Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Benson 300 tube combo amp in Redondo Beach CA for $800

This seller is offering a very rare and desirable amp from the late 60's called a Benson 300.  These were pro amps popular with studio players back in the day and you don't see them for sale very often.  Sort of like the Standel Bass amps in the sense that studio players bought them, used them, and held onto them.

It looks like this one has the original 15" Altec Lansing speaker which would make it a Model 300.

There is some info about an Elvis connection to Benson amops on the Scotty Moore website if you click here:   BENSON AMPS


Rare Benson Tube Amp 60's - $800 (Redondo Beach)

All tube amp made by Ron Benson in collaboration with jazz great Howard Roberts. This is not to be confused with the new George Benson amps which are a totally different design.40 watts with reverb and vibrato in a very small package that includes the footswitch and amp cover with pouch. Made in USA,probably Los Angeles or Hollywood.
Write or call for directions.
Bob 310 ***-****

  • Location: Redondo Beach

Monday, June 10, 2013

Early Ibanez/Guyatone Japanese Electric in Los Angeles area for $150

This seller is offering what appears to be a late 60's Guyatone or very early Ibanez model electric guitar.  The nut has broken loose and shifted over but other than that is appears to be all original.  Note that, although it says "steel reinforced neck," a quick examination of the pics will show that there is no adjustable truss rod on this guitar.   That is okay as long as the neck is straight and playable as it is but let the buyer beware.

This guitar looks very similar to the "Talman" retro vintage models that Ibanez put out in recent years - basically copying their own earlier electric guitars right down to using the same pickup switches and knobs.  


1960s vintage guitar - $150 (pico rivera)

good condition works good made in japan for fender has steal rod and every all original if interstad call ART 562-***-*****

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Boss DD-7 Sereo Delay pedal in Fresno, CA for $50

Note:  I love that he is asking the same price for the SD-1 - that costs $50 new LOL.


Guitar Pedals - $50 (Oakhurst)

Boss DD-7
Boss Super Overdrive
Both pedals are in great shape, never had a problem with either one. Comes with box as well.

$50 each obo
Call Justin (559)***-****
  • Location: Oakhurst

Jake Morley plays the guitar as a percussive keyboard instrument - and it works beautifully!

I never encountered this performer before but after checking out this video on Youtube I can't imagine his voice and composing skill won't get him noticed at some point.  He also has a unique style that sort of mixes old Delta Blues with Hawaiian slack key and modern hammer on jazzy pop.  Amazingly it all works.  - JC



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