Monday, December 23, 2013

Fender Musicmaster Bass Tube amp with killer replacement speaker in Valley Village CA for $275

This seller is offering a Musicmaster Bass amp which is basically a little 15 watt tube amp best suited for guitar - and he's replaced the fairly crappy stock speaker with what appears to be an Altec Lansing or Besa Black Shadow 125 Watt ><> Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp - $275 (Valley Village) Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp - $275 (Valley Village) Vintage Silverface Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp for sale. 12 watt combo with a 12" speaker. 6V6 power tubes. 12ax7 preamp tube. Sounds great for guitar with awesome crunch when cranked. Some compare it to the Tweed Deluxe sound when cranked. Call Jim 310-***-****

Kingston 1960's Japan Electric Project in Woodland Hills CA for $100

Here is a fun little project for not a lot fo money - the pickups are good - switches are acommon problem on these old Japanese electrics - some players just bypass the switches to get maximum output. Good for garage psychedlia, etc. - JC ********************************* Vintage Kingston Guitar Project - $100 (Woodland Hills) Vintage Kingston guitar project. Two pickup model. Awesome body condition and pick guard. Two pick ups are working. Needs tuners and miscellaneous work to finish it. Dark cherryburst finish. Needs string tree, headstock logo and switch work. Excellent for parts as needed. $100 or best offer. Willing to trade for effects pedals or music gear. If you see the ad, I still have it. If you don't leave a local phone number in your response, you will be deleted.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Airline Hollow Body Electric from the 1960's at GC in Greensboro NC for $249 - Jack White Special!!

The Guitar center in Greensboro NC is selling this Airline labeled Kay N-3 hollow body electric from the early 1960's for only $249.  That is a great price if it is in good shape and the electronics work well.

This is the same model that Jack plays in "It Might Get Loud" and he usually keeps it covered in cardboard (he says this is for no reason but I suspect it is to reduce the feedback from the totally hollow body). 

Guitar Center Greensboro
Greensboro, North Carolina  27403
View Store's Used Inventory
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bruno Conqueror 60's Japan Semi Hollow electric in Provo UT area for $75

here is a nice deal for somebody.  This seller is offering an Aria made Bruno, similar to the Univox and Ventura models, for $75.  It sounds like it is in good working condition.   He says it has a "Memphis neck" and from the picture it is clearly a four bolt neck off a different "Memphis" brand guitar.  That would probably be 70's not 60's.  I wouldn't guess that is the best neck for this type guitar, but it might not be terrible either.  A better solution would be to find one of the many similar 1960's Japan hollow body's with trashed electronics that you can find fairly cheap and just borrow the neck off one of those.  No matter what this should be a fairly good deal for a vintage MIJ player - it will just need some tweakin' fer sure.  


Conqueror Bruno Hollowbody Electric Guitar - $75 (Eagle Mountain)

image 1image 2image 3image 4
This vintage 1960's aria guitar made in Japan is a classic guitar that can be played with or without an amplifier. It has a Memphis neck and a conqueror bruno hollowbody. There are some cracks on the back of the guitar and some scratches but it works great.

-high output pickups, two volumes two-tones and a three way switch for pick up selection.
- comes with a powerflex soft bag

No shipping, pick up only!
  • Location: Eagle Mountain
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posting ID: 4069698115
Posted: 2013-09-15, 4:12PM MDT

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Collection of 22 Vox Amps near Sacramento, CA for $65K

This is one of the most bizarre listings I've ever seen - this guy has 22 freaking Vox amps.  WTF?  You think this guy even has a wife?  I can't imagine.  hehe.

I don't even know if this is a good deal or not - a bunch of these Beatle amps are actually Solid State models - since that is what the Beatles themselves also used at one time or another - but the collectors must be getting all in a tizzy at the idea all these models will be flooding the market soon LOL.  Check it out.


