Friday, March 4, 2011

Kingston Acoustic Dreadnaught in Long Beach CA area for $120

There are alot of acoustic guitars out there so I rarely highlight them but every once in a while one catches my eye. This Kingston (Japan) is nice looking and unique enough to rate a second look. I wouldn't worry about that neck repair - it looks pretty solid and probably done a long time ago. Japanese Dreadnaught's often have very heavy poly finish which inhibits the tone but this Kingston looks old enough that it could possibly have had a Nitro finish - either way it is nice old tone wood.


RARE Vintage 1960's Kingston Acoutic guitar! MADE IN JAPAN - $1 (91 and the 605)

Date: 2011-03-03, 8:40PM PST
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For sale is a very rare 1960's Kingston Acoustic Guitar.

My father in law left this here over a year and a half ago and has just been in the closet.

I did some search and this was made by the same company that did Teisco, kingston and many more japan guitars!

I was giving the ok to sell this and he said its all the original Hardware and it has a repair on the heel of the neck. A crack was professionally fixed many years ago.

Comes in a case and will include a stand!

Asking: $120 obo

Call 562 206 6858


  1. Hey Jim, do you know anything about this old Alhambra guitar? Looks like it's a W2 based on the tag but I can't seem to find any info online about this guitar. I've heard good things about the old Alhambra guitars but don't know if this is a good buy. Thanks!

  2. I only know of Alhambra as Classical guitar makers and I purposefully avoid the world of the Classical and Flamenco guitar because I would be way out of my depth. If they are now making Steel String guitars I'd expect them to be decent unless they are just licensing their nanme to an importer. Correct me if I am wrong, but I can't think of any Spain based Classical or Flamenco guitar maker that has been successful entering the standard steel string market in the past.

  3. I have a Kingston acoustic guitar made in korea with a model number of FG200 im just looking for info my grandfather passed and i just wanted to make sure if i decided to sell it it wasn't worth more than what i was thinking of selling it for ,any info?


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