Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kay / Rex neck thru 1950's electric on eBay for $495 - Going going...

This is a solid body, neck thru construction, single pickup 14 fret to the body 1950's electric with a nice beefy neck. Similar to a K-136 Need I say more..?

If you have been looking at an H44 Stratotone, Silvertone H42 Newport, or anything similar you should take a serious look at this guitar. Rex was distributed by Gretsch and these are made by Kay - very close to a K-136 which is a sweet guitar - this should be a a wild vintage guitar - especially if you play electric slide.

Here is a link to a K-136 being played on youtube - just for reference -

Kay K-136 Vintage Electric Slide


Vintage REX/KAY Electric Guitar Single Pickup 1950's w/Original Case Stratotone

Up for consideration is a vintage ‘50’s era Rex electric guitar. This piece is a recent acquisition and is in very good condition. Nicks and wear throughout consistent with a 60 year old guitar. Frets have been dressed by our shop. The instrument was built by the Kay company and appears to be based on the Kay model K-136, but with solid Spring Green Finish (the K-136 was a two tone finish). The boss calls it "dirty avacado." It’s all original except for new tuner buttons. Features neck through construction, one single coil pick-up (pick-up output is 5.9 K), volume and tone knobs, "Hi-Low" selector switch, and a beefy, beefy neck profile. We have not been able to determine the woods that were used in the construction of the instrument, but Kay's catalog describes it as "hardwood body.". "Rex" instruments were distributed by Gretsch, but were made by numerous jobbers: Kay, Harmony, Regal etc. This design is similar to the Harmony made "Stratotone" guitars from the same era, with neck through construction.Original Chipboard Case and our complementary restring and set-up are included.

The eBay shipping calculator usually estimates very high so the following are sample UPS Worldwide Expedited quotes for common international destinations:


This unit features:

Spring Green Finish
19 Frets
25.75 Scale
1 & ¾ Nut Width
Kluson Tuners
Neck Through Construction
One Single Coil Pick-up
Original Chipboard Case

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  1. I just bought a "K and K Seranola" brand version of this Rex on cl in D.C. for $60 (!!!!!!) and the color matches a Kay K-148-M I own, featured in the 1956 catalog as "Metallic Butler Silver". The Spring Green of the K-136's is indeed avocado-like and much darker. My Seranola also has black where the K-136 has white on the lower bout. These are neck-through guitars and a blast to play compared to many 50's Kays with blown neck angles!


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