Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1974/75 Gibson SG in Minnesota for $450 - Hmmm?

He says is is a 74 or 75 GREEN Gibson SG - Did they come in Green?

1974 - 75 Gibson SG - $450 (Minneapolis)
Reply to: sale-s9rbv-1246205982@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-29, 8:34PM CDT
This is a great Gibson guitar. It is a dark deep green in color with great wood grain lines. It has a Tunamatic bridge with Shaller machine heads and a Dimarzio pick up. There are no cracks in the head stock and the neck has not been reset. This would be a great tour guitar. The body does have scratches and dings but does not affect the sound in any way. A really fun guitar to play. Don't want to get rid of it but I have one too many guitars. Feel free to ask any questions and I do have a bunch of pictures that I can send if you are interested. Thanks
Location: Minneapolis
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Silvertone Mosrite in Chicago - Price drop - now $200

I posted this a week ago when it was $250 so here it goes again at $200 - Teisco made Silvertone Mosrite copy with 3 pickups - these are thin and light and they growl - in Chicago.

VINTAGE Silvertone Electric Guitar - $200 (Lincoln Park/ Joliet)
Reply to: mailto:sale-huphw-1247607755@craigslist.org?subject=VINTAGE%20Silvertone%20Electric%20Guitar%20-%20%24200%20(Lincoln%20Park%2F%20Joliet) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-30, 4:52PM CDT
This is a Silvertone sunburst electric. Teisco made the same one. The guitar is in good condition considering its age. It needs a new spring for the tremelo. It costs $4 on ebay. My email is jamesbrownatehiswheaties@yahoo.com
Location: Lincoln Park/ Joliet

Silvertone 1457 Guitar and Amp in Case in Texas for $500

This is the better 2 pickup version with the better 6V6 Tube amp in case w Tremolo - $500 is about right for the market right now - not cheap but this one looks to be in good shape.

vintage guitar - $500 (texarkana,tx)
Reply to: mailto:sale-wkqgp-1247612285@craigslist.org?subject=vintage%20guitar%20-%20%24500%20(texarkana%2Ctx) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-30, 4:51PM CDT
1964 sears silvertone guitar with builtin amp in case its very nice has no scratches and plays very good its missing original foot pedal, but no problems playing ,this was only made 2 years rare chance to get first 500 dollars gets it , im 2 1/2 hours from dallas 903-701-7036 chad
Location: texarkana,tx

1998 USA Guild 12 String in Cedar rapids for $250

Nice if you are looking for a 12 string and happen to be in Iowa... would they ship it?

Guild Guitar - $250
Reply to: mailto:sale-tgm2z-1246226548@craigslist.org?subject=Guild%20Guitar%20-%20%24250 [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-29, 8:48PM CDT
1998 Guild 12 string guitar. This is a guild d series.Solid spruce top and carved mahogany back. Made in Westerly R.I.Was converted from a left handed guitar to a right handed. Has a booming sound and low action.

Guild D4 Acoustic in Seattle area for $250

This Guild D4 is a nice guitar that apparently lost a bit of its corner black edge binding - not so pretty as it once was but should still sound very nice for the price - and you can always have it repaired or do the repair yourself.

Guild D4 Acoustic Guitar - $250 (Northgate)
Reply to: mailto:sale-tpw63-1247295226@craigslist.org?subject=Guild%20D4%20Acoustic%20Guitar%20-%20%24250%20(Northgate) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-30, 11:56AM PDT
Guild D4 dreadnought guitar. Phenomenal sound, well worth the price! Natural finish. Great condition, but small portion of the binding on bottom back came off around the inside curve. see pic, but has no affect on sound, tone or playability whatsoever. $250, must sell! Please call 425-387-1597 $250
Location: Northgate

SANO 2x12 SS Amp plus 2x12 ext. Speaker cab in Seattle for $40

The extension Speker cab alone is worth the $40 - Sano was a great accordian amps made in NJ in the 1960's - this is a latter Solid State model but this is still a terrific find no matter how you slice it.

