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Marshall JTM60 3x10 all tube combo on eBay in Shirley NY for $375 BIN

This seller is offering a nice Marshall JTM60 - which is a 50 watt tube combo amp - for only $375 but you have to pick it up in Shirley NY (where is that??).

The JTM 60 is an unfairly derided amp due to the overheating problems in this series - (mostly the JTM30) - but apparently the problem can be pretty much solved by adding a cooling fan next to the tube cage.

These are known to be great sounding Blues amps - and they look nice too.  this 3x10 combo version would be the Killer set up for a nice blues rock tone.

Note:  Here is what one owner-tech on TDPRI says about this amp:


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You should disregard posts from people who have "heard" this or "heard" that and listen to those that have actually lived with the gear in question.

So, having owned two of these amps, gigged almost exclusively with them for the last 15 years, and performed my own service on them as an electronics engineer, I can claim to know the ins and outs of these JTM 60s.
Mine are the 2x12 versions but I've heard the 3x10 are the best sounding.

These amps have an exceptional clean channel, real chimey with bottom end tightness and punch that is second to none. They are only 50W amps so if you can play this amp in a bar on the clean channel around 7 or 8 and the real nice Marshally stuff starts to happen, it just breaks up heavenly.

The "overdrive" on the lead channel is accomplished with zener diodes in the preamp circuit that sound best with the gain set low, and the volume set high.
Otherwise, things start to sound a bit too much like a distortion stompbox.

So this amp likes to be played with the master volume loud, this is the vintage Marshall tone recipe. Here is where the problems begin. Unfortunately, this amp does suffer from some heat problems. The tube orientation is not the best for proper dissipation. So you have to tie a small electronics fan onto the cage blowing right onto the tubes. This is not difficult to do.

Another reason this amp can run hot is because the stock Dagnal output transformer is poor quality and inefficient causing the entire power stage to run too hot. I replaced mine with a Mercury Magnetics and noticed an immediate improvement with regard to volume, heat, tone, and noise/hum.

I've read about other owners complaining about the amp “cutting out” intermittently.
This has never happened to me but I'm certain the series effect loop jacks in the back would be the cause of this. I simply plugged a short cord into mine as this placed more force on the contact points. Once in a while I just give this cord a wiggle to make sure the contacts stay clean.

So for better or for worse, this is the story with these amps. I love them and would replace mine in a second, then go through all of the above. They look pretty cool too!


Marshall JTM60 Tube Guitar Amp

Item condition:Used

Time left:4d 18h (Aug 04, 201217:45:10 PDT)

US $375.00
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SANO 250R 30 watt 2x12 tube amp on eBay for $299 BIN!

The guys at Gravity music in Denver CO are selling a GORGEOUS Sano 250R that looks almost brand f**'in new for only $299 BIN with a shipping rate of $50.    Do you know what this amp weighs??  They are definitely taking a hit on the shipping.  I don't think I've ever seen a cleaner Sano 250R.  What a deal!


Vintage Sano 250R 30 Watt Guitar Tube Amplifier Amp w/Footswitch and Power Cable


Vintage Sano 250R 30 Watt Guitar Tube Amplifier Amp w/Footswitch and Power Cable
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  • Make/Model: Sano 250R
  • Serial #: 250824
  • Power source: Tube
  • Watts: 30 watts
  • Weight: 54.4 Lbs 
  • Dimensions:27" x 12"x 20"
  • Speakers: 2 x 12" Eminence 67 - original
  • Features: Reverb and Tremolo. 2 Channels. Comes with Footswitch and power cable. 
  • Condition: This is an unbelievable able amp that sounds fantastic and is in great shape! The tolex is clean and has little wear. The grill cloth is free of rips and tears. All knobs and pots are smooth and secure. All electronics have been tested and are in working condition. This amp has all of the classic tube sound that you have been looking for and so much more! 
  • All items shipped are fully insured. The insurance is AUTOMATICALLY included in the shipping price, there will be no exceptions! If the shipping price seems a little higher than others, it is because the insurance price is already combined with the actual shipping cost.

