Monday, October 31, 2011

1960 Harmony Montclair acoustic archtop near Fresno CA for $160

There are lots of Harmony and Kay F-hole Archtops for sale around the country but the Harmony Montclair is a fairly rare-bird so it is worth considering. The original Montclairs from 1955-1959 had a bizarre unique metal binding and garnish called "harmometal." The seller says 1960 and that would make sense since it has the standard plastic binding (1959-1965) and it is still a nice and fairly unique guitar. Most owners enjoy the looks, sound and playability of these funky modernistic mid century American guitars.

Note: Don't confuse this with the Harmony Monterey - a different and much more commonly available model.



Date: 2011-10-27, 9:21AM PDT
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Hello i'm selling a 1960 Harmony Montclair Guitar.
Very nice, low does have some lite scratches.
Plays well, also comes with a case...

For more info. call #***-**** ask for Oscar
Asking $160.00



Original 1962 Strat in Pasadena for $10K - incl Gruhn Appraisal

You won't see me highlighting a lot of $10K guitars on this blog but this one rates an exception.

The seller is quoting from a George Gruhn appraisal of this specific guitar which I would expect you would receive with the instrument. The seller calls it a "possible old refin" while Gruhn's appraisal refers to it as a possible factory custom color - so that matter would have to be determined.

Night Ranger was a pretty big band there for a while back in the late 1980's and they still tour. You remember Sister Christian. Jeff Watson and Brad Gillis were the main guitar players - I think Brad played the Strats and Jeff played either Dean or Hamer guitars - but they've also had other studio and live guitar players over the years.

The $25K appraisal must have been from a high market period a few years back but it will get back up to that again someday. The asking price on this is very reasonable.

Nice Strat - certainly from one of the best years IMO.


1962 Fender Stratocaster - $10000 (Pasadena)

Date: 2011-10-29, 9:18PM PDT
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1962 Fender Stratocaster.
Neck stamped 2SEP62B. SN#802XX. Rosewood "Slab" fingerboard. Olympic White body possible old refin. Original mint green pickguard with copper shielding underneath. Neck possible old overspray worn smooth on back. First four frets expertly refretted.
All three pickups original, although neck pickup was swapped out for a hotrails, and then replaced with original.
Volume potentiometer replaced in 1976. Both tone pots are original. Mostly original cloth-shielded wiring. Newer 5-way selector. Original 3-way is in the case. Non-original Fender 70s bridge and replacement trem bar.
Comes with later 60's Fender case with extensive tour badges and stickers.

This guitar was purchased by a professional musician in 1976 at Leo's Music in Oakland, CA. He toured and recorded with this strat as his main instrument for 45 years, and has recording credits with the band Night Ranger. This vintage strat was played onstage by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.
This is a fantastic vintage '62 strat - very responsive and amazingly quiet. It has shared stages and tour buses with rock legends.

From George Gruhn's appraisal:

"The guitar described below is, in our opinion, a Fender Stratocaster model made in the year 1962.

Description: The serial number is consistent with a 1962 manufacture date as is the neck stamp 2 JUN 62 B. We have been provided the following description: "The neck pickup was swapped out for a hotrails pickup for several years, but was replaced back. No additional routing was done. The 3-way switch was replaced by a 5-way, but is still with the instrument. Trem bar is a newer replacement. Case is a later 60's Fender case. Otherwise, I believe the instrument is original." This instrument shows moderate playing wear, especially on the back. It has custom color white finish which would give it added collector's item appeal. With the exceptions described by the owner, it appears to be in original condition. As is typical of the model for the period in which it was made, it features a "thick slab" rosewood fingerboard on a maple neck with "spaghetti logo" peghead decal, Kluson Deluxe tuners, greenish-white beveled-edge laminated pickguard, tremolo bridge, and typical Stratocaster electronics, hardware, and ornamentation.

Current market value: $25,000 (twenty-five thousand dollars)."

Local pickup only, will not ship.

$10000 obo.

