Monday, October 3, 2011

Kalamazoo Model 2 tube amp in Phoenix area for $150

The Model 2 is the most desirable of the little Kalamazoo amps. Nice simple 5 watt tube amp circuit w/ tremolo.

This one looks clean and has the original speaker.


Vintage 1960's Kalamazoo Model 2 Amplifier - $150 (Anthem)

Date: 2011-10-02, 4:40PM MST
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I have a vintage mid 60's Kalamazoo model 2 tube amp in good condition. Everything works, but it had a small tear in the grill cloth when I got it so I sewed it up the best I could with silver thread to blend in. Hardly noticable, and nothing to affect the tone of the amp. Very clean tolex and not beat up. It has 2 inputs, volume, tremolo, and tone control. It's a cool little amp that stays clean until 3/4 volume, then breaks up sweetly, and is one of the best amps around for harmonica. About 5 watts, I think a 10" speaker. $150 firm, cash. These go for more than that, if you can even find one of these amps anymore as they are getting harder to find. Grab it before there's no more Kalamazoo's left!


•Location: Anthem


  1. Hi is this the actual seller of this kalamazoo model 2 amp (in the phoenix area)?  I'd like to inform you of a fraud that was perpetrated using your craiglist ad.  I called the phone number associated with this ad, set up a deal to have it shipped to me in Tulsa, sent money for the amp, and never received the amp! The "owner" told me his name was Robert Rankle, gave me his address, phone number (which is now disconnected), a phony email address, and even his drivers license number! I spoke with him several times to negotiate the purchase, and eventually decided to take a leap of faith when I wired him money via western union (yeah, very stupid I know...craiglist explicitly warns against this).  In any case, if you could respond and help me sort out who I need to report, I'd appreciate it (i don't suspect you were involved, or even aware of this).  Are you Jim Christopher, or Kyle (as mentioned in the ad)?  Sorry to bother you about this--It really was my mistake, but I would like to take whatever action I can against the perpetrator for whatever it's worth (perhaps make it a little harder for this individual to scam others?).

    Thanks for your time,

  2. Sorry to hear about your issue with this particular item. I am in no way connected with any of these sellers - I just highlight the ads that look like a good deal. I had a similar issue with a guitar from Texas and it had a good outcome but only through the intercession of a 3rd party who confronted the seller and got him to send me the guitar. Good luck to you. - Jim C.


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