  • Stock # -  07282012-18 IP AA


    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    Silvertone Vintage Selling Prices Archive - thanks to

    Most of my readers are probably familiar with, one of the most enduring online sites for info about Vintage Harmony, Kay and Teisco guitars labeled and sold by Sears.   But did you know that they maintain a regularly updated archive of many of the Silvertone sales happening on eBay?  I didn't until I stumbled onto it today.  Here is a link.  Check it out:


    Kalamazoo Model 2 tube amp in Chico CA for $200

    This seller is offering a Kalamazoo Model 2 tube amplifer.  Of the three most common Kalamazoo amps the Model 2 is the one to get.  Similar to a Vibro Champ but different enough to make it a worthy addition.  Very small and portable.  And great for harp players too.  This one seems to be all up to date and ready to go.


    kalamazoo model 2 vintage tube practoce amp - $200 (chico)

    Date: 2012-07-24, 8:22AM PDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    This amp is a classic from the 60s. Made in Kalamazoo michigan by Chicago Musical Instrument Co. (Gibson's parent company at the tiklme), this alp is a favorite if guitar and harmonica players. I wouldn't be selling this hut I need the money. It is in great working condition, has original tubes, and was biased a year ago and has since seen only minimal use. Great low wattage amp, with awesome parts for DIYers (black beauty and orange drop caps, fantastic tubes, etc.). This amp has a fantastic tremolo as well.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    Vintage Guitars in LA Area - seller will ship - some pretty good deals!

    This is my own personal listing - putting up about half my collection.  I don't expect to sell all of these but I am renovating my house and need to make some room.   Regular readers of this blog may recognize a few of these.  Don't be too shy to make me an offer.  the worst I can do is say no.  I will pack well and ship (have plenty of guitar boxes) and I accept paypal or even a personal check if you don't mind waiting for it to clear.  - Jim C

    Update - I added a lot more pics so scroll down to see more of the guitars - JC 

    1967 Burns Split Jazz - Very cool and rare guitar (see my video sample to hear it).

    MIJ Fender Wayne's World Stratocaster - now it's been autographed by J. Mascis!! - JC

    Vintage USA made Guitars - some great deals - $150 (Encino/Tarzana)

    Date: 2012-07-23, 11:56AM PDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    1971 Harmony H1204 USA Black Sovereign - Similar to Ryan Adams' guitar - just had Eric's Guitar Shop do a set up with a new nut and saddle - Nice! $250
    1930's/40's Stella type parlor w MOP fretboard and decals (nds some repairs) - great project guitar for blues or fingerstyle - $150
    1930's/40's Sterling Antique parlor Guitar - nice top with slothead tuners, awesome V-neck, high action but great for bottlneck blues - $200 (see my video)
    1965 Vox Spitfire electric -- Made in Italy -- Black (refin?) - All Original and solid - amazing Vibrato tailpiece and pickups - recently overhauled by Eric's Guitar Shop - $500
    1967 Burns Baldwin Split Jazz electric (dated by Barry at Burns in London) -- 100% original (missing trem arm) - $750
    2010 Martin OMC Aura Concert sized acoustic - nicer than the Eric Clapton with better electronics and a cutaway (list price is $3800) w/ OHSC (see video) - $2250
    1992 Gibson Les Paul Special w/ P100's -- Hard to find in vintage maroon finish - plays like a Les paul Special should (see Video) - $850
    1979 Fender Hardtail Stratocaster -- 100% original w an original vintage 1969 Fender Strat Case - Natural Ash with Rosewood neck - grey bottom pups - $1750
    Fender Vintage Reissue Japan Mustang -- beautiful Olympic white which has aged nicely - love it but now I have ano original 1969 Mustang so she has to go - $550
    Martin DX12 -- Nice Martin 12 String with solid Sitka Spruce top - made in USA - $350
    DiGiorgio 1980's Classical guitar - made in Brazil - Solid Brazilian Rosewood back and sides - very nice player for not a lot of $$ - $150
    Fender Squier "Wayne's World" Stratocaster - vintage 90's collectible - upgraded pickups - Japan made version of "Excaliber w/ MIJ 62 RI neck - $350
    Fender 1980's LaBrea black acoustic -- made in Korea - all black with 6 on a side Fender headstock. Nice guitar - hard to find - $250

    I have pics of all the guitars - and some videos on my youtube channle go to LAPhillyboyvideos and look for the particular guitar.

    You can call me directly about any of these guitars at 818-744-2791 - Jim C

    Kay Acoustic Mini-Jumbo near Columbus OH for $50

    This seller is offering what appears to be a 1950's Kay acoustic Mini-Jumbo for $50.  Says the neck is reset so I'd expect the action to be better than most.  This not one of the more common Kay models.


    Vintage Kay guitar - $50 (Bremen)

    Date: 2012-07-22, 9:09PM EDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Vintage Kay flat top guitar. Necks been reset, and bridge shaved. Silver tuners, has electric strings, plays good but the high E string popped. $50 obo or trade for? Interested in fishing or outdoor gear.

    Norma Guitar and Harmony Tube amp in Abilene TX for $180

    Seller is offering a Norma electric guitar and a Harmony tube amp of some sort.  No pics on the listing.

    Could be a nice little vintage pair for not a lot of $$.  Worth checking out if you are in the area.  There is a tel number on the listing (click through to original listing to see the tel number) - JC


    60's guitar and amp - $180 (Abilene)

    Date: 2012-07-22, 5:35PM CDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Guitar is a Norma. Kind of beat up.
    Amp is Harmony. Original tubes and Jensen speaker.
    Both are rare vintage and would be great for the collector of classic equipment.

