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Original 1962 Strat in Pasadena for $10K - incl Gruhn Appraisal

You won't see me highlighting a lot of $10K guitars on this blog but this one rates an exception.

The seller is quoting from a George Gruhn appraisal of this specific guitar which I would expect you would receive with the instrument. The seller calls it a "possible old refin" while Gruhn's appraisal refers to it as a possible factory custom color - so that matter would have to be determined.

Night Ranger was a pretty big band there for a while back in the late 1980's and they still tour. You remember Sister Christian. Jeff Watson and Brad Gillis were the main guitar players - I think Brad played the Strats and Jeff played either Dean or Hamer guitars - but they've also had other studio and live guitar players over the years.

The $25K appraisal must have been from a high market period a few years back but it will get back up to that again someday. The asking price on this is very reasonable.

Nice Strat - certainly from one of the best years IMO.


1962 Fender Stratocaster - $10000 (Pasadena)

Date: 2011-10-29, 9:18PM PDT
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1962 Fender Stratocaster.
Neck stamped 2SEP62B. SN#802XX. Rosewood "Slab" fingerboard. Olympic White body possible old refin. Original mint green pickguard with copper shielding underneath. Neck possible old overspray worn smooth on back. First four frets expertly refretted.
All three pickups original, although neck pickup was swapped out for a hotrails, and then replaced with original.
Volume potentiometer replaced in 1976. Both tone pots are original. Mostly original cloth-shielded wiring. Newer 5-way selector. Original 3-way is in the case. Non-original Fender 70s bridge and replacement trem bar.
Comes with later 60's Fender case with extensive tour badges and stickers.

This guitar was purchased by a professional musician in 1976 at Leo's Music in Oakland, CA. He toured and recorded with this strat as his main instrument for 45 years, and has recording credits with the band Night Ranger. This vintage strat was played onstage by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.
This is a fantastic vintage '62 strat - very responsive and amazingly quiet. It has shared stages and tour buses with rock legends.

From George Gruhn's appraisal:

"The guitar described below is, in our opinion, a Fender Stratocaster model made in the year 1962.

Description: The serial number is consistent with a 1962 manufacture date as is the neck stamp 2 JUN 62 B. We have been provided the following description: "The neck pickup was swapped out for a hotrails pickup for several years, but was replaced back. No additional routing was done. The 3-way switch was replaced by a 5-way, but is still with the instrument. Trem bar is a newer replacement. Case is a later 60's Fender case. Otherwise, I believe the instrument is original." This instrument shows moderate playing wear, especially on the back. It has custom color white finish which would give it added collector's item appeal. With the exceptions described by the owner, it appears to be in original condition. As is typical of the model for the period in which it was made, it features a "thick slab" rosewood fingerboard on a maple neck with "spaghetti logo" peghead decal, Kluson Deluxe tuners, greenish-white beveled-edge laminated pickguard, tremolo bridge, and typical Stratocaster electronics, hardware, and ornamentation.

Current market value: $25,000 (twenty-five thousand dollars)."

Local pickup only, will not ship.

$10000 obo.

•Location: Pasadena

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