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Great Silvertone and Danelectro Vintage Tube amps in Boulder, CO - for $600 and $325

This seller is offering a trio of nice tube amps in particular an awesome 1961 Silvertone Twin Twelve and a Danelectro 9003 - both outstanding vintage amps and his are in really nice working and playing shape.  His prices are very reasonable considering the value and condition of these amps.  Check them out. - JC


vintage silvertone/airline/valco (boulder)

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vintage amp ads often neglect to mention whether the amp has been brought into the new millennium by replacing leaky caps, faulty resistors and cold-solders, etc. fixing them can be pricey...these have all have been gone over by a talented tech, and are working well. have 3 prong plugs added for yr safety. beautifully hand-wired point-to-point, tube driven, no circuit boards or transistors! have original transformers. all possess that characteristic sweet early 60's american- made vintage tone...and they love pedals!

1961 Silvertone (Danelectro made) 1474 twin 12 reverberator combo: powered w/ 4 6L6's (2 matched pairs of gt's) this is truly a twin with a pair of 12" original intact alnico speakers, 2 channels w/ 2 inputs each. reverb and tremolo work albeit mildly.......not like the piggy- back 1483, 1484, 1485 silvertone models, in that this has mucho cajones, comprende? those amps are great in their own right, but don't have a lot of headroom and generally are under-powered, whereas this is around 60 watts, with a lot of headroom. large presence w' plenty of punch, darker/mellower tonality than a fender twin. weighs only 55 lbs. also a great harp amp. does have back panel missing in jpg
$600.00 cash

1962 Airline 9003 combo made by danelectro. 18 watts, 2 channel 2 input that can be jumped...22 lbs. driven w/ a pair of 6v6's. has fabulous tremolo. original 12" alnico speaker needs recone, i have a modern jensen p12q currently installed, which could be included.... missing the back panel and the original handle. great for harp also
$325.00 cash

1966 Harmony 420 bass combo made by valco (whom also made Supro, National, etc): 25 watts with pair of 6L6's. has original intact 15" gold label jensen. nice finger-jointed pine cab, 35 lbs. same circuit as supro thunderbolt purportedly played by jimmy page, except this has a solid- state rectifier. currently thunderbolts are going for over a grand on ebay. good for bass, better for guitar.
$420.00 cash

the only reason i'm selling these is we just had a baby! no scammers!!!! please put 'sweet vintage' in header or i will not read yr e-mail... thanks for looking

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