Monday, April 7, 2014

Harmony Sovereign Acoustic in Pheonix AZ area for $250

Nice looking Harmony Sovereign acoustic in Phoenix area.  These are all solid wood - this is not the "double Dread" sized Sovereign that Jimmy Page played on Stairway to heaven - but they are still cool acoustics.


Harmony Sovereign guitar - $250 (Dewey)

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1971 model 1203, solid spruce top, a little finish crazing, no body cracks, recently dropped action, very playable, neck is straight, fret board and frets are in great cond., bridge not lifting, no lose braces, the neck has possibly been reset, no case, these are priced in the Vintage Price Guide from 550 to 700,(just saying!) $250 cash, no shipping or texting, call 928-642-****.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Kay 2 pickup Vanguard in Minneapolis for $199

This seller is offering a nice little Kay Vanguard (could be a Truetone, Old Kraftsman, or Penncrest model) - a two pickup version - for only $199.  Nice deal on a fun vintage USA made electric, BUT can I make one request of all you future sellers.  Please, no more hawking "Brazilian rosewood!"   Gimme a break please!  Just because it was made prior to 1970 and it is has some Rosewood does not make it "Brazilian."  And even if it was it isn't necessarily high quality stuff.  It's on the freaking fretboard for goodness sake - of an electric guitar.  So it has little if anything to do with the tone.  Trust me, if Kay or Harmony were making it, they would just as soon bust up the packing crates and reuse that wood to make guitars.  Let's not get carried away with marketing.

Okay, that is my little pinhead rant for the day.  Go back to your work.  Nothing to see here. - JC


early 60's vintage Kay electric guitar - $199

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Unbranded (these were often sold through a wholesaler to department stores) Kay solidbody electric guitar with 2 pickups, each with its own volume and tone controls, vibrato tailpiece (bar is missing) sunburst lacquer finish and brazilian rosewood fingerboard.
No case
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Kalamazoo KG-2 in Springfield MO for $299

This seller's Kalamazoo KG-2 is most likely a refin since I don't think black was one of the factory colors on these - I've seen red, white and blue, just like the early Fender Mustangs, but that said, he is correct - his price is very good considering it is otherwise all original including the factory tailpiece etc. Nice deal if you are looking for something like this. - JC


Vintage 60s Kalamazoo KG-2 guitar - original Gibson SG parts - $299 (Springfield)

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This is a nice vintage instrument in great shape considering the age. It was made as an offshoot of Gibson in the same USA factory alongside SGs and Les Pauls of the era. It is essentially a Melody Maker as far as electronics and hardware are concerned, with two very clear and warm single coils and a Vibrola tailpiece. Just set up and plays well!

$299. FANTASTIC PRICE FOR THIS PIECE! This is a steal! You absolutely cannot find an intact, highly playable 60's vintage guitar made in the USA for anywhere near this price!
Call or text. 417-840-****

Several Vintage Guitar Deals incl. "Kentucky Blue" in Witchita KS for $300

This seller is offering very reasonable prices on several very nice Vintage USA guitars including a beautiful Lyon and Healy and a gorgeous "Kentucky Blue" (which I always thought was a Silvertone made by Harmony but this one clearly has a Kay cakepan pickup attached so gives it a Kay appearance for sure.

I am struggling to resist both of these deals since the Kentucky Blue is one of my favorite Archtops in terms of looks - I mean take a look at that beautiful 50+ year old guitar.  Wow! - JC


Vintage Guitar Sale - $1 (105 S. Emporia)

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Vintage Guitar Sale!!!

Out of space and have more to hang so I'm offering 25% off of any guitar in the booth. Just mention this ad to the proprietor and she'll give you your discount.

c.1900 Lyon and Healy Lakeside Parlor Guitar- Was $325 Now $243.75. Built around the turn of the century these are very popular with collectors. Beautiful woods, classic tone, easy to play.

c. 1920's Truetone Parlor Guitar- Was $165 Now $123.75. Classic delta blues guitar features a two-way bridge that can be flipped on its side to set the action higher for slide. Big woody tone. With chipboard gator case.

c. Mid 50's Kay "Kentucky Blue" Archtop- Was $425 Now $318.75 You're probably not going to find one of these much cheaper. Essentially a plywood Kay Archtop with factory hot-rod paint. Features a period appropriate single coil p/u w/volume knob. Awesome rockabilly axe. With chipboard case.

c. 1960 Kay "Lead" Tenor Archtop- Was $400 Now $300. Probably the best made guitar of the bunch. Excellent original condition, finish, woods and fun to play. Kay probably came out with this to exhaust old archtop body inventory and called it a "Lead" to appeal to the kids. Comes with an original Kent floating archtop p/u and chipboard case.

c. Mid 60's Stella "Fender Headstock" Was $95 Now $71.25. Everybody's had one of these classics at one time. This is the smaller parlor-sized version. Pretty dinged up but very playable.

Unidentified Gretsch Flattop- SOLD! Was $95 Now $71.25. This may be a 90's "Dorado" but its the only one I've ever seen with the Falcon headstock so I haven't been able to accurately ID this one. The bottom is pretty buggared up but it's got big bright bluegrass tone, plays great and comes with it's own hardshell case.