    Hofner "Master" Classical acoustic in St. Cloud MINN for $100

    This seller is offering a Hofner Classical guitar with the "Meisterklasse" designation which I would guess makes it a "Master" but I can't identify the model.  It appears to be a solid Spruce top but that remains to be seen.  You can get a great deal of info on Hofner guitars from Steve Russel's extremely well designed site by clicking here:

    Hofner Guitars Info and Gallery

    This guitar does not appear too have a fancy rosette or purfling so it may be a basic model - but it could be as old as the 1950's since Hofner has been making quality acoustic guitars since at least 1948.


    Hofner Meisterklasse acoustic guitar - $100 (St. Joseph)

    Date: 2012-07-19, 1:46PM CDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Hofner Meisterklasse acoustic guitar German. Vintage guitar in good shape, plays alright for its age, but it is used and looks that way. $100

    Silvertone 1452/ Danelectro Hornet in Bloomington IN for $260

    This seller is offering a very hard to find Silvertone from the 1960's - a Model 1452 (basically a Danelectro Hornet).   These are nice solid body guitars with two lipstick pickups.  You don't see them very often.

    It appears that the "Piece of metal" he is talking about is a shim placed under the neck. 


    Silvertone electric guitar - vintage - $260 (Bedford/Bloomington)

    Date: 2012-07-21, 4:22PM EDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    1960s electric guitar by Silvertone (model 1452)

    clean, good condition,
    lipstick pick-ups, tremolo bar, and soft case
    The previous owner put a piece of metal under the fret board,
    but it doesn't affect the action.


    Friday, July 20, 2012

    Kawai / Kingston SD-40 sells for $910 on eBay - Hound Dog mania continues!

    The manic pursuit of these multi-pickup Kawai/Kingston /Teisco guitars continues with the sale of this SD-40 yesterday on eBay for $910.  This is really a collectors market item because the simple fact is a standard 2 pickup Kingston that can be had almost anywhere for about $200 sounds and plays exactly the same.

    Of course as is the case in most of these "hype" sales on eBay, the seller does a good job of differentiating this particular guitar from all the other similar guitars out there on the market. (note how he even replicated the "Hound Dog Taylor" sticker on the headstock based on the one in the photo)

    Kudos to him for pulling it off.   We can all learn something from this type of proactive marketing.


    RARE!! The Genuine HOUND DOG TAYLOR Kawai Teisco Electric Guitar

    A lot of four-pickup guitars on Ebay are described as being the “Hound Dog Taylor model”.  Most aren’t.  This guitar actually is one of the two models that Taylor famously used, a mid-1960s Kingston-branded Kawai SD-40.  Of the two Kawai’s associated with Taylor (the S-180 and the SD-40) this is by far the rarer one.

    It’s exactly like the one Hound Dog Taylor played (see pic).  It has the correct pickups (screw pole pieces, not solid squares), the right scale length (25 & 5/8”, most look-alikes are baritones), the right neck (mahogany with narrow fret markers, not the commoner maple), the better looking beveled body edges, a master tone with four individual pickup volume controls rather than one master volume and one master tone, and the tomato-red and black sunburst like Taylor’s was.

    Wanna come close to getting that tone?  This guitar will get you there.  The pickups are wired as a series, so the output increases with each additional pickup you engage.  With the two bridge pickups on, the right amp, and the right attitude, it can sound like The Dog is in your living room.

    The guitar is in excellent cosmetic condition for its age, just a few dents and dings, and a little finish chipped off the edge of the body, but nothing too bad.  The pickguard is trying to very slightly curl up at some of its points, and there is a small crack forming at the lower treble horn point where the screw is, but it’s not all the way across.

    The finish is thin, and the body is not encased in thick poly like some Japanese guitars are.  And, it doesn’t weigh a ton like some of the similar-looking Kawais and Teiscos.  The mahogany neck is really thick – maybe not for everyone – but it feels great to me and you’ll love it if you like chunky necks.

    All the switches, pots, and pickups work perfectly.  The electronics are original with one exception – the #3 pickup was dead when I got it – so I had another correct vintage Kawai pickup professionally installed.  Now all four pickups squawk!  The truss rod works (recently adjust during a pro-setup).  The neck is straight, the frets are in great shape, and the action can be set quite low without buzz.  It’s currently set at 2/16” at the 12th fret, for slide playing, but could go even a bit lower.

    Not all four-pickup Kawais and Teiscos have the raunchy Hound Dog sound – I’ve been through a few – but this one does.  Through a cranked tube amp it produces that distinctive lo-fi snarl you hear on the records.  Perfect for electric blues or rock.

