiries text or call (405)***-**** between 7am and 11pm.
    I will entertain reasonable partial or full trade offers for high quality or unique gear.
    I am especially interested in vintage Alvarez Yairi acoustics or boutique phasers.
    Thanks for looking and have agreat day!

  • Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Thursday, April 25, 2013

1940's Rex "Aragon"archtop in Knoxville TN for $240

I believe the Rex guitars were a lower level brand sold by Gretsch dealers before WWII and this particular Rex is in outstanding condition so it is a real specimen of that period.  Check it out:


Rex Aragon Archtop 1940's - $240 (knoxville)

1940's Rex Aragon Archtop Acoustic guitar. Great shape, all original. Holds tune great and plays very well. $240 or best offer.
  • Location: knoxville

Sherwood Deluxe Archtop acoustic with DeArmond pickup in fayetteville AK for $350

Here is a nice find for our readers in the Arkansas area.  This seller is offering a 1940's Sherwood Deluxe, which is one of the higher end Kay built models, and this one includes a working DeArmond pickup with the volume and tone pots.  Nice overall deal.  And look at the cool fret inlays on the Sherwood.  That is neat.


1940's Sherwood Deluxe Archtop w/ DeArmond Pickup (White Stripes-ish)! - $350 (Bella Vista)

For Sale: 1940's Sherwood Deluxe Archtop guitar, with DeArmond pickup. This is a blues machine, and nails everything from old school Lightnin' Hopkins to White Stripes. Great vintage vibe, and great unmistakeable tone. Please call 4seven9.*** ****.
  • Location: Bella Vista

Thursday, April 18, 2013

John McGalughlin amazes us all with his thoughts, words and monsterous technique!

I have never been a big fan of John McGlaughlin's playing but I've always thought he had amazing technique.  I remember listening to his guitar duets with Carlos Santana on Love, Devotion, and Surrender when I was in college and thinking "This guy is all intellect and technique - no heart."  Of course, I was wrong.  I was just too young and inexperienced to appreciate the harmonic complexity of what he was doing.  And in many ways I still am.  But now when I listen to his playing I reserve judgement and just try to let it speak to me.  You know what - I still don't understand it but I kinda like it now.  And after hearing him talk on this video I realize he is a really nice guy just doing what he loves and trying to communicate something with his music.

Oh yeah, and he's also jammed out and recorded with everyone from Hendrix to Miles Davis to the Rolling Stones and they all thought he was the sha-eet.  So what do I know. 


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Unknown Archtop in Nashville - please help identify thiks model

The seller doesn't know what type of guitar this is and neither do I.  Take a look and see what you think.  It appears to be bound on both the neck and body I (but not the F-holes).  I can't tell if that tigerstripe finish on the rear is real or fake - most likely fake since it recurs on the sides as well.  I'd guess this might be a Kay built guitar but that serial number reeks of Harmony (especially the H in the middle and the S on the end).

Those serial numbers don't seem to match any of the known models on the Harmony Demont site.


Vintage Guitar

I know nothing about this guitar besides what you can see in the pictures.

I was hoping someone could tell me a little about it and/or make me an offer.
  • Location: Nashville

Silvertone "Kentucky Blue" Archtop in Houston TX for $150

This seller is offering one of the "purrtiest" guitars from the Silvertone-Harmony vintage era - the Kentucky Blue.  Sometimes you see these refinished because the paint wasn't the most durable - this one looks okay but it's hard to tell in the tiny sized photo on the listing.


Vintage Kentucky Blue Archtop Guitar Kay Silvertone - $150 (lake conroe)

I have this 1957-8 silvetone all original . some wear on fret board. some peeling veneers. but a great old it or just put it up for viewing like I have
call Tom 713-*** - ****
I live on hwy *** near Walden Rd
No case


Monday, April 15, 2013

Sears (Teisco) 1960's semi-hollow in Space Coast FL for $100

Here is a seller offering a Teisco built semi-hollow (or fully hollow) electric from the late 1960's or early 70's.  Pretty sharp red finish on this Japanese garage monster.  Dig those slider controls - ultra modern, eh?  This appears to be a knockoff of the USA made Harmony Rebel.


Sear & Roebuck Guitar - $100 (Palm Bay)

Vintage Sears and Roebuck Hollow-body Electric Guitar with dual pick up $100
  • Location: Palm Bay

Truetone (Kay) Hollowbody Electric in Birmingham AL for $150 - Jack White Special!

If you saw "It Might get Loud" then you'll recognize this model as the cool vintage slide guitar played by Jack White.  These were built by Kay and are nearly indestructible - oh and they sound badazz when you crank em up.


1960s Truetone Guitar - $150 (Homewood)

Vintage truetone guitar from the 1960s. Playable up to the 12-14th fret. Is also electric and works through an amp. $150 or best offer.

Emails only.

Vintage 1930's-40's Recording King Archtop Acoustic Guitar in Omaha NE - possible Gibson?

This seller is offering a vintage Recording King Archtop - not to be confused with the current line of Recording King guitars (which are pretty cool as well) this would be one of the original line that was available from Montgomery Ward before WWII.   Recording King guitars were made by a variety of companies that included Harmony, Kay and most significantly Gibson.  This one struck my notice because it has the identifiable fret marker inlays that were used on some of the Gibson made models.  I am not saying that this is definitely a Gibson product - only that the possibility is there.  Worth taking a look if you are in the area.

