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Marshall JTM60 3x10 all tube combo on eBay in Shirley NY for $375 BIN

This seller is offering a nice Marshall JTM60 - which is a 50 watt tube combo amp - for only $375 but you have to pick it up in Shirley NY (where is that??).

The JTM 60 is an unfairly derided amp due to the overheating problems in this series - (mostly the JTM30) - but apparently the problem can be pretty much solved by adding a cooling fan next to the tube cage.

These are known to be great sounding Blues amps - and they look nice too.  this 3x10 combo version would be the Killer set up for a nice blues rock tone.

Note:  Here is what one owner-tech on TDPRI says about this amp:


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You should disregard posts from people who have "heard" this or "heard" that and listen to those that have actually lived with the gear in question.

So, having owned two of these amps, gigged almost exclusively with them for the last 15 years, and performed my own service on them as an electronics engineer, I can claim to know the ins and outs of these JTM 60s.
Mine are the 2x12 versions but I've heard the 3x10 are the best sounding.

These amps have an exceptional clean channel, real chimey with bottom end tightness and punch that is second to none. They are only 50W amps so if you can play this amp in a bar on the clean channel around 7 or 8 and the real nice Marshally stuff starts to happen, it just breaks up heavenly.

The "overdrive" on the lead channel is accomplished with zener diodes in the preamp circuit that sound best with the gain set low, and the volume set high.
Otherwise, things start to sound a bit too much like a distortion stompbox.

So this amp likes to be played with the master volume loud, this is the vintage Marshall tone recipe. Here is where the problems begin. Unfortunately, this amp does suffer from some heat problems. The tube orientation is not the best for proper dissipation. So you have to tie a small electronics fan onto the cage blowing right onto the tubes. This is not difficult to do.

Another reason this amp can run hot is because the stock Dagnal output transformer is poor quality and inefficient causing the entire power stage to run too hot. I replaced mine with a Mercury Magnetics and noticed an immediate improvement with regard to volume, heat, tone, and noise/hum.

I've read about other owners complaining about the amp “cutting out” intermittently.
This has never happened to me but I'm certain the series effect loop jacks in the back would be the cause of this. I simply plugged a short cord into mine as this placed more force on the contact points. Once in a while I just give this cord a wiggle to make sure the contacts stay clean.

So for better or for worse, this is the story with these amps. I love them and would replace mine in a second, then go through all of the above. They look pretty cool too!


Marshall JTM60 Tube Guitar Amp

Item condition:Used

Time left:4d 18h (Aug 04, 201217:45:10 PDT)

US $375.00
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