Thursday, June 14, 2012

Magnatone Custom 260 in Northern Michigan for $550

This amp may have already been sold but i just spotted the listing so here it is.  Magnatone Custom 260 2x12 tube amp circa 1958-1962.  Seller says that it is in great cosmetic and working condition - though there is no photo on the listing.

This would be one heck of a find if it is what he says it is.

Note;  there is a phone number on the listing if you click through to the original post. - JC


1958 - 1962 Magnatone Custom 260 Amplifier - $550 (Petoskey)

Date: 2012-06-11, 1:44PM EDT
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All original, except the handle, 1958 - 1962 35 watt Magnatone Custom 260 tube guitar amplifier. Most famous for it's extremely musical pitch-shifting vibrato, the Magnatone 260 and 280 models have become incredibly popular for the beautiful and classic 1950′s tone. The Custom 260 has (2) heavy duty 12″ speakers, and is capable of wide tone range from resonant bass to brilliant treble with a dynamic solid middle registor for stand-out performance. The 260 and 280 were most notably used by artists such as; Robert Ward, Lonnie Mack, and Buddy Holly, and it is without a doubt one of the best vintage amps for the value.

It is in beautiful condition for a 50+ year old amplifier, tolex has minimal wear, speakers are in perfect working order, grill cloth is still like new, all channels and vibrato sound amazing.


  1. Hey Jim -

    Love the blog, check it often.

    Didn't know how else to contact you about this so I threw it here in the comments - hope that's ok. Do you know anything about 70's Aria Dia guitars? There's one on CL in Minnesota that looks pretty cool but I don't know anything about their reputation. Supposedly made in the Matsumoku factory which can often mean good things for quality, but who knows. Have any experience with them? Worth $225? I'd want it as something that I could potentially play out with, so tuning neck/intonation/tuning stability would be important.

    Here's the link:


    1. DIA is a later incarnation of the Aria line and they can be fairly nice guitars but keep in mind that no Japanese guitar from that period will ever play or sound like a vintage Gibson or a Fender. That said, you can find out everything you need to know about that guitar by going over there and plugging it in and playing it for five minutes.

      One of the gauges I use to determine whether a guitar is fit to use for general "playing out" is "Have I ever seen or heard a decent player using one at a live gig myself?" As far as the Japanese hollow bodies form the late 60's and 70's the answer is usually no. You see the solid bodies on occasion (mostly for slide and trashy blues) but you'll see a hundred ES-335's and Epiphone Sheraton's before you'll see one of the Aria, Ventura or Bruno guitars on

      That DIA is a cool looking axe but you should take note that both pickups as well as the bridge and tailpiece are all replacements (those look like GFS pickups) so if you are looking for a "vintage guitar" it really isn't. it's more like a "modified vintage player" which can be great - but you'll only find that out by playing it yourself.

      Good luck and thanks for reading - Jim C

  2. Great, thanks much for the insights - really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Keep up the great work with the blog! I look forward to spotting some Minnesota deals I may have otherwise missed.


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