Note:  I contacted the seller and he said that this is not a left-handed guitar as it appears in the picture.  The image is just accidentally reversed.  - JC


Vintage Recording King....Guitar Pedals: Jekyll and Hyde, Wah, Ibanez (West Omaha)

I am trying to get rid of these pedals because I do not use them anymore. These prices are pretty firm but shoot me an offer!! I will go lower, prolly $200 if you bundle them all together!

Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive/Distortion Pedal - $100
Cry Baby Wah- $75
Ibanez Echo/Delay- $25
Ibanez Distortion DS-7- $25

Also trying to get rid of this VERY OLD vintage Recording King acoustic guitar. It is very old and I have not been able to find online how much it is worth because it is just that rare I guess. It is pretty beat up but the tone is ridiculously good! It would be a nice beginning guitar or a good "Decoration corner piece" just to make a room look better. Best offer for this guitar!

Vintage Santacilla Archtop in Lehigh Valley PA for $100

Most of the Santacilla guitars I have seen over the years have been really beat up as they were considered entry level instruments.  I believe they were built by either Harmony or Kay but since they go back to the 1930's it is hard to know who was actually making them way back then.  I think the name came from a popular Italian guitarist of the time but don't hold me to that.  This particular one is interesting because it boasts the Mother of Pearl block inlays which were fairly uncommon on entry level guitars at the time.


VINTAGE Antique SANTACILLA Guitar Fair CONDITION AS-IS - $100 (Lehigh Valley)

VINTAGE Antique SANTACILLA Guitar Fair YEAR is 30-40's. Has been in the family since it was first purchased.
There is a lot of wear on the guitar and is missing a string yet I have extra. I am asking $100 OBO. Thanks for
  • Location: Lehigh Valley

Zenon Guitar with original Victoria tube amp in Denver area

I don't know what this seller is willing to accept for just the Zen-on and the little Victoria amp but that was a pairing that was offered together by RCA back in the mid to late 1960's.   Neat to see them still together.


2 guitars and 3 amps for sale! CHEAP!!! - $350 (parker)

Hello i'm selling a vintage 1965 guitar with the original amp in good condition . I'm also selling another standard electric guitar with 2 other amps with it. the second guitar needs a little work done on it but the vintage one works fine, and also all of the amps work great! thanks for your time. you can get all those for 350$ or best offer text me at 1-702-***-**** or you can call at 303-***-**** thank you :)

1974 Gibson SG Standard in Greensboro SC for $900

This seller is offering something that caught my eye since most of the early 70's SG's you see for under $1K are the hideous "Deluxe" models with the cheapo Norlin pre-wired control panel setups.  This guitar is a "real SG" with the nice block inlays, the florid inlay on the headstock and the T-top humbuckers (or maybe they are the "patent humbuckers" - post PAF).  It even has the smaller pickguard which some traditional SG lovers demand.  Either way it is a nice guitar with the only downside being the pair of added switches (coil tap?  phase?) which may or may not be a cool addition - depending on your taste and style.  - JC


1974 Gibson SG Standard - $900 (College Hill)

It's getting harder and harder to find 70's SG Standards today, especially in sunburst. I have a 1974 Tobacco Sunburst vintage Gibson SG that plays well and sounds amazing. The guitar is in good shape considering it has been played and gigged on since the 70's. Its my baby and I hate to get rid of it but I really need money to buy a car. Looking for a good home where she'll get some love and attention. $900

Please email me if you are interested and have any questions.

  • Location: College Hill

1958 Silvertone-Kay 620 Jumbo acoustic in Austin TX for $300

This seller is offering a Silvertone 620 which is indeed a rare jumbo sized acoustic with all solid woods from the late 1950's. The big block inlays on the rosewood fretboard put this guitar well above the average vintage Silvertone acoustic out there.  It even includes the original Kay-Silvertone chipboard case.


SILVERTONE 620 JUMBO ACOUSTIC 1958-59 - $300 (Georgetown-Austin)

For sale is a nice original Silvertone 620 Jumbo acoustic guitar. These are extremely rare as they were only available for one year between 1958 and 1959. This is the upgraded 618, with big block fret markers.

Made in America by Kay with a steel reinforced, slim, hard maple neck, hand polished spruce and mahogany, distinctive celluloid binding on the sound hole and top and bottom edges, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. Also has the original Kluson Deluxe tuners in good condition, like the ones Gibson used in the 50's. Has the engraved "Silvertone" logo on the headstock.

Includes the original case.

Guitar has some light finish cracks but the wood is still solid. All original except for a new bone saddle.
Action is a bit high on the upper frets but fine for slide.

Richard Gere's 618 sold at auction last year for $875.

Asking $300.

Call FiveOne2 *** ****

Emails must have VINTAGE JUMBO in the subject line and provide a phone number.

Item will be removed when sold.



I am reposting items here that are listed on CRAIGSLIST throughout the USA. I am not selling any of these items and I cannot facilitate the sale of anything here - so please do not comment or post questions like "Is this still available?" or "I am interested in your guitar please call me, etc." You need to contact the seller directly by calling the phone number listed on the post or by going to the CL listing and emailing them. NEW FEATURE: Click on the title of the CL Listing inside my post to LINK thru to the original Post. If the original CL listing is deleted the item most likely is no longer available. Thanks for checking out my blog and GOOD LUCK!

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