Saturday, July 7, 2012

FUZZ PEDALS DEMO - 16 Different Fuzz Pedals

I appreciate that this guy took the time to hook up all these relatively available Fuzz Pedals to let us hear them all side by side.  He doesn't change any of the controls while playing so you have to imagine there is some flexibility in the tones but it gives you a pretty good idea what they sound like.  Personally i really like the FuzzBrit, the maestro and the Guyatone - they are the most biting and destructive sounding (though I know that the ZVex can also get pretty decimated sounding if you tweak the knobs).   - JC

This one is a quick and dirty shootout of a bunch of fuzz boxes. It's not meant to be a definitive comparison. There's not any knob fiddling - just one riff with a quick on and off of each of the pedals (and a switch between modes for the two mode pedals). I find that most fuzzes have a basic character that stays pretty constant. It's colored by the knob settings, but that underlying character stays very much the same. So this video isn't meant to show off the whole range of each of the pedals. It's meant to give a sense of that basic character of a handful of different fuzz boxes all though the same amp, with same riff, same guitar and same mic setup. We hope some people find it interesting.

Top row left to right:
Chunk Systems Brown Dog *Chicago Iron Octavian Plus *MXR -Classic 108 Fuzz *Dunlop Fuzz Face *Guyatone -Torrid Fuzz *Sovtek Big Muff
Middle Row:
EarthQuaker Devices Tone Reaper *EarthQuaker Devices Hoof *Barge Concepts BB Jr. *ProCo Rat *ZVEX Fuzz Factory
Bottom Row:
Red Witch Fuzz God *MICA Fuzz *Maestro Fuzz-Tone *Euthymia ICBM *Ashbass FUZZ-brite

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  1. Nice collection. I've never seen that Maestro Fuzz-Tone before but now I want it!. I've used the Fuzzface before and I like it but my Trex fuzz blows it out of the water....that's just my opinion though.


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