Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lyle Semi-Hollow - 335 style guitar in San Jose CA for $175

Not sure which Lyle this is but they are also part of the Univox - Aria family of Japanese electrics.

No pic on the listing - seller wants you to call.


Vintage 1960`s lyle electric guitar (san jose west)


Date: 2010-07-27, 1:12AM PDT

Reply to: sale-9wnh7-1865393081@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Hello, I have a beautiful vintage semi-hollow body electric guitar.

Beautiful sunburst in color all original parts one beautiful piece

of music history to add to your collection or a beautiful item to

Display in your home a vintage guitar for a unreal price.

Asking price very low for such beauty. $175.00. If you

are interested Call me at home direct please no emails ask for

Ron (408) 648-8909.

Ampeg ReverbRocket 2 in Portland area for $300

This one needs work on the reverb but the Ampeg Reverb is a fairly simple circuit - it is speaker driven so it runs off the output tranny instead of half the preamp tube - but of course it still may not be an easy fix. 


Vintage Ampeg Reverberocket 2 Tube Guitar Amp - $300 (NE Alberta)


Date: 2010-07-26, 11:06AM PDT

Reply to: sale-pg6ya-1864192527@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

This is a really cool old tube guitar amp at a great price. I have it priced so low because it's not in perfect condition. The reverb does not function. This could be an easy fix, but I haven't investigated why it doesn't work. Aside from that, this is an amazing amp. It has a great clean tone which breaks up nicely to a very crunchy distortion. It sounds jazzy at low volumes and more lo/fi/garage rock at higher volumes. It also has a unique sounding tremolo. I need to sell this quick so I'm letting it go for $300/obo. I think this amp could be left as it is or, with an extra investment, it could be brought back to its original condition. Call me at (503)200-7268 if you have questions or would like to try it out. The picture is not of my amp, it's just a stock picture I found online. If you need to see pictures of the specific amp, just let me know.

Location: NE Alberta

Conrad 1960's MIJ Semi Hollow - Closet Classic in Detroit area for $265

Here is a Conrad - same as a Univox, Aria or Ventura from the same era.  Early Matsumoku factory guitar.   I wouldn't expect too much from the pickups - but you never know.  Sometimes these are nice bitey P90 type single coils - sometimes not. 


Rare Vintage Hollow Body Electric Guitar in Excellent Condition - $265 (Redford)


Date: 2010-07-27, 1:53PM EDT

Reply to: sale-2ebye-1866169421@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Rare Vintage Conrad Hollow Body Electric Guitar in Excellent Condition. Super Straight Steel Reinforced Neck, with Unbelievable Low Action and Sound. I have not Looked at, or played this guitar in over 40 years. It has been in my Mothers Closet, if you dont belive me, come see for yourself...Redford Area - $265

Call Mike...313 595-6338
Location: Redford

1968 Fender Vibro-Sonic amp in Sacramento for $700

This is considered to be THE Pedal Steel Guitar amp - just check out that JBL-D130!   Louder than a rainy Sunday at Chuck-e-Cheese and more headroom than you will ever be able to use. 

Doesn't have the drip edge since he replaced the grill butsure does look nice and clean. Oh and SKip Simmons is known to be a great amp tech so you can be sure it is in excellent shape.

I wouldn't plan on the seller being able to ship this amp anywhere - probably just for local folks.


Vintage '68 Fender Vibro-Sonic Reverb Amp- Original NOT ReIssue - $700 (Sacramento)


Date: 2010-07-27, 10:22AM PDT

Reply to: sale-vd8bw-1866093124@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


Vintage1968 Vibro-Sonic Reverb Amp. Dating is based on Fender.com method of dating the engraving on the power transformer, (transformer code EIA 606-740). This amp is really LOUD and CLEAN! It uses the same exact circuit as the Twin Reverb. Uses four (4) 6L6 power tubes but is rated hotter than the Twin at 135 Watts RMS! Amp has the original JBL D-130 15" speaker. Grille was recently replaced so you won't see the metal edge that came on the grilles of amps from this era. This amp was just given a clean bill of health by amp doctor Skip Simmons. On new casters. Also has new Fender cover. Wonderful full tone- specially voiced for steel guitar players, but plenty of highs for screamin' lead players too. This amp may be vintage, but it needs to be working in a band. Don't spend $1500 for a re-issue '65 Twin, check this amp out. It's more amp and a much better value. And did I mention that it is LOUD!

Location: Sacramento

This would make a great Surf amp!

Airline 62-9012A in Dallas Texas area for $175

These are cool little amps - about 5 or 6 watts - similar to a Fender Champ but different.  This is a Danelectro design and uses a 6x4 ror similar rectifier tube combined with a fairly small output transformer - the result being - earlier breakup with a strong input signal (like a Humbucker pickup). 

Don't expect Marshall like tones out of the little 6 inch speaker but these make great little recording and bedroom amps.  Looks all original except it may be missing the rear panel (they may have it and just not in the picture.)

