Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Handbuilt 6550 / KT88 Dual Rectified Amplifier - Demo both clean and pushed into Sag

For fans of vintage tube goodness here is a demo of my custom built 6550 tube amp.  I've owned this for quite a few years and it was hand-built by any amazing musician tech who sadly was losing his sight and had to get rid of most of his gear.  

The amp uses a rare vintage circuit that is similar to the lat 1950's Tweed Twin with a pair of rectifier tubes.  here is the lineup:

(3) 12AX7 (or any similar 12 volt preamp tube)
(2) 6550 / KT88 tubes (or you can straight swap 6L6GT's or even 6V6's)
(1) 5U4 Rectifier tube
(1) 5Y3 rectifier tube

The amp controls include the following:
- Preamp gain
- Bass and Treble tone controls (on a concentric pot)
- Volume
- Midrange tone control
- Presence control

It also has a traditional "hum" control pot but it never seems to hum much to me so I leave it alone.

There are two 1/4" output jacks -0 one for 8 ohms and one for 16 ohms.

It has a single 1/4 input on the front of the amp and a green indicator light.

The sound can be incredibly clean depending on what preamp tubes especially the one in the first position.  But when you turn up the preamp gain the rectifiers are pushed into amazing sag that can be saturated enough to be similar to a vintage germanium fuzz circuit but mostly just sounds like sweet output tube drive.

Check it out:


Monday, August 19, 2013

Harmony H410 tube amp in St. Louis MO area for $125

Like I said in the earlier post (see below) I would buy and sell these amps all day long at this price.  This H410 has a little more oomph than the H303A but overall a very similar little tube amp. 

Note:  There is no pic on the listing so I provided a file pic for you. - JC


FS/FT Vintage Harmony H410A Vintage Tube guitar amp - $125 (washington,mo)

VINTAGE Harmony H410 all tube guitar amp.ALL original,Harmony tubes,Jensen 10 inch speaker,tube rectifier(5y3)probably around 5 watts.Hand wired, point to point,tubes are (1)12AX7(1)6BQ5-SAME AS EL84(1)6AU6 for tremelo(1)5Y3 rectifier.This amp sounds really good. I have a really great price on this amp-less than the price of a quality effects pedal-mainly because I would want the buyer to have a modern 3 prong power cord for safety-even after that-its still agreat deal.I have seen 3 of these recently,1 sold for $305.00,1 SOLD FOR $215.00,and one is for sale asking $349.00-and they were not all original.Call 314 258-****.Thanks.
  • Location: washington,mo

1960's Teisco/Silvertone Electric in Fort Smith OK for $165

I just had to post this one - check out what this guy is plugged into in the b.g. of this shot (and apparently they are recording as well).  Ya gotta love it.   It's hard to believe at one point back in 1968 or so you could buy this guitar and that amp from the Sears Catalog!   Is this a great country or what?  


1960's vintage silvertone guitar - $165 (panama OK )

guitar has a few nicks and shows its age but plays and is reallycool
text me nine 18- 658-****
  • Location: panama OK

Art Deco Regal Parlor guitar with Pallete motif - cool and rare in Minnesota for $85

I've never seen this particular style of Regal acoustic but they made dozens of variations on these Art Deco shapes and patterns in the 1930's and 1940's.  this one is unique and cool looking.  Check it out. - JC


Vintage regal guitar - $85 (Trimont,mn)

This is an early 1940's regal guitar , still plays good and is in decent shape for its age
Asking $85. Call or text 507-236-****
  • Location: Trimont,mn

Harmony H166 Concert Size Acoustic in Des Moines IA area for $75

This seller is offering one of the cooler Harmony acoustics, the H166 (we used to call it "the pumpkin") - all solid woods on these USA made guitars.  Shame about the screw in the neck but amateur owners do things like that.  Not necessarily a deal breaker. - JC


Harmony Vintage Acoustic Guitar - $75 (Urbandale, IA)

Model 4163H166
Has 2 screws in back of neck (see pic)
If interested e-mail or call 515-473-****
  • Location: Urbandale, IA

Harmony H303A tube amp in Oklahoma CIty for $125

I would buy and sell these little Harmony amps all day long for $100-$150 because you can always find a buyer for them in that price range or slightly higher - and if you've never owned one then you should give it a try.  They are great for recording late at night and for getting the vintage tone only a single ended low wattage tube amp can provide.  - JC


Harmony H303A vintage guitar tube amp - $125 (oklahoma city nw)

old Harmony amp aprox 5 watts of output, new rectifier tube, works great, would be a great practice amp. speaker has a few moth holes in paper. but works fine.
4\0\5\ 226 **8**

Old Kraftsman / Kay Vanguard in Witchita area for $100

This seller is offering a vintage Old Kraftsman electric, same as a 2 pickup Kay Vanguard, for $100 in the Witchita KS area.   It looks like someone has upgraded the bridge and tailpiece which reduces the "collectible" aspect but might be an improvement as far as tuning stability and playability. Check it out.


gwr2g-3942215071@sale.craigslist.org [?]
Posted: 2013-07-17, 2:57PM CDT

vintage oldkraftsman electric guitar - $100 (haysville)

was made circa 1930s to 1960s...its in pretty fair condition...all strings still on it... If interested u can text 208-9***
  • Location: haysville


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