Sano 2x12 guitar amp - $40 (Sandpoint)
Reply to: mailto:sale-zpk9s-1247559565@craigslist.org?subject=Sano%202x12%20guitar%20amp%20-%20%2440%20(Sandpoint) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-30, 2:19PM PDT
This is a big 2x12 Solid State Sano Amp. IT NEEDS WORK. Funky grill cloth; 60's vibe; great jazz amp. It's loud! Sold as is. Good project for somebody. Comes with 2 additional 12" speakers. Ask for Ken: 206-437-7037 Cash only please. Bigger pics here: http://homepage.mac.com/mystro2b/.Public/Craigslist/sano01.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/mystro2b/.Public/Craigslist/sano02.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/mystro2b/.Public/Craigslist/sano03.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/mystro2b/.Public/Craigslist/sano04.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/mystro2b/.Public/Craigslist/sano05.jpg http://homepage.mac.com/mystro2b/.Public/Craigslist/sano06.jpg

Monday, June 29, 2009

Silvertone Violin Hofner Style Electric Bass - $285 north of Pittsburg PA

Hard tosay if this is a good deal or not - depends on what you think of these - some people love them - probably made by Tieisco for Silvertone in the mid to late 60's. Seems like there are a lot of these around.

Reply to: mailto:sale-jz78z-1245344973@craigslist.org?subject=VINTAGE%20SILVERTONE%20BASS%20GUITAR%20-%20%24285%20(KITT.) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-29, 1:32PM EDT
I have this vintage Silvertone Bass Guitar. In good condition. missing the volume knob. Jack is missing,Will need a new jack put in. Wires ara there. Has some surface cracks on the clear coat , cracks are not deep. $ 285.00 I live around 50 miles north of Pittsburgh.

Gibson BR-9 Lapsteel in Indianapolis for $200

Not quite a National or Rickenbacker but this 1950's Gibson Lap Steel looks nice and is just missing one of the nobs. It has the original case. What is nice about the BR-9 is that if you keep aneye out you can usually find the matching amps for not a whole lot of scratch if you want to have nice original matched set.

1950's Gibson Lapsteel Guitar - $200 (Fishers)
Reply to: mailto:sale-d45nq-1245345376@craigslist.org?subject=1950 [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-29, 1:30PM EDT
This is a 1950's Gibson BR-9 Lapsteel guitar. It is in it's original case and is in great condition. The only flaw it has; It is missing one tuner knob. $200 OBO Thanks, George

Vox Meteor in SF Bay area for $400

Nice collectible guitar hopefully in as good condition as he says. This looks like a file photo to me.

Rare Vox Meteor v233 Electric Guitar - $400 (fremont / union city / newark)
Reply to: mailto:sale-rjv6s-1243537909@craigslist.org?subject=Rare%20Vox%20Meteor%20v233%20Electric%20Guitar%20-%20%24400%20(fremont%20%2F%20union%20city%20%2F%20newark) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-28, 6:44AM PDT
I have a rare vox meteor guitar, this vox was made in italy, have the original case slight damage to pick guard, but still a very nice rare guitar for someones collection, e-mail phone number and I will call you back to set up a time to view. same as picture but mine is black and red history The Vox Meteor was made in Italy from 1965-1968. The METEOR is model # V233, Equipped with a single 6 pole pickup and a double bar truss rod. It was the entry level electric guitar as far as the EKO made Vox guitars were concerned - similar to a Fender Musicmaster in the scheme of things. It retailed for $122 in 1966! The body was the same as used for the Hurricane, Spitfire, and Tempest XII. Usually they were all routed out for three pickups to simplify the building process. this one is all original - and to find one with the bridge cover still intact is good! The pickguard on these are usually in bad shape as the celluloid shrinks and pull at the screws and cracks the guard this one is in good shape.

Harmony H53 Rocket in ********** for ****

This is a heck of a deal - though it looks like replaced tuenrs on this single pickup Rocket (hopefully has the original Dearmond - hard to tell in the pic).

intage Harmony Rocket H53 hollow body electric. - Reply to: Date: 2009-06-28, 2:46PM PDT
Nice guitar in good shape. Need the money or wouldn't sell so cheap. Other vintage bass guitars as well Built around 1960-1965 Call John ************* Amps for sale as well!

