Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vintage 1960's Ampeg J-12A Jet tube combo in Costa Mesa CA for $400

This seller is offering a nice lil' Vintage Ampeg J-12A.  Stripped down vintage 1x12 combo in a nice checked cover.

Ampeg Jet J-12 A guitar amplifier vintage - early 60's - $400 (Costa Mesa)

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Up for sale is my Ampeg Jet "J-12 A." This guitar amplifier is true vintage (early 60's... 62 I believe) but I replaced the speaker with a Celestion greenback (as shown in picture). The speaker was only replaced a year ago. Its got the build in tremolo which of course sounds amazing.The original handle broke off a few months back and I replaced it.

This amp sounds great and gives you that vintage, warm, blues-like tone. Everything is in good working condition. The amp has dark blue check patterned Tolex covering.

Thanks for looking.

Airline 2x12 Tube combo in Henderson NV for $350 - Vintage Jensens!

This seller is offering a vintage Airline amp (made by Danelectro).  The cabinet is starting to go on this one but I guess you could reinforce it or just be careful with it. This one even has reverb - similar in many ways to a Silvertone Twin Twelve.  - JC

1963 Airline TUBE Guitar Amp 2x12 Jensen's 6L6's - $350 (Henderson)
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1963 Airline Point-To-Point 6L6 All Tube 2x12 Jensen guitar amp. Made for Montgomery Ward by Valco/Danelectro/Supro and sold as the "Airline" brand. SOUNDS KILLER!

Back in the 50's and 60's Sears "Silvertone" and Mont Ward "Airline" brands were made by Valco or Supro or Danelectro and sold through the big catalog sales stores. You know, a catalog, which was the internet before the internet :) I've seen these same amps advertised as made by Valco, Danelectro, and Supro.

This amp is 100% made like an early 1960's Fender amp, all PTP wiring, 12AX7 preamp tubes, tube reverb driver/recovery/SPRING reverb, tube driven tremolo, 5Y3 tube rectifier, 2 RCA 6L6GC power tubes. All of the tubes appear to be original except for the pre-amp tubes.

This amp has it's 2 original 1963 Jensen C12R speakers, tone for days!

This is a medium volume amp, it has 2 RCA 6L6 power tubes which test good on my tube tester, but like a Fender Champ or Princeton it uses a Sylvania USA 5Y3GT rectifier so the 6L6 power tubes aren't getting pushed hard and probably putting out about 20-25 watts so they would probably never get used hard enough to burn out.

These amps use a paper-fibre board cabinet and are known for the top of the cabinet "bending" which this one has. You can see in the pictures, it is still solid enough to use the handle to pick up the amp and carry it around. There is one piece of wood in this amp, it seperates the bottom of the amp chassis from the top of the speaker part of the enclosure.

This amp has a clean, raw, organic, almost Fender Tweed tone. Which makes sense as this amp was made in 1963 when Fender Tweed's ruled the world and just when Fender was introducing the Fender Blackface amplifiers. This amp was made BEFORE THE BEATLES CAME TO AMERICA!!!

There are a couple of these for sale on e-bay, but not with the desirable Jenses C12 speakers, for $400-$600 plus $75 shipping (e-bay item # 281791147539 ) and SOLD on reverb.com and g-base.com for $400-$600 so my price is quite reasonable.

This is an awesome rockabilly/country tones and loves single coil pickups!


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