Monday, March 7, 2011

Epiphone ET-270 in Kingman AZ for $75

Some readers may recognize this model as one of the guitars Kurt Cobain was known to play (along with his modified Mustangs and his Univox Hi-Flyer). It's a Japanese made Epiphone model ET-270. Neat guitar - uses a similar style neck as the Epiphone Coronet from the same era minus the block inlays. This one is even the same color as the model Kurt used in the "Bloom" video. Nice deal too.


"Epiphone Electric Guitar - $75 (Kingman)

Date: 2011-03-04, 4:58PM MST
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good condition, minor knicks on side of the guitar.

•Location: Kingman"


  1. I have for sale what I think is an Epiphone ET-290 Electric Guitar from the early 1970s, same red color as this one. You can see it here:

  2. I only posted the comment above so my readers could get a good laugh from the outrageous price you are charging for that 1971 Epiphone Crestwood. Good luck whoever you are. - Jim C

  3. I was in Kingman and paid $65 for this guitar on 3/10/11. Serial # is unreadable, dose anyone know when they made these?

  4. hey, awesome blog, excellent time waster

    i have a tempo guitar that is a rebranded version of this same guitar. different headstock, but same body and definitely same bridge..its pretty bitchin.

    the bridge saddles are this weird funky urethane, and they are cracking and broken

    any idea where i could find replacements?

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  6. These ET-270 Tailpieces are a Japanese variation on the Fender Mustang Vibrato-Bridge.
    I doubt you will be able to find exact matching Poly-vinyl saddles but if you measure the diameter and screw width-length I am sure there are some aftermarket stell round multi-grooved saddles that will slip right in there - just be sure they fit and will move freely and adjust properly before installing. Good Luck - JIm C.


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