Silvertone 1448 (no case/ amp) in Albuquerque for $180

It is missing the Amp/Case but this still looks like a decent deal if you are in the area. Thereis a tel # too.

silvertone vintage guitar - $180 (alb.)
Reply to: mailto:sale-8w44g-1245337992@craigslist.org?subject=silvertone%20vintage%20guitar%20-%20%24180%20(alb.) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-29, 11:37AM MDT
60's vintage silvertone electric guitar. nice condition. call 730-0880
Location: alb.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sears 10XL Tube combo in LA for $175

While this seller may be getting a little carried away calling this a "renowned tone monster" this is still a pretty decent small tube amp with tremolo at a reasonable price.

Vintage 1962 Silvertone SEARS 10XL 1421 tube amplifier guitar amp 60's - $175 (Silverlake / Los Angeles)
Reply to: mailto:sale-dcxc6-1242963389@craigslist.org?subject=Vintage%201962%20Silvertone%20SEARS%2010XL%201421%20tube%20amplifier%20guitar%20amp%2060 [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-27, 3:34PM PDT
Here is a Vintage Sears 10XL Tube Amp. In very good condition for age, and plays and functions flawlessly. These amplifiers are renowned tone monsters! This amplifier also has a fabulous tremolo! Maximum output is around 10 watts of articulate, overdriven, cathode-biased tone through the 4 ohm Jensen MOD 8'' speaker. Also sounds fantastic clean with the guitar volume backed off or the amp volume turned down. Once you start playing, you won't be able to stop. There is no back panel. The amplifier is 15'' wide, 17'' high and 7'' deep.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Gibson SG Deluxe in Las vegas for $400 - now!

This was just listed an hour ago in Vegas - note that this is a Gibson SG Deluxe not a Special or Junior and definitely not a Firebrand or faded. Very good deal if it is not flawed somehow.

Gibson SG Electric Guitar - $400 (Southern Highlands)
Reply to: mailto:sale-gwpe6-1241318218@craigslist.org?subject=Gibson%20SG%20Electric%20Guitar%20-%20%24400%20(Southern%20Highlands) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-26, 2:08PM PDT
Gison SG pearl inlays and crome hardware. $400 or will trade the SG and my Vox amp for Les Paul studio. I can send more photos or info if requested.
Location: Southern Highlands

1967 MIJ Conrad Semi-Hollow 335 style in Seattle for $200

These are kind of cool - if you like these Aria / Univox / Bruno 335 copies out of Japan. Note: this is a file photo not the exact guitar.

Vintage Conrad Semi hollow Body - $200 (Eastside)
Reply to: mailto:sale-mgtx4-1240709526@craigslist.org?subject=Vintage%20Conrad%20Semi%20hollow%20Body%20-%20%24200%20(Eastside) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-26, 8:54AM PDT
I'm selling my 1967 Vintage Conrad Semi-hollow body. It's a made in Japan 335 copy that ushered in all the lawsuits of the 70s because of its close resemblance to the gibson 335. It's this guitar...www.vintaxe.com/cgi-bin/vintaxe_viewer.pl?guitar_conrad2pic&japanese_guitar_conrad2pic It doesn't get played as much as it should, in stellar condition minus a missing tremolo arm, so give me a call if you're interested. 425-638-2984. I'm looking for a telecaster so if you're interested in a swap or partial trade I'll consider it. Brandon

Fender Electric Mandolin in Portland for $120

This is the ubiquitous Fender Electric Mandolin - this is a very decent price and I'm sure he could throw it in a box and mial it to you cheaply (maybe even fit in the large USPS Flat rate box?)

Fender Mandolin Electric - $120 (NE Alberta)
Reply to: mailto:sale-psrrr-1240117454@craigslist.org?subject=Fender%20Mandolin%20Electric%20-%20%24120%20(NE%20Alberta) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-25, 8:02PM PDT
I have an electric Fender Mandolin in very good shape. I don't play it. E-mail your phone number if you're interested. Thanks!
Location: NE Alberta

1978 Musicmaster Bass in Portland for $550

I've been seeing these MM Basses going for way too much lately - this one is at least reasonable. I guess the short scale on thee makes them popular with switch players (Guitar/bass) like me. NoteL: I like the way he puts it in front of his vintage Bassman in the photo to make it seem more "legit" (hehe).