Lots of Vintage Vox Amps - $65000

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6image 7image 8image 9image 10image 11image 12
I am an older man who loves the Beatles and played in bands through and past college. I've been collecting Vox amps for 45 years. I am selling my outstanding collection of Vox amps as a group only. There is an AC100, Supreme, many many Beatle amps. There are 22 listed and I'm throwing in 3 more for free. Email for more info. As you may suspect, there is no way to ship all these safely so you will need a truck to pick them up. I am outside sacramento. If you see what looks like round objects or stains on anything it is the camera lens that is causing that. thanks
Price: $65,000

Friday, September 13, 2013

Aria Japanese 335 in Eugene, OR for $350

I've seen a lot of ES-335 copies from Japan but other than some of the Yamaha models this one looks more beautiful than most.   I'd expect it to sound and play nice as well.  That is a set neck - Aria (and Univox) would still put the little two screw plates on the set necks because the Japanese luthiers just wanted to make sure they were secure.  

****************************** [?]
Posted: 2013-08-30, 2:10PM PDT

*Rare!* Vintage Japanese 335-style hollowbody electric - $350 (Eugene/Springfield)

image 1image 2image 3
Up for sale: a nameless but beautiful 335 copy. The pickups are stamped underneath as Maxons, which indicates this guitar was probably made in Japan's Matsumoku factory in the late 60s or early 70s; likely from the Aria line. It features all gold hardware with Gibson-style keystone tuning machines, all original save the gold Schaller strap-locks. Rosewood fretboard with Mother-of-Pearl block inlays. The finish is a beautiful transparent cherry burst that exposes a magnificently detailed flame maple top; the maple also appears to be spalted inside as well, a very cool piece of wood. 5-piece maple neck with elaborate binding, this guitar looks and sounds amazing. Comes with a hardshell Roadrunner ABS case. Serious inquiries only please.
  • Location: Eugene/Springfield

1965 Magnatone Guitar designed by Paul Barth in Salt Lake City for $449

This seller is offering a very rare guitar - though it is missing part of the bridge so that could be very hard to find if you wanted to get an original replacement part.  Magnatone produced several different lines of electric guitars over the years some designed by Paul Bigsby, others by Paul Barth after he left Rickenbacker and before he formed his own Bartell company.   This one appears to have Rickenbacker "toaster" pickups. 

Note:  I believe these were all originally sunburst so this guitar may well have been stripped and refinished.  


vintage magnatone electric guitar rickenbacker richenbacher Paul barth - $449

i'm not 100 percent on the serial number or the model of this guitar, but a little googling has led me to think it's from the early 60s and is a mark vii or something thereabouts. it's a full size electric guitar. missing the bridge and bridge cover (as you can see in the pics) but it otherwise still very nice overall. i bought this at an estate sale some time ago intending to get it playing but have had it a long time and it just hangs on the wall looking pretty. electronics were tested when i first got it and it played well, but i didn't want to leave it assembled with non-original parts. so you'd be buying this as is/as pictured. has a cool paisley pickguard and matching pattern on the neck. tuning pegs work as they should. guitar is very lightweight and very cute. will ship via parcel post or ups - whichever a buyer prefers. no case included. located near 70th south and redwood. call or text 801*** ****

Magnatone MP-1 1x12 tube combo in Gold COuntry, CA for $400 obo

Here is a seller offering one of the lesser known but still terrific Magnatone models, the MP-1.  This is from the Estey Period and when they were changing factories - I think some of these were even made in Pennsylvania - but quality control was still high and they were expensive amps at the time made with very good components.  As far as I am aware, none of the MP-1's have "true vibrato" (varistor) but they do have both a gorgeous lush tremolo and reverb, all tube driven.  

Note:  That Alamo amp may be interesting as well - but my experience tells me they are very hit or miss.- JC


Guitars, Amps, Effects; Cool Stuff! - $175 (Sonora to San Andreas)