    Thursday, July 19, 2012

    Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve Head in Manhattan NYC for $200

    Here is a rare occasion, a decent piece of Vintage gear for sale in Manhattan at a decent price.  Check it out:

    Sears 1965 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve Guitar Head - $200 (Gramercy)

    Date: 2012-07-16, 2:38PM EDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    I am selling a Sears 1965 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve Guitar Head. It is in excellent working condition. Cosmetically, it is in good shape. Front metal panel has some slight discoloration but it is from 1965 and is what it is. Classic sound, pushes a 2 or 4 x 12 cabinet excellent, lightweight and simple. Has tremolo which can be activated by a footswitch and the reverb is classic 1960's small tank reverb. Not good for all styles of music but great if you know what you want. Volume, treble and bass knobs. All dimed kicks major ass for that particular sound. I am in Gramercy Park. I own 2 of these and don't need this one. $200. Firm.

    Nice Silvertone Acoustic in Kalamazoo MI for $25

    This seller is offering a nice looking Silvertone acoustic for a miniscule price.  These Birch bodied 14 fret to the neck guitars were some of the most popular acoustics sold by Silvertone.  There were literally millions of them sold and played throughout America.  This is a great place to start if you are just getting into old guitars.


    Silvertone Guitar - $25 (wayland)

    Date: 2012-07-18, 8:12PM EDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Silvertone guitar. In nice shape, neck is very strong, along with chords.
    Call or text for any questions!

    Unique 60's Victoria (Japanese?) electric in Charlotte NC area - Cool Funky Design

    This seller is offering a unique and pretty darn funky looking Japanese solid body electric.  I've never seen this particular model - it could be a Guyatone or a Prestige or any of a dozen 1960's era brands.   Check out the unique three piece pickguard segments.  Very cool.  The bad news is the pickups are not working - he says it is wiring, which could be true.  But it also could be more complicated than it sounds.

    Maybe if you can get it for cheap it will be worth it.  The shape of those pickups reminds me of a Zenon or Zim Gar guitar. 

    Update:  There is an identical guitar to this posted on Michael Robinson's website - - and he describes it as a VICTORIA guitar and says it as "Perhaps one of the coolest guitars I have."  That is quite a comment coming from the guy who just may have the largest collection of wacky and unique guitars on the planet.   - JC

    Very Rare 1960's Teisco Guitar - $1 (Concord)

    Date: 2012-07-18, 2:59PM EDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Trying to sell my 1960's Teisco Guitar. This guitar is super rare, you will probably never see another one. The real manufacturer of this guitar is unknown to many collectors making it somewhat of a mystery but im just calling it a teisco because it follows the same basic style of the teiscos of the same period. There does seem to be a problem with it though, when i got it only one pickup worked but recently that one quit also. I opened it up to see that pickup wires have become disconnected from the switch. This is a quick fix to someone who has the time to do it or a little cash to take it to a pro. So im currently taking offers on it how it sits. Send an email if interested and i'll get back to you. Thanks

    5 Guitars in Akron OH for $100! each - all Vintage - All Decent!

    Any of the guitars this seller is offering would be worth the $100 he is asking so this looks like it is a good deal.  It sounds like he only wants to do a local deal so if you are in Ohio you might want to swing on by.

    BTW - That Teisco ET-200 in the third pic is a sweet little electric for only $100.  He says it needs a new input jack which is an easy fix. 



    5 vintage guitars - $100 (canton ohio)

    Date: 2012-07-17, 10:51AM EDT
    Reply to: see below [Errors when replying to ads?]

    1. a kingston red hollow body electric that doesn't work no case 100.00 2. a teisco solid body that plays, needs input jack replaced no case 100.00 cash 3. a teisco that plays well, low action with original case 135.00 cash 4. a harmony arch top acoustic, neck is starting to go put still playable 100.00 cash 5. a silvertone acoustic flat top, next also starting to go put is playable 100.00 cash or 500.00 for all 330 605 5979 no emails texts or shipping thanks


    I am reposting items here that are listed on CRAIGSLIST throughout the USA. I am not selling any of these items and I cannot facilitate the sale of anything here - so please do not comment or post questions like "Is this still available?" or "I am interested in your guitar please call me, etc." You need to contact the seller directly by calling the phone number listed on the post or by going to the CL listing and emailing them. NEW FEATURE: Click on the title of the CL Listing inside my post to LINK thru to the original Post. If the original CL listing is deleted the item most likely is no longer available. Thanks for checking out my blog and GOOD LUCK!

    Please don't call, contact, bother or harass these sellers long after their post is expired. Take for granted if the listing is over 30 days old that the guitar or amp is LONG GONE! Thank you.