•Location: Pasadena

Carvin 50 Watt Belair 2x12 combo in Los Angeles for $250

I don't know why the Carvin amps don't get much love out there - must be poor marketing because these are solid reliable and good sounding tube amps with some nice features for the money (including those Vintage 30 speakers).

This one is a good deal at $250 as are most of the Carvins I see on CL these days.


Carvin tube amp - $250 (Echo Park)

Date: 2011-10-30, 10:15AM PDT
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Excellent condition Carvin Belair 212 all-tube guitar amp. Barely used, sounds great. 50 watt (loud). Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. Includes footswitch for channel switching.

•Location: Echo Park

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another First - Kimberly Fire Bird (Teisco) sells for $2225 on eBay on Oct 11th

I know I've been highlighting a lot of these Teisco eBay sales lately but I believe that this is all related to what we do hunting for deals on Craigslist because I have seen this exact same guitar for sale on Craigslist within the last two years (for about $250) and I didn't even mention it because these hollow Japanese guitars are nearly worthless as players - they usually sound and play just awful. And they feedback like crazy (not the good kind of feedback the low swelling kind that makes them impossible to play out with live).

Apparently that is irrelevent now to collectors who are simply buying them up based on scarcity. I will admit these green Kimberly FireBird are few and far between.

So be aware of what the "collectibility" aspects are of Teisco's and you can help with your guitar collections by snatching up the more rare of the Japanese junk guitars.

If playabiity were the key to their value thn the Silvertone Sharkfin Teiscos would be the most valuable - but that is not the case. Here is a short list of what is being collected these days:

* Teisco/Kent/Zimgar SS-4L
* Teisco May Queen
* Teisco Spectrum 5 (rare Stereo guitar)
* Teisco/Domino EV-2T and EV-3T Phantom type guitars
* Teisco Teardrop (Vox copy) models
There is also some heavy activity going on in the Zenon and Teico Gold Foil pickup guitars. They've doubled in price in the past year. Knowledgeable players know that the gold foils with the screw poles on the outside are far superior to the other versions (which have magnetized rubber instead of real alnico magnets) but that hasn't stopped a minor frenzy in buying and selling of all things Gold Foil. The great (and stupid) irony is that the Teisco gold foil pickups were made as ultra cheap copies of the great sounding Dearmond Gold Foils and they now sell for almost the same price on the vintage market. The great Harry DeArmond must be rolling over in his grave. - JC


Kimberly (Teisco) Firebird 6 Electric Guitar

I am selling my Kimberly Firebird 6. It has been kept in the case and is in excellent condition. I have looked around and if you like Kimberly, this is a pretty rare Guitar. It is in excellent condition. I have not played it in about 20 Years. I have owned it for over 40. It was given to me when I was a kid. I am including the original soft case that it came with. Also, after the pics were taken, I found the Wammy bar. The screw came out, but it will go with the guitar. Good Luck !!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fender 1984 aged USA Strat in Lexington KY for $775

People pay a lot of money to have their Stratocasters aged to look like this one. Now I don't know if this is all "real-time" aging or if the owner helped it along but everything about this creamy blonde USA Strat looks pretty cool to me.


Fender Strat USA - $775

Date: 2011-10-20, 9:23PM EDT
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This is a 1984 Fender Strat with noiseless pickups and rosewood fretboard.

Magnatone 442 Bass amp in Akron OH for $175

I heard back from this seller and this amp is still available for sale. Don't be fooled into thining this isn't a terrific amp because it lacks the "True Vibrato" circuit. Magnatones were top quality amps of their day - as expensive and reliable as anything made by Leo Fender. This model is from the Harmony, PA factory after Estey relocated from their digs in Torrance, CA.

Click through to the post for the seller's tel number.



Date: 2011-09-08, 12:17PM EDT
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•Location: HARTVILLE

Magnatone 442 Bass amp in Akron OH for $175

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rare Teisco Double Neck in Akron OH area for $300 - SOLD!

I did a quick look around for any interesting Teiscos and found this Double neck in Akron OH - but when I texted the seller he said it was already sold. I wanted to post it anyway because I've never actually seen one of these before and thought you folks might enjoy checking it out.

