Monday, October 17, 2011

Fender 1972 Pro Reverb and MIM Telecaster for $800 total in Los Angeles area

If I am reading this ad correctly, this seller is offering both the Pro Reverb and the Fender Telecaster for $800 total. That's a good deal since the Pro Reverb is probably worth that much alone.

A 1972 Fender Pro Reverb is a terrific find and this one looks pretty darn nice. The Pro is basically a Super Reverb with a pair of 12 inch speakers instead of four 10's. It will be much lighter than a Fender Twin and has a more useable volume range for most gigs.

That's a good looking Telecaster as well. I dig that ashtay bridge cover with the two tone sunburst. It gives it a nice vintage look.



Date: 2011-10-16, 10:14PM PDT
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$800 total is best value for your buck, or I am willing to sell separately at a slightly higher rate...

Fender Telecaster Special Edition Bronze. Looks and plays like a jam. Has a classic, vintage look to it.
Sounds great for all kinds of styles, especially 50's/ 60s...Comes with a case..
The guitar alone sells for over $500.00 in the store and the case retails at $65.00. Feel free to enquire..

* 45-watts RMS power with 100-watts peak music power for sure, strong amplification
* Two heavy-duty, custom-designed 12" speakers for full-tone reproduction
* Authentic built-in reverb and vibrato
* Dual channels, each with bright switch, two inputs plus volume, treble and bass channels

Front Panel Features:
2 channels: normal and vibrato
4 instrumental inputs: 2 in each channel
Separate "bright" switch in each channel
Separate volume, treble and bass controls in normal channel
Separate volume, treble, bass, reverb, speed and intensity controls in vibrato channel
Pilot light

Back Panel Features:
AC accessory outlet
3 position ground switch
Extractor type slo-blo fuse
Power on/off and standby on/off switches
Speaker output jacks
Vibrato and reverb pedal jacks
Reverb output and input jacks

2 specially designed 12 inch speakers
Heavy duty black vinyl Tolex covering
Flush mounted carry handle
¾ inch wood cabinet stock
Chromed corners
Specially selected acoustic grille cloth
Brushed aluminum control panel
Numerically graduated controls
Tilt back legs
Built-in casters

Power output: 45 watts RMS: 100 watts peak music power
8 tubes (6 dual purpose -- equivalent to 14 tube performance)
Rectifier tube
Dimensions: 20"H, 26"W, 10½"D
Shipping weight: 58 lbs.
Power requirements: 117 volts, 60 cycle AC

Standard Accessories:
Remote foot switches for vibrato and reverb

Optional Accessories:
Heavy duty black vinyl cover Fiber case

Gabriel G*********
(323) *** - **** cell (626) *** - **** (PLEASE, NO SPAMMERS.. MY FATHER IS A PEACE OFFICER & YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!!!)


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