1977-'78 Fender Musicmaster Bass - $550 (North Portland)
Reply to: mailto:sale-cfgkj-1240994950@craigslist.org?subject=1977- [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-26, 11:15AM PDT
Made in the USA. Bass is in worn condition with some scratches and blemishes but is in good shape overall considering its age and playability. Call Brendan at (808)-756-5038.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

1961 Gretsch 6159 in SF Bay area for $400 - WOW!

These 6159 are similar to the early Fender Bassman or Pro Amps and they sound SWEET when you crank them up - and the Gretsch Vibrato is considered superior to the Fender circuit by many country players because it gets nice and slow and deep.

1961 Gretsch/Valco 6159 - $400 (scotts valley)
Reply to: mailto:sale-tvss2-1239234590@craigslist.org?subject=1961%20Gretsch%2FValco%206159%20-%20%24400%20(scotts%20valley) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-25, 10:27AM PDT
For sale here is a 1961 Gretsch amp made by Valco serial number T61568. The model number is 6159 and as best I can tell by info off the net it's called a Dual Bass and is supposed to be 35 watts. It's got inputs for bass (high and low), guitar, and yes for you poka-heads accordion. It is a 2X12 combo and the speakers are one Oxford from 1962 and a Musicman from about the 80s I think. The knobs are the same as the ones on a Gretsch guitar and are expensive to get on their own. I was told they got for $35 ea. The handle is a stock item from when Valco bought out the remainder of the old stock from the Wedgewood Stove Co. Yep. stove door handle. Why not? If Danelectro can use lipstick tubes them Valco can follow suit with stove parts. The amp has a really nice tremolo that goes very slow if you want. Everything works great and the tubes are old made in USA. The faceplate is starting to show a little surface rust but nothing bad yet and the back panel was missing when I got it so I made a replacement. Also the amp was gone through by a professional amp tech when I first got it years ago and I haven't used it other than in the livingroom since. If you respond through email, please include you phone number where I can reach you. Thanks for looking. 831-335-4626

1963 Supro Stratford in Bay Area for $395

As dorky as this looks these Supros have gotten hard to find for a decent price.

1967 Supro Stratford/semi-hollow, 3 p.u. guitar/ Rare - $395 (sonoma)
Reply to: mailto:sale-rydd6-1236470901@craigslist.org?subject=1967%20Supro%20Stratford%2Fsemi-hollow%2C%203%20p.u.%20guitar%2F%20Rare%20-%20%24395%20(sonoma) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-23, 4:48PM PDT
I have for sale a 1966-67 Supro "Stratford" model electric guitar. It's in pretty good shape...The electronics need some minimal rewiring to get the most out of the 3 pickups (all working). Has a unique resonance. All original except for the tuners, the fingerboard inlays (changed)...I believe the knobs (4) to be from a Kay "Kessel" guitar. I've seen these pickups go for $100. or more apiece on eBay. I've seen this model guitar sell for around $450. on eBay recently. Make me an offer if you want. Call or email for more info. (707) 938-5200. Thanks.

Late 50's Supro OAHU brand Electric in Ohio for $295

Somebody please race over and grab this SUPRO for $295 and then ship it to me here in Los Angeles so I can resell it for $500+ (hehe) - no kidding,though - this would make a great raucous Bluesy slide guitar - Jack White would be proud.

