Friday, September 13, 2013

Magnatone MP-1 1x12 tube combo in Gold COuntry, CA for $400 obo

Here is a seller offering one of the lesser known but still terrific Magnatone models, the MP-1.  This is from the Estey Period and when they were changing factories - I think some of these were even made in Pennsylvania - but quality control was still high and they were expensive amps at the time made with very good components.  As far as I am aware, none of the MP-1's have "true vibrato" (varistor) but they do have both a gorgeous lush tremolo and reverb, all tube driven.  

Note:  That Alamo amp may be interesting as well - but my experience tells me they are very hit or miss.- JC


Guitars, Amps, Effects; Cool Stuff! - $175 (Sonora to San Andreas)

1) Early '70s Alamo Montclair,1x12"combo great reverb, very cool tremelo. SS pre, 2 6v6 power section. VG cond.... $175.00
2) Late '60s Magnatone MP-1, 1x12" combo, tremelo, reverb (akin to a Deluxe Reverb) needs a little love (scratchy pot, has a 70s Fender speaker which needs to be soldered) ...$400.00
3) Early '70s "The Thunderer" by PWR Sonic, SS, 2x12" Orig. Eminence spkrs w/ chrome dustcaps an amazingly rare amp that has a very distinctive sound....$350.00
4) Leslie 120, single bottom rotor (no horn) ,/1/4 plug for any use w/guitar has an internal amp which works (but is used only to power the motor?) work fine but could use the attention of someone who knows the innards of these things for optimal is in good cond...$300.00 Guitars
1) DeArmond M-77T, early '90s, black w/white USA DeArmond 2K pick-ups, has "Digsby" vibrato, VG cond with an excellent hard case...$450.00 or 400.00 w/o case
2) 2001 Gibson Les Paul Special/Junior (that's the model!), black w/ p100 pick-ups, mini trapezoid markers, keystone tuners and a Gibson gig bag; good cond $450.00
3) '60s Japanese guitar, chrome pick-guard, 2 single coils, pretty much a slide guitar, great tone; w/ orig. case in exc. cond (both guitar and case) the guitar can't really be played "Spanish" style past the 3rd fret but it's a killer slide! $100.00
1) Block logo MXR DynaComp (original) perfect working order VG condition....$100
2)Script logo MXR DynaComp (original) " " " Exc. Cond.....$200.00
3) Ernie Ball Volume pedal , Mono Exc. Cond................................................$60.00
4) Ernie Ball Roto Vibe (original) ......................................................................$150.00
Pics on request....responses with phone numbers will receive prompt attention....reasonable offers on all or part gladly entertained.
Will remove items as they are sold so don't bother asking if "it's still available", I won't respond. Foreign money wiring schemes and Nigerian scams welcome; I can always use a good laugh.

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