1) Early '70s Alamo Montclair,1x12"combo great reverb, very cool tremelo. SS pre, 2 6v6 power section. VG cond.... $175.00
2) Late '60s Magnatone MP-1, 1x12" combo, tremelo, reverb (akin to a Deluxe Reverb) needs a little love (scratchy pot, has a 70s Fender speaker which needs to be soldered) ...$400.00
3) Early '70s "The Thunderer" by PWR Sonic, SS, 2x12" Orig. Eminence spkrs w/ chrome dustcaps an amazingly rare amp that has a very distinctive sound....$350.00
4) Leslie 120, single bottom rotor (no horn) ,/1/4 plug for any use w/guitar has an internal amp which works (but is used only to power the motor?) work fine but could use the attention of someone who knows the innards of these things for optimal is in good cond...$300.00 Guitars
1) DeArmond M-77T, early '90s, black w/white USA DeArmond 2K pick-ups, has "Digsby" vibrato, VG cond with an excellent hard case...$450.00 or 400.00 w/o case
2) 2001 Gibson Les Paul Special/Junior (that's the model!), black w/ p100 pick-ups, mini trapezoid markers, keystone tuners and a Gibson gig bag; good cond $450.00
3) '60s Japanese guitar, chrome pick-guard, 2 single coils, pretty much a slide guitar, great tone; w/ orig. case in exc. cond (both guitar and case) the guitar can't really be played "Spanish" style past the 3rd fret but it's a killer slide! $100.00
1) Block logo MXR DynaComp (original) perfect working order VG condition....$100
2)Script logo MXR DynaComp (original) " " " Exc. Cond.....$200.00
3) Ernie Ball Volume pedal , Mono Exc. Cond................................................$60.00
4) Ernie Ball Roto Vibe (original) ......................................................................$150.00
Pics on request....responses with phone numbers will receive prompt attention....reasonable offers on all or part gladly entertained.
Will remove items as they are sold so don't bother asking if "it's still available", I won't respond. Foreign money wiring schemes and Nigerian scams welcome; I can always use a good laugh.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

11 year old Kid Teaches Us All How to Really Sing

Brendan MacFarlane is only 11 years old in this recording but he sings "House of the Rising Sun" with as much heart, soul and purity as any version I've heard.  This was about 4 or 5 years ago and his voice has changed a bit listening to this recording reminds me about the magic that makes music so powerful.  - JC


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Handbuilt 6550 / KT88 Dual Rectified Amplifier - Demo both clean and pushed into Sag

For fans of vintage tube goodness here is a demo of my custom built 6550 tube amp.  I've owned this for quite a few years and it was hand-built by any amazing musician tech who sadly was losing his sight and had to get rid of most of his gear.  

The amp uses a rare vintage circuit that is similar to the lat 1950's Tweed Twin with a pair of rectifier tubes.  here is the lineup:

(3) 12AX7 (or any similar 12 volt preamp tube)
(2) 6550 / KT88 tubes (or you can straight swap 6L6GT's or even 6V6's)
(1) 5U4 Rectifier tube
(1) 5Y3 rectifier tube

The amp controls include the following:
- Preamp gain
- Bass and Treble tone controls (on a concentric pot)
- Volume
- Midrange tone control
- Presence control

It also has a traditional "hum" control pot but it never seems to hum much to me so I leave it alone.

There are two 1/4" output jacks -0 one for 8 ohms and one for 16 ohms.

It has a single 1/4 input on the front of the amp and a green indicator light.

The sound can be incredibly clean depending on what preamp tubes especially the one in the first position.  But when you turn up the preamp gain the rectifiers are pushed into amazing sag that can be saturated enough to be similar to a vintage germanium fuzz circuit but mostly just sounds like sweet output tube drive.

Check it out:


Monday, August 19, 2013

Harmony H410 tube amp in St. Louis MO area for $125

Like I said in the earlier post (see below) I would buy and sell these amps all day long at this price.  This H410 has a little more oomph than the H303A but overall a very similar little tube amp. 

Note:  There is no pic on the listing so I provided a file pic for you. - JC


FS/FT Vintage Harmony H410A Vintage Tube guitar amp - $125 (washington,mo)

VINTAGE Harmony H410 all tube guitar amp.ALL original,Harmony tubes,Jensen 10 inch speaker,tube rectifier(5y3)probably around 5 watts.Hand wired, point to point,tubes are (1)12AX7(1)6BQ5-SAME AS EL84(1)6AU6 for tremelo(1)5Y3 rectifier.This amp sounds really good. I have a really great price on this amp-less than the price of a quality effects pedal-mainly because I would want the buyer to have a modern 3 prong power cord for safety-even after that-its still agreat deal.I have seen 3 of these recently,1 sold for $305.00,1 SOLD FOR $215.00,and one is for sale asking $349.00-and they were not all original.Call 314 258-****.Thanks.
  • Location: washington,mo

1960's Teisco/Silvertone Electric in Fort Smith OK for $165

I just had to post this one - check out what this guy is plugged into in the b.g. of this shot (and apparently they are recording as well).  Ya gotta love it.   It's hard to believe at one point back in 1968 or so you could buy this guitar and that amp from the Sears Catalog!   Is this a great country or what?  


