Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crazy Cool Framus SL-1002 Semi-hollow w/ built in FX - Vintage 1960's - on Ebay right now

I just wanted to highlight this guitar because first off - how cool is it?! Secondly, I believe it must be a prototype of some sort because I've never seen a "Frequensator" tailpiece on a Framus guitar. The reference link on the eBay listing goes to the Framus Archive where they show an early 70's SL-1002 but that is a different version of the guitar with a slightly different body shape and knob configuration and a very different tailpiece. This one must have been either a prototype or an early version available only in Europe. All in all it's a very cool guitar - and I'd love to hear that germanium fuzz and tremolo circuit - it must be awesome.

But wait there's more - a Youtube link to hear it - let's check it out...

OMG... did you hear that FUZZ?! I want this guitar...


FRAMUS SL-1002 Item number: 330543338055 Ends March 24th approx 4pm PST

This quite rare guitar was purchased in Europe in the late 1960's and brought back to the USA by the guy we just got it from. We cleaned up the pots and WOW this thing is loaded with a sonic time capsule of that now distant era. It comes equipped with factory installed active effects that include mid-boost, treble boost, repeat (a hard chopped-off square wave trem) and the best fuzz ever. A little knob manipulation coaxes out almost ring modulator tones. We think this processor could be reverse engineered to create a fantastic, boutique multi-effects pedal. The instrument itself is a top shelf thinline set up with 2 high quality P-90 style single coils, a bound ebony fretboard, a bound "F" (singular) hole and a zero fret. The multiply neck construction reminds us of the great playing Hagstroms of the 60's. Straight neck, almost no fret wear, and low action makes this thing ready to go. Notice the Epiphone inspired details like the "frequensator" tailpiece, the cloud inlays and the general headstock and body outline. No case. Here is a link to a German site showing a similar ax: Pay by PayPal, credit card over the phone. Call Matt or Doug for in-hand description. 800 452-2991 PLEASE DO NOT BID ON THIS ITEM IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. NO P.O. BOXES. $50 fixed shipping will be by FedEx ground. ALASKA AND HAWAII will be extra. Bidders with LESS THAN 2 feedbacks or NEGATIVE feedbacks email or call before bidding 1 800 452-2991.

Watch and hear the guitar at this link:


  1. If you're in Portland, Oregon (like I am), you can see it in person at Portland Music Company's Martin Luther King Blvd. store. Last week they had it right in front as you walked in.

  2. The final selling price for this Framus was $800 + $50 shipping. Too rich for my blood but definitely a cool and unique guitar - and a real player as well from what I could see on the video. - JC


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