Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kay 507 Twin Ten Special Tube amp in Riverside CA for $275

I can tell you right now that the reason nobody has bought this Kay 507 is because there are no reviews for it on harmony Central so none of the gearheads in LA know if it is decent or not. Guess what - it rocks!! The Kay 507 is a rare bird indeed - similar to a Tweed Deluxe and with a pair of original Low Wattage Jensen Alnico 10 inch speakers this amp should howl like a banshee - let the juke joint stomp begin!

Here is what the Blue Book says about this model: Kay Twin Ten Special (Model K-507) 20watt, 2 ten inch speakers, guitar combo, 7 tube chassis, two channels, rear control panel, 4 inuts (Ch 1 vol, tone, Ch 2 Vol, tone, Speed, Intensity), two tone, brown rear and light brown front, brown grillcloth with swirls, 24 in Wide x 20 in tall; Mfg. 1957-1960. (Note: According to Schematic Heaven it has four 12AX7, two
6V6GT and a 5Y3 rectifier tube).

Kay Vintage Amp 1962 Model 507 - $275 (riverside)

Date: 2009-11-10, 4:44PM PST
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Kay Model 507 Gutar Amp 1962 all working. worn tolex and grill but solid, repro back panel, recapped and with working tremelo, guitar stuff for trades welcome, $275.00 OBO

Location: riverside


  1. According to the seller the tube complement is: 2 X 7868 power tubes
    1 X 5U4 rectifier
    1 X 20 ez7 preamp
    1 X 7199 preamp
    1 X 6EU7 preamp
    1 X 6AU6 preamp

  2. What is the "real value" of anything? The only measure we buyers are concerned with is "market value" and that is defined as "what an informed buyer is willing to pay.". Market value for this amp right now is whatever it was sold for.


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