Friday, April 4, 2014

Several Vintage Guitar Deals incl. "Kentucky Blue" in Witchita KS for $300

This seller is offering very reasonable prices on several very nice Vintage USA guitars including a beautiful Lyon and Healy and a gorgeous "Kentucky Blue" (which I always thought was a Silvertone made by Harmony but this one clearly has a Kay cakepan pickup attached so gives it a Kay appearance for sure.

I am struggling to resist both of these deals since the Kentucky Blue is one of my favorite Archtops in terms of looks - I mean take a look at that beautiful 50+ year old guitar.  Wow! - JC


Vintage Guitar Sale - $1 (105 S. Emporia)

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Vintage Guitar Sale!!!

Out of space and have more to hang so I'm offering 25% off of any guitar in the booth. Just mention this ad to the proprietor and she'll give you your discount.

c.1900 Lyon and Healy Lakeside Parlor Guitar- Was $325 Now $243.75. Built around the turn of the century these are very popular with collectors. Beautiful woods, classic tone, easy to play.

c. 1920's Truetone Parlor Guitar- Was $165 Now $123.75. Classic delta blues guitar features a two-way bridge that can be flipped on its side to set the action higher for slide. Big woody tone. With chipboard gator case.

c. Mid 50's Kay "Kentucky Blue" Archtop- Was $425 Now $318.75 You're probably not going to find one of these much cheaper. Essentially a plywood Kay Archtop with factory hot-rod paint. Features a period appropriate single coil p/u w/volume knob. Awesome rockabilly axe. With chipboard case.

c. 1960 Kay "Lead" Tenor Archtop- Was $400 Now $300. Probably the best made guitar of the bunch. Excellent original condition, finish, woods and fun to play. Kay probably came out with this to exhaust old archtop body inventory and called it a "Lead" to appeal to the kids. Comes with an original Kent floating archtop p/u and chipboard case.

c. Mid 60's Stella "Fender Headstock" Was $95 Now $71.25. Everybody's had one of these classics at one time. This is the smaller parlor-sized version. Pretty dinged up but very playable.

Unidentified Gretsch Flattop- SOLD! Was $95 Now $71.25. This may be a 90's "Dorado" but its the only one I've ever seen with the Falcon headstock so I haven't been able to accurately ID this one. The bottom is pretty buggared up but it's got big bright bluegrass tone, plays great and comes with it's own hardshell case.

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