1960's Framus Gaucho parlor sized acoustic in Bellingham WA for $275

This seller is offering another neat little vintage Euro guitar, the Framus Gaucho. These German made acoustics took the Leo Fender concept all the way and they are total bolt together acoustics - the bridge is screwed on and the neck bolts on via a metal bracket plate as well.  Very solid little guitars for sure.  They are all solid woods including the famously slim Framus necks made of a multi-layered horizontal laminate.

Here is how Elderly describes one of these on their website:

13-1/2" lower bout, white-bound sunburst spruce top, mahogany sides and back, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, pearloid dot inlays, 1-5/8" nut width, 24-3/4" scale, zero fret, bolted-on rosewood bridge with metal trim and adjustable saddle, tortoise plastic pickguard, made in the heart of Bavaria,


Framus Goucho Acoustic Guitar - $250 (Bellingham)

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Vintage 60's Framus Goucho Parlor sized guitar. Made in west Germany. Made famous by the Beatles. Great condition, and amazing sound.

Great Silvertone and Danelectro Vintage Tube amps in Boulder, CO - for $600 and $325

This seller is offering a trio of nice tube amps in particular an awesome 1961 Silvertone Twin Twelve and a Danelectro 9003 - both outstanding vintage amps and his are in really nice working and playing shape.  His prices are very reasonable considering the value and condition of these amps.  Check them out. - JC


vintage silvertone/airline/valco (boulder)

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vintage amp ads often neglect to mention whether the amp has been brought into the new millennium by replacing leaky caps, faulty resistors and cold-solders, etc. fixing them can be pricey...these have all have been gone over by a talented tech, and are working well. have 3 prong plugs added for yr safety. beautifully hand-wired point-to-point, tube driven, no circuit boards or transistors! have original transformers. all possess that characteristic sweet early 60's american- made vintage tone...and they love pedals!

1961 Silvertone (Danelectro made) 1474 twin 12 reverberator combo: powered w/ 4 6L6's (2 matched pairs of gt's) this is truly a twin with a pair of 12" original intact alnico speakers, 2 channels w/ 2 inputs each. reverb and tremolo work albeit mildly.......not like the piggy- back 1483, 1484, 1485 silvertone models, in that this has mucho cajones, comprende? those amps are great in their own right, but don't have a lot of headroom and generally are under-powered, whereas this is around 60 watts, with a lot of headroom. large presence w' plenty of punch, darker/mellower tonality than a fender twin. weighs only 55 lbs. also a great harp amp. does have back panel missing in jpg
$600.00 cash

1962 Airline 9003 combo made by danelectro. 18 watts, 2 channel 2 input that can be jumped...22 lbs. driven w/ a pair of 6v6's. has fabulous tremolo. original 12" alnico speaker needs recone, i have a modern jensen p12q currently installed, which could be included.... missing the back panel and the original handle. great for harp also
$325.00 cash

1966 Harmony 420 bass combo made by valco (whom also made Supro, National, etc): 25 watts with pair of 6L6's. has original intact 15" gold label jensen. nice finger-jointed pine cab, 35 lbs. same circuit as supro thunderbolt purportedly played by jimmy page, except this has a solid- state rectifier. currently thunderbolts are going for over a grand on ebay. good for bass, better for guitar.
$420.00 cash

the only reason i'm selling these is we just had a baby! no scammers!!!! please put 'sweet vintage' in header or i will not read yr e-mail... thanks for looking

Cool Little TAKT Japanese tube amp in Stockton CA for $125

I've seen this little TAKT amps before and the fit and finish of the cabinets is pretty nifty.  These often use unusual tubes but they also tend to be low voltage radio tubes so they last a long time - don't expect standard 6V6GT tubes in one of these.  This one looks to be in very nice shape.  I'd imagine this is a lot smaller than a Champ in size - more like a little Oahu.  Great to keep in the bedroom for those late night solo jams. And you won't see one of these sitting in the local Guitar Center anytime soon LOL.

Seller says he is up for a trade so that is always fun.  You know you've got extra gear laying around. - JC


TAKT tube amp for sale or trade - $125

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I have an excellent condition TAKT tube amp for sale or trade. I'm asking $125 or best offer. It was made in the 60's and is about 5-10 watts. It sounds very similar to a Fender champ and has hi and lo inputs for a little more gain on the hi input. I'm interested in other small tube amps, guitars, other gear. I wouldn't mind and android tab... maybe firearms. Let me know what you have.

Nice beat up Tele Relic American Flag guitar in Palm Springs for $500

I have no idea what the guts or parts of this guitar are - It is clearly not a regular USA Fender Telecaster and may be some knockoff or kit guitar - what I do know is that is looks great and the extreme wear on the fretboard should make it fun to play - I just love the way it looks. Check it out - JC


OLD AMERICAN FLAG GUITAR - $500 (North Palm Springs)

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Need to sell this very old American Flag blues guitar. $500 CASH (714) 235 - ****


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