1960's vintage silvertone guitar - $165 (panama OK )

guitar has a few nicks and shows its age but plays and is reallycool
text me nine 18- 658-****
  • Location: panama OK

Art Deco Regal Parlor guitar with Pallete motif - cool and rare in Minnesota for $85

I've never seen this particular style of Regal acoustic but they made dozens of variations on these Art Deco shapes and patterns in the 1930's and 1940's.  this one is unique and cool looking.  Check it out. - JC


Vintage regal guitar - $85 (Trimont,mn)

This is an early 1940's regal guitar , still plays good and is in decent shape for its age
Asking $85. Call or text 507-236-****
  • Location: Trimont,mn

Harmony H166 Concert Size Acoustic in Des Moines IA area for $75

This seller is offering one of the cooler Harmony acoustics, the H166 (we used to call it "the pumpkin") - all solid woods on these USA made guitars.  Shame about the screw in the neck but amateur owners do things like that.  Not necessarily a deal breaker. - JC


Harmony Vintage Acoustic Guitar - $75 (Urbandale, IA)

Model 4163H166
Has 2 screws in back of neck (see pic)
If interested e-mail or call 515-473-****
  • Location: Urbandale, IA

Harmony H303A tube amp in Oklahoma CIty for $125

I would buy and sell these little Harmony amps all day long for $100-$150 because you can always find a buyer for them in that price range or slightly higher - and if you've never owned one then you should give it a try.  They are great for recording late at night and for getting the vintage tone only a single ended low wattage tube amp can provide.  - JC


Harmony H303A vintage guitar tube amp - $125 (oklahoma city nw)

old Harmony amp aprox 5 watts of output, new rectifier tube, works great, would be a great practice amp. speaker has a few moth holes in paper. but works fine.
4\0\5\ 226 **8**

Old Kraftsman / Kay Vanguard in Witchita area for $100

This seller is offering a vintage Old Kraftsman electric, same as a 2 pickup Kay Vanguard, for $100 in the Witchita KS area.   It looks like someone has upgraded the bridge and tailpiece which reduces the "collectible" aspect but might be an improvement as far as tuning stability and playability. Check it out.

**************************** [?]
Posted: 2013-07-17, 2:57PM CDT

vintage oldkraftsman electric guitar - $100 (haysville)

was made circa 1930s to 1960s...its in pretty fair condition...all strings still on it... If interested u can text 208-9***
  • Location: haysville

Monday, July 29, 2013

Acoustic Control 1981 Model G100T/ Model 160 100 watt tube head at GC in Kenwood MI for $149

I spotted this Acoustic Control tube guitar head on the Guitar Center website and was surprised they were offering it for only $149.99.  These usually sell in the $300-$500 range and are much-loved by their owners.  This was Acoustics version of the Mesa-Boogie head and it has the switchable 5 band EQ along with a quartet of 6L6GT power tubes and three 12AX7's in the preamp.  Well built amplifiers that were made in Van Nuys CA prior to Acoustic closing their USA operations in the mid 1980's.

 Note that they have it listed as a Model 250 which IK have seen references to but have never seen an actual photo of, but from everything I can see in the pic on the GC site it is identical to the 1981 model 160.  I don't know what the difference would be between the two so keep that in mind if you are considering buying this.

I posted some pics that I took from another website that show the guts and tube layout of the Model 160 below the GC listing.

I called and talked to the sales rep at GC on this one and he said the amp looks good and works fine except that the button that switches between channel 1 and channel 2 is not working - it is stuck on channel 2 - which should still give you access to all the features - and I would suppose the switch just needs to be replaced after 30+ years.    I asked him for a shipping quote to give you an idea of what this will cost to your door and I will post that when he sends it to me.  - JC



Guitar Center Grand Rapids
Kentwood, Michigan  49512
View Store's Used Inventory

r a  


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