Thursday, June 25, 2009

1961 Gretsch 6159 in SF Bay area for $400 - WOW!

These 6159 are similar to the early Fender Bassman or Pro Amps and they sound SWEET when you crank them up - and the Gretsch Vibrato is considered superior to the Fender circuit by many country players because it gets nice and slow and deep.

1961 Gretsch/Valco 6159 - $400 (scotts valley)
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For sale here is a 1961 Gretsch amp made by Valco serial number T61568. The model number is 6159 and as best I can tell by info off the net it's called a Dual Bass and is supposed to be 35 watts. It's got inputs for bass (high and low), guitar, and yes for you poka-heads accordion. It is a 2X12 combo and the speakers are one Oxford from 1962 and a Musicman from about the 80s I think. The knobs are the same as the ones on a Gretsch guitar and are expensive to get on their own. I was told they got for $35 ea. The handle is a stock item from when Valco bought out the remainder of the old stock from the Wedgewood Stove Co. Yep. stove door handle. Why not? If Danelectro can use lipstick tubes them Valco can follow suit with stove parts. The amp has a really nice tremolo that goes very slow if you want. Everything works great and the tubes are old made in USA. The faceplate is starting to show a little surface rust but nothing bad yet and the back panel was missing when I got it so I made a replacement. Also the amp was gone through by a professional amp tech when I first got it years ago and I haven't used it other than in the livingroom since. If you respond through email, please include you phone number where I can reach you. Thanks for looking. 831-335-4626

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  1. I can't believe no one jumped on this amp when I had it for sale. I also can't believe I was going to sell it for $400 just to get money to buy a Blues Jr.


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