Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kay / Truetone N-2 Electric with Venetian Cutaway on ebay for $199 + $25 shipping

This eBay listing is set to end in about 4 hours and if you are a fan of the Kay N-2 with the cakepan pickup you might want to consider this rather unusual one with a Venetian cutaway.  I've seen dozens of these guitars and none of them had a nice rounded lower bout like this one so it is fairly uncommon.  It gives this full size hollow-body electric a similar look to the more expensive Kay Barney Kessels and Swingmasters.

The seller doesn't seem to know much about it (he doesn't even know it is a Kay) or that the pickup is a stock item.  My guess is that the folks at the Kay factory opened up that lower F-hole a bit to help accommodate access for  the volume and tone pots they had to insert inside the guitar body since it would be hidden by the pickguard once that was in place.

I'd say $200 is a pretty good price for this guitar if you can snark it without much competition. - JC

Here is the link to the listing - remember it ends very soon!

Kay N-2 with venetian Cut on eBay  


Here is a vintage archtop acoustic guitar,nice tobacco sunburst,this has a primitive pickup installed and it is working fine.I do not know who installed this pickup but they cut away a small part of the f hole(see all pics),this is covered by the pick guard.It does not look like a hack job on the pick up assembly despite the cutting of the hole ,the jack and knobs are solid and obviously very old,also the pickup has some sort of gasket underneath it and has stayed functional all these years.Also the pick guard is manufactured to fit this pickup exactly(see pic).This could have been a Mfg. conversion to meet the demand for electrified guitars,I don't know.Inside is stamped L 3240 and "w2" or "N2".All mating surfaces are solid,neck is straight,and binding is good.Origiunal tuners are old but work and hold the guitar in tune,flame maple top.Some scuffs on back(see pic).Strings are 7/64" just under 1/8" off the 12th fret,you can lower this buy reconfiguring the bridge.I have taken close ups of all the parts and angles.Pick guard is removed and unchipped and uncracked,I am not going to put this back on it is in a seperate box with the hardware.I know a lot of you know more about these old archtops than I do let me know if you know the Mfg. or model on this guy.This will come boxed with a marginal case that is ment for shipping only.High bid pays 25.00 in the continental USA, AK and HI contact me for quote.Thanks Mike

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