Not a great pic but you get the idea. - JC


Barclay acoustic guitar & Teisco 6/4 double neck (Willard)

Date: 2011-09-16, 2:16PM EDT
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Simple. American made 1969 Barclay guitar. Made of birch. Has some warping and a repaired crack on the back. Currently tuned to baritone. Pretty cool guitar, selling cheap but price is firm at $30

Double neck needs some work. Finish has some cracks, guitar neck needs truss rod repair. Previous owner routed the body to put in p-bass pickup. Is playable in its current state but can use some TLC. $300. FIRM.

Text me at 419 ******* - ********* . I'm on Verizon.

HOLY CRAP BATMAN - Zim-Gar (Teisco) SSL-4 sells for $1225 on eBay!

Looks like the Vintagae MIJ Guitar Bubble is NOW!

Less than 6 months ago I was amazed when a Teisco SSL-4 sold for $565 on eBay (see my May 3, 201 posting) but look at this auction that just went down with 32 bids. Your basic run of the mill ZIM-GAR (Teisco) SSL-4 selling for $1225 + $50 shipping!!

And I gotta say - this one is NOT in pristine shape - it is downright beat up and f-ugly if you ask me. I've owned two of these over the years and sold both for under $300.

Amazing how much a few Houndog Taylor videos on Youtube can get middle-aged farts worked up over a guitar, ain't it?


1964 Teisco SS-4L ZIM-GAR 6 String Electric Guitar 4 Gold Foil Pickups Japan WoW

Always $9.99 to start and NO RESERVE !!

I am here to SELL ... So BID to WIN !!
This auction is for a Very RARE 1964 Teisco SS-4L 6 String Guitar - this one is tagged as a Zim-Gar who was one of the importers for these cool Japanese guitars - this has the sought after Gold Foil Pickups and there are FOUR of them !!! - Plus they all work fine - this classic guitar does have several wear spots mainly where the darker outer finish has been worn off showing the lighter undercoating - there is also a small line crack at the top of the neck - it could use a thorough cleaning too - other than needing a little TLC this is a fantastic guitar - these extremely rare early 60's Japan imports are rising quickly in popularity and price too - get yours before you can't afford one... Local pick up is also fine...

Magnatone Custom 415 tube amp in Dallas Area for $300

From the glorious late 1950's comes this Magnatone 415 "Bass amp." Get this: It has 25 watts of pure tube output and four 8-inch speakers. Think it might sound good for guitar?

This model Magnatone does not have the patented "True Vibrato" circuit - just simple volume and tone controls. But I bet it sounds gorgeous.

BTW - Witchita Falls is right on the TX - OK border about 4 hours East of Lubbock TX! Must be the Magnatone Motherland.


Magnatone High Fidelity Custom 415 - $300 (Wichita Falls)

Date: 2011-10-16, 2:15PM CDT
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Magnatone High Fidelity Custom 415. Works great. Greart Vintage American tone. With exception of speakers and 3 pronged plug is believed to be original. Speaker are from dallas texas. 4x8. Technically a bass amp but makes a great guitar amp. Great vintage sound. Might be interested in trades. could add cash for the right one, just really have too many vintage amps at the moment so need to clean some out. Let me know text or call at (940) ***-****

•Location: Wichita Falls

Fender 1972 Pro Reverb and MIM Telecaster for $800 total in Los Angeles area

If I am reading this ad correctly, this seller is offering both the Pro Reverb and the Fender Telecaster for $800 total. That's a good deal since the Pro Reverb is probably worth that much alone.

A 1972 Fender Pro Reverb is a terrific find and this one looks pretty darn nice. The Pro is basically a Super Reverb with a pair of 12 inch speakers instead of four 10's. It will be much lighter than a Fender Twin and has a more useable volume range for most gigs.

That's a good looking Telecaster as well. I dig that ashtay bridge cover with the two tone sunburst. It gives it a nice vintage look.



Date: 2011-10-16, 10:14PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

$800 total is best value for your buck, or I am willing to sell separately at a slightly higher rate...

