Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1971 Audio Guild 1x12 tube combo with True Vibrato in OKC for $350

This seller is offering one of the Audio Guild amps (similar to a Magnatone) for $350.  This one looks to be in very nice shape.  These have the full, rich, Hi-Fidelity guitar tone associated with Magnatone and Panoramic amps and it also has the "pitch-shifting" Leslie type tube driven true vibrato and tube reverb.

The only drawback to these amps is that they are kinda big for a 1x12 but that is the way they made them back in the 1960's and 1970's.  People liked their amps big back then.  - JC



For those with discerning tastes who demand a unique tone I present one:
RARE c. 1971 AUDIO GUILD 120W 100% HANDWIRED TUBE AMP W/ BROWN PAPER TRANSFORMERS AND TUBE RECTIFIER!! Features 3 brown paper transformers that control the power output for bass, treble and mixed frequency amplification. This amplifier is very similar to the MAGNATONE PANaramic series but it is a single twelve powered by two brown paper transformers and a third for an extension speaker. The vibrato circuit(True vibrato, not tremolo, gives a leslie type effect tht modulates pitch not volume like Fender, for anyone who is wondering, think badcat vibe) is tube driven and uses an optical sensor to control the speed and intensity of the vibrato, the reverb is a long pring reverb that is tube powered as well and has a gentle transparency you typically only find in high end studio processors. This amp is a closed back design and has a great bass response but can achieve a very Fender Deluxe Reverb sound open backed. If you a true connoisseur of vintage amps
who demands that killer clean tone then this is your dream amp but it sounds amazing with some boutique dirt pedals in front of it as well.

for any questions text or call (405)625-2671, also see my other listings:
1969 AMPEG GEMINI 60W 15" Custom:
I will entertain reasonable offers inluding partial or full trade offers for equally cool gear!!

Preamp Section: 3 12AX7A tubes
Vibrato/Reverb: 1 12AX7 tube
Rectifier: 6GH8 tube
Power Section: 4 7951a "Small Bell High Output" tubes
Speaker: 1 12" Utah original paper cone speaker

Front Panel:
Input Jacks: 5 input incuding dual low gain selector switch

Volume(Pull for Bright)
Ultraflex Balance Control(controls transformer output)

Volume(Pull for Bright)

Intensity, Speed.

Fuse Replacement Compartment

  • Location: Oklahoma City, OK
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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