1960's Airline mod 62-9012A - $175 (TheColony)


Date: 2010-07-18, 10:47PM CDT

Reply to: sale-huftd-1850455990@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


all tub amp 6"sp Dale (214)454-9062

Location: TheColony

Monday, July 12, 2010

Acoustic 60/100 tube combo amp in Washington State for $200

he's not joking when he says you can "rock the house" with this Acoustic brand tube combo.  4 6L6 power tubes and a 150 watt single 12 speaker can do some serious damage.  Heck ofalot more amp than a little 5 watt epiphone Jr for only $200 bucks.  Beautiful solid wood cabinets on these amps, BTW.

Now where the h**l is Wenatchee??!?


Vintage Tube Guitar Amp - $200 (Wenatchee)


Date: 2010-07-11, 9:14AM PDT

Reply to: sale-yvh5v-1837076445@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


For sale is an Acoustic{brand name} guitar amp, it is from the early 80's and is in excellent condition , it is switchable from 60to 100 watts , has all new tubes and has recently been serviced . Cabinet and grill are excellent . Has built in equalizer and cover. This amp will rock the house , has great tone , this amp is like the Mesa Boogie amp. Also have a Acoustic brand guitar amp 80's vintage in excellent condition ,20 watts with awesome re verb 100.00.Please call 509-470-6826 and ask for Brian

Location: Wenatchee

Old Kraftsman Barney Kessel Triple in Cinicinatti (Northern KY) for $350

I just highlighted a Blonde Maple versions of this same guitar that was $500 and now here is a RED one with a Bigsby for only $350 - Cripes!  These are so cool looking and not a very common guitar.  The Old Kraftsman (i.e. Spiegel Catalog) logo reduces the collector factor a smudge but these are more "fetish" guitars than serious collectibles anyway.  The playability of these is a bit suspect - I wouldn't attempt to do a whole set with one unless you are a setup wizard - but they are soo cool to have on the stand behind you and to use for one or two songs in a set (just like having a real Dano or vintage Silvertone back there).  the Kleenex box pickups make this more desireable than one with speedbump pickups (at least IMHO).  

Oh and look... it's red!


Vintage Old Kraftsman Semi-hollow Body Guitar - $350 (NKY)


Date: 2010-07-11, 10:37PM EDT

Reply to: sale-pmaku-1837978058@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


Vintage Old Kaftsman semi-hollow body guitar; double cut-away, triple pick-ups and a flaming red finish. I bought this guitar in a pawn shop in the early 80's because it looks so friggin' cool, although I never really played it that much. I have no idea how old it is and I've never seen another like it. It is similar to a Kay Speed Demon (circa1964) but with different pick-ups, headstock and a Bigsby-style tremelo.

The body is in good shape with a few of the usual minor dings...the only decent scratch is on the back and less than 3/4" (looks white in the photo). All the pick-ups work and the action is totally playable, although the neck and intonation need a little adjusting.

Location: NKY  

1976 Seville (Hondo) L5 Jazzbox in LAs Vegas for $120

This Seville looks just like the Hondo II L5-CES jazz box from the late-70's and early 80's so those should be DiMarzio pickups (which came stock on the Hondo).  Few and far between Japanese made top fof the line Jazzbox of that era - note - these are big heavy guitars with serious woody Jazz tone.  Quite the deal.


Vintage Seville Electric Archtop Sunburst Jazz Guitar - $120 (NW Craig/Decator)


Date: 2010-07-11, 4:08PM PDT

Reply to: sale-ptwgz-1837708942@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


1976 Seville L-5 Style Vintage Electric Archtop Sunburst Jazz Guitar

Rosewood fretboard w/ old Mother of Pearl block inlays.

Not new or mint. Has some repair work done and some small dings and dangs.

But this guitar is truly a solid value and an excellent playing Jazz box.

Location: NW Craig/Decator  

Airline 62-9013 15 watt tube combo amp in Detroit for $250

Regular readers of my blog know how I feel about this particular amp.  IMO if you had to choose only one non Fender-Marshall-Vox amp from the 1960's then it would be this Airline amp or it's similar Danelectro built cousin the Silvertone 1482.  These amps growl and crunch at fairly low volume and are great for recording.  Most players are amazed when they plug in and hit a chord - even without an overdrive in front.

BTW - it is hard to tell from the photo but it appears this one may have the original Jensen P12Q speaker.


Vintage Guitar Amp (Airline) - $250 (Garden City)


Date: 2010-07-12, 10:21AM EDT

Reply to: sale-fxt9w-1838442234@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


Airline tube amp $250.00 Firm Works Great, Awesome, rockabilly amp.

734 525 1546 This is a old amp a true Classic

Location: Garden City

Thursday, July 8, 2010

1950's Silvertone Lap Steel in Birmingham AL for $250

Beautiful Valco made Lap steel in Alabama with the gorgeous art deco style Silvertone logo and marbled fretboard - thi shas the brass Pickup cover/ palm rest and a switched out jack to a standard 1/4" (instead of the old phenolic).   Should be a really nice player and certainly is lovely to look at.  Check it out.


50"s Silvertone Lap Steel - $250 (Southside)

Date: 2010-07-06, 12:43PM EDT

Reply to: sale-mhuek-1828326555@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Excellent shape. All original except for a new gold switchcraft gold jack. Sparkle tuning keys are still in good shape (that's getting to be a rare thing).