Rare Oahu solid body Electric Guitar with Case - $295 (trotwood ohio)
Reply to: mailto:sale-hhpvk-1238371811@craigslist.org?subject=Rare%20Oahu%20solid%20body%20Electric%20Guitar%20with%20Case%20-%20%24295%20(trotwood%20ohio) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-24, 9:51PM EDT
I have shown this guitar to several guitar " experts" and none have seen a Oahu electric guitar like this. Some think it was made by Supro. It plays just fine and is all original and is only missing one knob. Could use a new nut. New strings. Handle broken on case. Overall good vintage guitar that you will not see anywhere else. Take a look at the pics and you will see what I mean. If you need to see better larger images let me know and I will email you the pics. I also have 4 additional pics not shown .call 937-277-6777 or 854-1004

Keisel 1946 Lap Steel in Southern CA for $175

Never really heard of this brand before but I guess it is Carvin before it was Carvin - another local SoCal guitar and amp company.

Kiesel Elec. Lap Slide Guitar - $175 (Hesperia)
Reply to: mailto:sale-bkzb4-1239039756@craigslist.org?subject=Kiesel%20Elec.%20Lap%20Slide%20Guitar%20-%20%24175%20(Hesperia) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-25, 8:48AM PDT
Kiesel lap slide 1946 made in Los Angeles this is a pre Carvin. A real collectors item comes with orignal case.

Zenon / Teisco MIJ Guitar in San Diego for $120 - Ry Cooder Pups

This Zenon has the actual pickups that are referredto as "Ry Cooder" becausethey are the ones he has mounted on his vintage Strat for Slide. They sound very nice and crisp/round - perfect for glass or metal slide playing.

Guitar from the 60's with P90's<<<<<<<<<<<<& - $120 (San Diego/Tierrasanta) Reply to: mailto:sale-baser-1239407615@craigslist.org?subject=Guitar%20from%20the%2060 [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-25, 11:56AM PDT
Two P90 pickups with bridge-bridge neck-neck-kill toggle options. Two volume pots one tone. Cash and pickup only. $120obo Give me a call at 858-397-3292 if interested.
Location: San Diego/Tierrasanta

Garnet Piper in Vancouver for $50

This amp has the basic Champ circuit 6V6, 12AX7 and 5Y3 - any decent tech should be able to fix this in his sleep - if you are in the area I would grab this one up.

Vintage Tube Amp - Piper (Garnet) - $50 (East Van)
Reply to: see below Date: 2009-06-25, 8:29AM PDT
This is a Canadian made vintage tube amp from the 70's; made by Garnet with "Piper" branding. Garnet allowed other companies to brand themselves on their amps during the 70's, this is one of them. This amp is not working, it's missing a tube. Before when the tube was in there (it burned out) the static was louder than the volume of the guitar. Fixing up this vintage piece of equipment will definitely be worth getting that warm tube sound that everyone is looking for. (604) 787 - 7696

Piper garnet Tube amp combo in Vancouver BC for $50 - project

This one needs some work but this is a very simple circuit identical to the Fender Champ (6Vs, 12AX7, 5Y3) so anyone with decent knowledge or any amp tech should be able to fix this one up fairly cheap.

Carvin Bel-Air stock photo (see below)

This is a stock photo of the amp the kid is selling in Denver

Carvin Belair 2x12 50 Watt Tube amp Rocky Mts Denver for $175

This kid is letting this go cheap because it has a "slight buzza after the pick attack." - asounds like a crappy Chinese Preamp or phase inverter tube - but might be worth taking a look.

