Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another First - Kimberly Fire Bird (Teisco) sells for $2225 on eBay on Oct 11th

I know I've been highlighting a lot of these Teisco eBay sales lately but I believe that this is all related to what we do hunting for deals on Craigslist because I have seen this exact same guitar for sale on Craigslist within the last two years (for about $250) and I didn't even mention it because these hollow Japanese guitars are nearly worthless as players - they usually sound and play just awful. And they feedback like crazy (not the good kind of feedback the low swelling kind that makes them impossible to play out with live).

Apparently that is irrelevent now to collectors who are simply buying them up based on scarcity. I will admit these green Kimberly FireBird are few and far between.

So be aware of what the "collectibility" aspects are of Teisco's and you can help with your guitar collections by snatching up the more rare of the Japanese junk guitars.

If playabiity were the key to their value thn the Silvertone Sharkfin Teiscos would be the most valuable - but that is not the case. Here is a short list of what is being collected these days:

* Teisco/Kent/Zimgar SS-4L
* Teisco May Queen
* Teisco Spectrum 5 (rare Stereo guitar)
* Teisco/Domino EV-2T and EV-3T Phantom type guitars
* Teisco Teardrop (Vox copy) models
There is also some heavy activity going on in the Zenon and Teico Gold Foil pickup guitars. They've doubled in price in the past year. Knowledgeable players know that the gold foils with the screw poles on the outside are far superior to the other versions (which have magnetized rubber instead of real alnico magnets) but that hasn't stopped a minor frenzy in buying and selling of all things Gold Foil. The great (and stupid) irony is that the Teisco gold foil pickups were made as ultra cheap copies of the great sounding Dearmond Gold Foils and they now sell for almost the same price on the vintage market. The great Harry DeArmond must be rolling over in his grave. - JC


Kimberly (Teisco) Firebird 6 Electric Guitar

I am selling my Kimberly Firebird 6. It has been kept in the case and is in excellent condition. I have looked around and if you like Kimberly, this is a pretty rare Guitar. It is in excellent condition. I have not played it in about 20 Years. I have owned it for over 40. It was given to me when I was a kid. I am including the original soft case that it came with. Also, after the pics were taken, I found the Wammy bar. The screw came out, but it will go with the guitar. Good Luck !!!!!


  1. Some of these vintage Japanese guitars are just so damn cool looking (this is one of the coolest I've seen). Personally I'd pay a couple hundred for one as wall art, but at $2000+ I'd be looking for a nice modern Tele or Les Paul.

  2. I think it says it all when then the owner stated that he hadn't played it in 20 years. All show and no go.

  3. I have one guitar teisco firebird and its excellent!!
    Please don't make suppositions about what you don't know.
    The best characteristics of the guitar are the neck, and the pickups wich have a vintage sound similar to p90.

    1. I am not sure what you mean by "about what you don't know" but my comments were for my readers who come to this site to gain and share information about vintage guitars. In the case of the Teisco/Kimberly Fire Bird the comments I made relate mostly to the selling price of that particular example and the MIJ vintage guitar market in general. If you consider it an excellent guitar, that is terrific. But as far as this one selling for $2200 that is a result of "rarity" and not playability - I purchased my Gibson ES-335 for less money than that and I doubt any reasonable person would say that a Teisco and a Gibson ES-335 are equal quality instruments. Either way I hope you enjoy it. - JC


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