Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rare & Unique Vintage Kay Swingmaster type Electric sells for $1500 on eBay

Update: I finally identified this guitar as a 1965 Kay K172S in the upgraded "Harewood Grey" finish. The "Pro" size body is Maple per the description from the 1965 Kay Catolog:

Kay VIntage Guitar Reissues has done a great service and provided a terrific resource by scanning fifteen old Kay Catalogs and posting the pdf's online. Here is the link:



I was amazed to see how much this guitar sold for but I suppose the Kay experts out there know something about it we don't know. It appears to be a Swingmaster (note the set neck and flamed maple body) but instead of Speedbump or Kleenex Box type pickups it has these interesting chrome pickups with adjustable screw poles. The color is also quite unique.

I've seen lots of Kays in vintage guitar stores or listed on eBay with set prices of $1500 and higher (Jimmy Reed model Thin Twins often list at $1200+) - but I've never actually seen one that SOLD for that much. LOL!

The vintage guitar market never ceases to surprise me.


Vintage Kay Electric Guitar Estate Find Weird Color 1940s Great Condition Case

Vintage Kay Electric Guitar Estate Find Weird Color 1940s Great Condition Case


My neighbor is really pestering me to sell this to him,but I want a larger viewing base.

I know nothing about these but will answer all questions and post them to the auction.

Estate fresh and in great condition. Measures 39 1/2" long and 13" wide.

Finish is super with no scratches, dings,signs of abuse.

Told it dates to the 1940s. I have no way to test the componets so sold as is.

I would call the color "Mottled Grey Green". The case is original to the guitar and is solid.

I am posting the shipping charges at 50.00 but will only charge actual cost for Fedex.....

The fit and finish of this guitar does look very nice - and the high gloss polish over the flamed maple almost gives it a les Paul Custom type appearance. I think that is what drove the bidding and sold this guitar. Amazingly enough, it doesn't sound like the seller ever even plugged it in so for all we know the pickups could both be dead. - JC


  1. Cool guitar, how do I contact you to get placed on your links area ?

  2. It looks like an old Barney Kessel model to me. They were basically Kay Thin Twins hotrodded with humbucker type pickups. The value of this may have gone down though, because it looks like it's either a replica or has had some serious work done.


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