Monday, October 17, 2011

HOLY CRAP BATMAN - Zim-Gar (Teisco) SSL-4 sells for $1225 on eBay!

Looks like the Vintagae MIJ Guitar Bubble is NOW!

Less than 6 months ago I was amazed when a Teisco SSL-4 sold for $565 on eBay (see my May 3, 201 posting) but look at this auction that just went down with 32 bids. Your basic run of the mill ZIM-GAR (Teisco) SSL-4 selling for $1225 + $50 shipping!!

And I gotta say - this one is NOT in pristine shape - it is downright beat up and f-ugly if you ask me. I've owned two of these over the years and sold both for under $300.

Amazing how much a few Houndog Taylor videos on Youtube can get middle-aged farts worked up over a guitar, ain't it?


1964 Teisco SS-4L ZIM-GAR 6 String Electric Guitar 4 Gold Foil Pickups Japan WoW

Always $9.99 to start and NO RESERVE !!

I am here to SELL ... So BID to WIN !!
This auction is for a Very RARE 1964 Teisco SS-4L 6 String Guitar - this one is tagged as a Zim-Gar who was one of the importers for these cool Japanese guitars - this has the sought after Gold Foil Pickups and there are FOUR of them !!! - Plus they all work fine - this classic guitar does have several wear spots mainly where the darker outer finish has been worn off showing the lighter undercoating - there is also a small line crack at the top of the neck - it could use a thorough cleaning too - other than needing a little TLC this is a fantastic guitar - these extremely rare early 60's Japan imports are rising quickly in popularity and price too - get yours before you can't afford one... Local pick up is also fine...


  1. I'm guessing the Zim-Gar went so high because it has the Ry Cooder pickups.

  2. I saw a Teisco Spectrum ET-440 in the fairly rare blue finish, go for $950 on ebay a couple months ago. No idea why the sudden spike in price as I see these go for $150-450 all the time.

  3. Love your website, have checked it regularly for a long time. Am now the owner of several of the items you have listed. Most I found elsewhere first, but 2 were tipoffs from here. Thanks for that.

    Sudo Nimh

  4. Mint SS-4L on Ebay right now. Take a look


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