Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unique 60's Victoria (Japanese?) electric in Charlotte NC area - Cool Funky Design

This seller is offering a unique and pretty darn funky looking Japanese solid body electric.  I've never seen this particular model - it could be a Guyatone or a Prestige or any of a dozen 1960's era brands.   Check out the unique three piece pickguard segments.  Very cool.  The bad news is the pickups are not working - he says it is wiring, which could be true.  But it also could be more complicated than it sounds.

Maybe if you can get it for cheap it will be worth it.  The shape of those pickups reminds me of a Zenon or Zim Gar guitar. 

Update:  There is an identical guitar to this posted on Michael Robinson's website - - and he describes it as a VICTORIA guitar and says it as "Perhaps one of the coolest guitars I have."  That is quite a comment coming from the guy who just may have the largest collection of wacky and unique guitars on the planet.   - JC

Very Rare 1960's Teisco Guitar - $1 (Concord)

Date: 2012-07-18, 2:59PM EDT
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Trying to sell my 1960's Teisco Guitar. This guitar is super rare, you will probably never see another one. The real manufacturer of this guitar is unknown to many collectors making it somewhat of a mystery but im just calling it a teisco because it follows the same basic style of the teiscos of the same period. There does seem to be a problem with it though, when i got it only one pickup worked but recently that one quit also. I opened it up to see that pickup wires have become disconnected from the switch. This is a quick fix to someone who has the time to do it or a little cash to take it to a pro. So im currently taking offers on it how it sits. Send an email if interested and i'll get back to you. Thanks


  1. its a guyatone victoria ill sell you mine its in sunburst

  2. 1965 Guyatone Victoria, originally sold as the "Surf Rider" because the tone/volume pot cover resembelled a surf board. I have one in sea foam green. the switch is the common point of failure for these since it had a tendency to rotate and snap off the wires. I've had mine since 1966.


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