50W Vintage Tube Amp (212 Bel Air) - $175 (Gypsum)
Reply to: sale-mjzzp-1226974989@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-17, 6:57PM MDT
This is a Carvin 50 watt, 2 X 12 vintage tube amp in good condition, endorsed by Joe Walsh of The Eagles. Here is the description from Carvin: The 50 watt 212 BEL AIR combo amp has been reviewed as one of the finest vintage amps on the market today. True vintage tones give "open-ness and breath" to your playing as you power soak the EL84 tubes. Dual channels offer all the vintage features you need including long-tail reverb. This amp comes loaded with Carvin VL12 speakers. The guitar amps reflect our devotion to tone. Rich, thick harmonics with creamy smooth mid tones define the superb sound of these amps. Channel one is clean ranging from warm and mellow to shimmering and glassy. Channel Two, with its SOAK control, offers enormous 12AX7 grid control from smooth blues, to full sustain (V1&V2 Groove Tubes™, a $44 value). Matched EL84 output Groove Tubes™ (a $52 value) reacts to the subtlest touch - if you play soft, the tubes remain clean. If you drive the amp hard, it rings out with rich tube harmonics. Here's one internet review: Name: Jim Kubitza Price Paid: $500 "Let’s just say that I have been playing guitar for 35 years, fifteen of those years professionally, and the Carvin Belair is by far the best sounding amp I have ever played. I have owned two full rack setups, Marshalls, Fenders, Ampeg, Sun, Vox and Lee Jackson. The Carvin Belair is the most open, airy sounding amp I have ever played. It also has the most “feel” and expressiveness of any amp I have ever played. I don’t do a lot of heavily distorted stuff. What I judge an amp by is its tonal quality on the clean end of the spectrum — clean to crunch — and the Belair excels here. I play primarily blues. I have no complaints with how it handles effects. All of my guitars are custom wired (by me). Most of them are dual humbuckers with 3-way splitters (either coil or series) and a 3rd switch to bypass the 3-way selector entirely and put the bridge/neck in series. The Belair thrives on all pickup selections in those guitars (it even sounds great with all four coils running in series). I also have a custom “Strat” that I built on Warmoth parts — using three Kinman noiseless single coils and the Belair sounds great with these as well. Furthermore, all of my guitars have a Chandler Red Booster installed (26db clean boost) on a pull up vol. switch — and the Belair just hunkers down and pumps out the hottest, juiciest stuff imaginable." Carvin is selling new ones on sale for $599 plus shipping. I have used this amp 5-10 times live in church worship situations and never past 1 or 2 volume. It's in perfect cosmetic condition--it looks brand new. If you crank this amp past four or five, there is a slight buzz on the tail end of the pick attack, perhaps something that needs to be tightened or a slight defect in one speaker. The speaker is definitely not blown because the sound is still true and doesn't break up. Feel free to email me at irishrock77@gmail.com or call me at 970-331-6930. Thanks!!
Location: Gypsum

Kay 1950's F-holeArchtop in Houston for Cheap

he says cheap - it had betetr be seeing as how beat up this poor baby is - still aBlack Archtop not so common to find - hopefully it will clean upnicely and not need a neck reset.

protection/certification/guarantee. More info
Kay F Hole Guitar (Dairy Ashford and I-10 West)
Reply to: mailto:sale-q5eza-1239256996@craigslist.org?subject=Kay%20F%20Hole%20Guitar%20(Dairy%20Ashford%20and%20I-10%20West) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-25, 12:38PM CDT
An old Kay F Hole relic. Belonged to a friend. Cheap. Best offer. 281-597-9234 or 713-501-9996
Location: Dairy Ashford and I-10 West

Stella Harmony Acoustic in Vancouver BC for $115

This one is pretty cool looking - I like the unique burst on soundhole and face.

Harmony acoustic guitar - $115 (Coquitlam north)
Reply to: mailto:sale-hqwmc-1238625149@craigslist.org?subject=Harmony%20acoustic%20guitar%20-%20%24115%20(Coquitlam%20north) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-24, 11:32PM PDT
Stella Harmony acoustic guitar . Good player from the sixties ? It came from New York ....years ago.....nice looking guitar 115.00
Location: Coquitlam north

Teisco WG-2L type Guitar in Denver for $150

This is probably a 1965 or 1966 model and it has all the most playable features for a Teisco including: Solid Slab Mahogany body - 4 x 2 Headstock with original tuners - tunamatic bridge (non original but who cares) and it has what I consider the most playable of the Teisco necks with the edge markers - note: This may actually be a Baritone - if you check the scale length it looks like it could be 27" - all in all this could be a great deal on a PLAYABLE Teisco.

Vintage guitar with case - $150 (Denver)
Reply to: mailto:sale-xy3sw-1239253226@craigslist.org?subject=Vintage%20guitar%20with%20case%20-%20%24150%20(Denver) [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-06-25, 11:37AM MDT
Teisco vintage Japanese guitar circa 1965-1969. Pickups & electronics work well. Comes with case.
Location: Denver


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