Fender Telecaster Special Edition Bronze. Looks and plays like a jam. Has a classic, vintage look to it.
Sounds great for all kinds of styles, especially 50's/ 60s...Comes with a case..
The guitar alone sells for over $500.00 in the store and the case retails at $65.00. Feel free to enquire..

* 45-watts RMS power with 100-watts peak music power for sure, strong amplification
* Two heavy-duty, custom-designed 12" speakers for full-tone reproduction
* Authentic built-in reverb and vibrato
* Dual channels, each with bright switch, two inputs plus volume, treble and bass channels

Front Panel Features:
2 channels: normal and vibrato
4 instrumental inputs: 2 in each channel
Separate "bright" switch in each channel
Separate volume, treble and bass controls in normal channel
Separate volume, treble, bass, reverb, speed and intensity controls in vibrato channel
Pilot light

Back Panel Features:
AC accessory outlet
3 position ground switch
Extractor type slo-blo fuse
Power on/off and standby on/off switches
Speaker output jacks
Vibrato and reverb pedal jacks
Reverb output and input jacks

2 specially designed 12 inch speakers
Heavy duty black vinyl Tolex covering
Flush mounted carry handle
¾ inch wood cabinet stock
Chromed corners
Specially selected acoustic grille cloth
Brushed aluminum control panel
Numerically graduated controls
Tilt back legs
Built-in casters

Power output: 45 watts RMS: 100 watts peak music power
8 tubes (6 dual purpose -- equivalent to 14 tube performance)
Rectifier tube
Dimensions: 20"H, 26"W, 10½"D
Shipping weight: 58 lbs.
Power requirements: 117 volts, 60 cycle AC

Standard Accessories:
Remote foot switches for vibrato and reverb

Optional Accessories:
Heavy duty black vinyl cover Fiber case

Gabriel G*********
(323) *** - **** cell (626) *** - **** (PLEASE, NO SPAMMERS.. MY FATHER IS A PEACE OFFICER & YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!!!)


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Harmony H-168 on eBay for $89 + free shipping

Saw this 1969 Harmony H-168 up for bid on the Bay and it appears it isn't get any serious attention. I recently bought an H-162 for a bit over $100 and I'm quite happy with that guitar. This H-168 is different than mine in that it has the "pumpkin" stained solid Spruce top and darker stained Birch back and sides - it also has a "mustache" bridge, bound neck and body and the 6-on a side less common headstock - which some people really like. Neat little vintage acoustic (40+ years old) for not a lot of cash.

Note: This auction expries today at around 7pm PST (8 hours from time of this post)


Harmony,Kay,H-168,1969 acoustic Guitar,USA,old,semi project,no reserve

Offering an old Harmony acoustic guitar. Am told it is a H-168 made in USA, 1969. 6 on a side headstock kinda cool. Action a bit high, angle not perfect but not too bad. Room on saddle to lower somewhat. Will require a bit of work to achieve optimal playability. Top flat, bridge secure. No case. Continental USA shipping only. Sold AS IS, good luck.

Carlsbro 50 Watt 2x12 all tube Combo amp in Los Angeles for $200

Carlsbro amps are pretty much unknown here in the United States - they are a British company that was never really distributed here as far as I know (like Burns and Selmer). Their most popular amps are the Top 50 and Top 100 - both all tube Heads similar in many ways to a Marshall Plexi.

This 50 watt Combo looks like the same basic circuit as the Top 50. It has a pair of original British made Celestion Vintage 30's - that alone is worth the asking price - then consider that this is a hand-wired vintage EL34 combo. Wow!

Ah yeah - if those are the original tubes they would all be Mullards - that's what Carlsbro used in all thier amps.

So if you need an amp, you might want to consider this one.


Vintage 1960's Carlsbro Amp - $200 (W.L.A.)

Date: 2011-10-12, 6:20PM PDT
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Vintage British Carlsbro tube amp in good condition. Runs two EL-34's in the output. Two Celestian -made in England- 12 inch Vintage 30, 8 ohm speakers. Very clean sound.

•Location: W.L.A.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kay / Rex neck thru 1950's electric on eBay for $495 - Going going...

