Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ampeg 212 ReverbRocket 50w Tube combo in Oklahoma City OK for $400

These Ampeg Reverbrocket Reissues fly way under the radar. This one is from the 90's whcih means it was made at the old Ampeg plant in Arkansas before Loud Technologies (the parent company) shut it down and moved everything to Asia. I've plugged into these 2x12 RI's and they sound pretty sweet. Much louder than the original blue tolex Reverbrockets - and these are two channel amps. Not exactly like a Fender and definitely not a Marshall. The gain channel is not high gain - more like crunchy. If you want an idea of the tone check out KINGS OF LEON since that guitarist uses one of these in the studio - his is a Reissue too. If you upgrade the tubes and speakers it makes a huge difference - and it sounds like this one may already have decent tubes in it.

You can find these amps cheap all the time - I've seen them listed as low as $250 in recent years. People just don't know what to make of them - and they are also quite heavy - so keep that in mind if you are an old guy with a bad back and you like a light amp. Ampegs have always been heavy mothers - LOL!


Ampeg tube guitar amp - $400 (yukon)

Date: 2011-03-25, 6:38PM CDT
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This is a dual input 2x12 combo, 50 watt with EL34 power tubes. It has two channels, one clean and one dirty, volume controls the preamp on the clean and the gain controls the preamp on the dirty channel. Treble, middle and bass as well as a master volume controls. It has an excellent sounding reverb and a 1/4 inch line out/in. I am including a custom made footswitch that switches the channels and turns the reverb on or off. It is from the 90s and has some scuff marks, one small rip in the covering. Get that sound only a tube amp can offer. Carl 405 923 0266

•Location: yukon

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  1. I'm not sure if this is okay to do, but I hope it is (it's not commercial, but still kind of an advertisement)... I have a vintage Ampeg Jet J12T in Los Angeles (all original).




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