Very nice bone nut. Very clean as you can see in the pictures. $250.00 Cash only. E-me with contact info if interested. Thanks.

Location: Southside

Airline (Kay) Barney Kessel electric in Cincinatti for $500

Not an amazing deal but a nice looking guitar for a decent price.  The Barney Kessel is the most collectible of the Kay's but this is the later 1960's version - not the earlier single cut Kelvinator model - though it does have the Kleenex Box pickups.  The pickguard is missing but that just shows off the nice blonde figured mpale top.  These are not stellar players but they are nice playable vintage USA guitars and continue to go up in value over time.


1960's Airline Barney Kessel 3 pickup guitar - $500 (Liberty twp)


Date: 2010-07-06, 7:42PM EDT

Reply to: sale-hwux9-1829092292@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

For sale a 1960s Airline Barney Kessel 3 pickup guitar in excellent condtion. Guitar looks and sounds great. The Kleenex box pickups sounds great.Missing the pickguard.Comes with the original case. Looking for 500.00 will consider trades.

Location: Liberty twp

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kay Semi-hollow project guitar in NJ for $75

This speed Demon single is only missing a pickup and pots and an output jack.  These are completely hollow guitars so it wouldn't be too hard to work on if you have some dexterity and patience.  I rewound two pickups and remounted them myself in a similar speed demon TRIPLE - and that one had 6 control pots and 3 pickups - cripes now that was a pain in the a**.  This one is a much more simple project.

If I had this guitar neck and body I would personally find a decent (old or new) single P90 pickup with a volume and tone pot and top mount it on this bad boy.  That would make this very similar to a 1960's Gibson ES-125TC which is one of my favorite old vintage hollow bodies.  Serious blues crunch and mojo.


1950's/60's Kay Hollow Body guitar body/neck - $75 (Mount Laurel)

Date: 2010-07-05, 3:55PM EDT

Reply to: sale-skxhg-1826892740@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

For sale I have a Kay "I think the model is called the Speed Demon" hollow body guitar. Pretty rare guitar - does not have half the bridge or any electronics - this model complete sells between $325 and $500 on ebay. Comes with what is in the picture "besides the carpet haha". Has the original tuners on it and they seem to work fine. I believe the wood is mahogany with a Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. Dark tobacco sunburst color - worn with some finish cracks "has the cool old finish that cracks - not modern polyester". I think it is from the 50's but it could be 60's.

Location: Mount Laurel


Friday, July 2, 2010

Teisco ET-100 in Cleveland for $35

Here.  Now, don't say I never gave you nuthin'.... hehe


Vintage 1960's Woolworth guitar - $35 (I77&Rt.82)

Date: 2010-07-01, 11:24PM EDT

Reply to: sale-vk3fx-1821839836@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

1960's vintage Woolworth guitar, plays and works good!. could use some touch up paint, sold as is. contact Tony 216 712 2067 or tonypetra@hotmail.com

Location: I77&Rt.82

Nice MIJ Dove Acoustic Clone in Columbus OH for $60

this could be a cool guitar to have around for very little $$$


Vintage acoustic guitar (japan?) - $60 (Columbus)

Date: 2010-07-02, 10:53AM EDT

Reply to: sale-wh8za-1822288940@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Very nice sounding acoustic guitar.

I believe it is early 70's, made in Japan.

Cool pickgaurd and inlays, it's a beauty.

Location: Columbus

Silvertone 1484 Tube head in Seattle WA for $300

It's just the head - no cabinet or speakers but this one looks pretty nice.  Sounds like it needs a bulb ($1 part) one or two new 12**7 tubes - not a big deal.  Check it out:


Vintage Tube Amp (Kirkland)


Date: 2010-07-02, 8:34AM PDT

Reply to: sale-ehusr-1822366853@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


I have a Silvertone 1484 tube amp head.

The jewel light doesn't work, but everything else is functional.

The preamp tubes and power tubes are fairly new.

The tubes that power the reverb and tremolo should be replaced.

$300 if you get it today/tomorrow.

ELK vintage tube head and cabinet in Orlando FL for $275

These ELK's are high quality vintage Fender copies made in Japan in the 1950's and 1960's.  They have a dogged following and usually the ones that have survived this long are serious keepers.   These used better components and overall construction than most of the Japanese amps of the period - they were made to be used by pro players in Japan but they occasionally also found their way to Europe and the USA. 

This one looks like a Fender Bassman copy though I suppose it could be a Showman circuit as well.  It just might have that "blow your mind" type tone as quite a few of these old ELK's have been described.

Note: I wouldn't count on this seller being open to the idea of shipping this amp anywhere (what would you expect?) so I am sure this will go to some lucky local Olando FL area buyer.


60s Elk custom head and cab - $275 (winter haven)

Date: 2010-06-30, 6:40PM EDT

Reply to: sale-rr56g-1819766806@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

A perfect vintage fender copy. Custom 45 head and cab. Plays and sounds cool. $ 275 obo

Location: winter haven


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