This is a solid body, neck thru construction, single pickup 14 fret to the body 1950's electric with a nice beefy neck. Similar to a K-136 Need I say more..?

If you have been looking at an H44 Stratotone, Silvertone H42 Newport, or anything similar you should take a serious look at this guitar. Rex was distributed by Gretsch and these are made by Kay - very close to a K-136 which is a sweet guitar - this should be a a wild vintage guitar - especially if you play electric slide.

Here is a link to a K-136 being played on youtube - just for reference -

Kay K-136 Vintage Electric Slide


Vintage REX/KAY Electric Guitar Single Pickup 1950's w/Original Case Stratotone

Up for consideration is a vintage ‘50’s era Rex electric guitar. This piece is a recent acquisition and is in very good condition. Nicks and wear throughout consistent with a 60 year old guitar. Frets have been dressed by our shop. The instrument was built by the Kay company and appears to be based on the Kay model K-136, but with solid Spring Green Finish (the K-136 was a two tone finish). The boss calls it "dirty avacado." It’s all original except for new tuner buttons. Features neck through construction, one single coil pick-up (pick-up output is 5.9 K), volume and tone knobs, "Hi-Low" selector switch, and a beefy, beefy neck profile. We have not been able to determine the woods that were used in the construction of the instrument, but Kay's catalog describes it as "hardwood body.". "Rex" instruments were distributed by Gretsch, but were made by numerous jobbers: Kay, Harmony, Regal etc. This design is similar to the Harmony made "Stratotone" guitars from the same era, with neck through construction.Original Chipboard Case and our complementary restring and set-up are included.

The eBay shipping calculator usually estimates very high so the following are sample UPS Worldwide Expedited quotes for common international destinations:


This unit features:

Spring Green Finish
19 Frets
25.75 Scale
1 & ¾ Nut Width
Kluson Tuners
Neck Through Construction
One Single Coil Pick-up
Original Chipboard Case

Maccaferri 1950's Islander Plastic Acoustic in Seattle for $200

Don't laugh - these are very rare and hardly ever found in perfect playable condition like this one. Mario Maccaferri was a brilliant guitarist and luthier and he devoted years to developing these injection molded plastic guitars for Selmer in the 1950's - but they never caught on with professionals so they all but disappeared. The similar plastic Islander Ukuleles are horded by maniacal uke players for their rarity and unusual tonal qualities.

This is a serious collectible instrument and a neat part of guitar history to own - even if you never play it (which would be a shame) - it was not designed to be a toy.


1950s Maccaferri Guitars - $200 (Ballard)

Date: 2011-10-06, 11:20AM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Seldom seen and very rare to be in this condition. Vintage 1950s Maccaferri Islander guitar and an extra 1950s F Hole body.

•Location: Ballard

Nice Vintage Harmony Sovereign in Seattle for $145

Wow - look at the beautiful solid Spruce top on this Sovereign. I'd put this one somewhere in the early to mid 1960's. Has the nice oversized Dreadnaught shape that makes these really boom. Can you say: "Stairway to Heaven." Yup - This is exactly what Jimmy played it on.


Vintage Harmony Sovereign Acoustic Guitar - $145 (S Everett)

Date: 2011-10-09, 5:41PM PDT
Reply to: see below [Errors when replying to ads?]

Solid wood top, very minor crack at the back but still an amazing sounding guitar. Call if you want to come check it out, (425)***-**** I have no way of accepting TEXT MESSAGES


I am reposting items here that are listed on CRAIGSLIST throughout the USA. I am not selling any of these items and I cannot facilitate the sale of anything here - so please do not comment or post questions like "Is this still available?" or "I am interested in your guitar please call me, etc." You need to contact the seller directly by calling the phone number listed on the post or by going to the CL listing and emailing them. NEW FEATURE: Click on the title of the CL Listing inside my post to LINK thru to the original Post. If the original CL listing is deleted the item most likely is no longer available. Thanks for checking out my blog and GOOD LUCK!

Please don't call, contact, bother or harass these sellers long after their post is expired. Take for granted if the listing is over 30 days old that the guitar or amp is LONG GONE! Thank you.