Monday, March 7, 2011

1930's B&J Serenader on eBay with $149 BIN price. Check it out

I don't list many eBay auctions on here but this one caught my eye. I hope to make a lot more of this type info available when I premier the new website (I am hoping to include a feature highlighting special bargain deals to be found on CL, eBay, GC Vintage and other local vintage guitar shops and pawn shops around the country).

This B&J Serenader is most likely made by Regal pre-Harmony - that stencil reminds me a little of the cowboy guitars but it dates this to the Hawaiiana craze that peaked in the 1940's - and that logo indicates it could even be from the 1930's. Playable 50+ yr old guitars are just a joy to hold in your hands. They make me immediately want to smoke hand rolled cigarettes and drink straight bourbon whiskey (neither of which I get to do anymore, haha).

Item number: 170611220862

The same seller is also selling a very old B&J Baritone Uke for $129 BIN.

Item number: 170611094026

Note - these instruments are mis-named as B&D (not B&J) in the item listing title and they are listed under "Antiques" not the usual Musical Instruments/Guitars which explains why they have not sold more quickly.

Don't ask how I find these things... Secrets of the trade. LOL.


This old guitar was just found in a house clean out, with a bunch of other old musical instruments. I don't know much about these, other than it is very old. I've taken lots of pictures to show condition. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. It sell everything as pictured, as is. Be sure to check out my other auctions for more great finds and shipping combined. Thanks for stopping and good luck shopping. Here is some additional information about the Uke. This is a B&J Serenader guitar. It measures 37" total length. The body measures 18" long x 3 1/2' fat.
This B&J Serenader is likely 50 or more years old.

B & J stands for Buegeliesen and Jacobson. B&J was an instrument distributor based in New York City. The company formed in 1901 and was in business until 1975. They did not manufacture their own instruments. Instead, they sold instruments made by an assortment of different companies. Their instruments were sold under a number of brand names, including Serenader, Mele, and SS Stewart. Instruments sold under the Serenader name include guitars, tenor guitars, ukuleles, and banjo-ukuleles. The trademark was registered in 1927 and renewed in 1947, so it was used for quite a long period of time. It was used on instruments that were supplied to B&J by a number of different companies over the years, including the Chicago manufacturers Harmony, Stromberg-Voisinet (later Kay), and quite possibly Regal. In the 1950s (and probably later) B&J was still selling Serenader brand instruments - at least some of these were instruments imported from Japan Please ask any questions you have before bidding. Thank You for reading through the entire description. Mike


  1. Jim

    Wanted to let you know I bought the B&J baritone uke BIN.

    Thanks for the heads up. Love your blog. Visit regularly. Anxious to check out the new website.


    1. I also have a vintage B.J. new York serenade if any one is interested email me at only People willing to pick it up in Massachusetts/RI/NH

  2. Nice score Benn. As I am sure you know, a Martin Uke form the same era would have run you about 10X that amount. - Jim C

  3. Hi, New to this. Have an old Serenader guitar. Has B & J label but no other markings except for serial number inside (L9271 6810). Trying to confirm year and any other info. Any help most appreciated.

    Joe Piluso
    San Diego

  4. Hi, I have an old B & J Serenader guitar. Aside from the B&J label, there is no other identifying marks other than a serial number inside (L9271 6810). Trying to determine the year. Saw your info on B&J; that was the most I've found on this guitar so far and believe me, I've searched. Any information you can provide would be most appreciated.
    Joe Piluso
    San Diegio


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