Thursday, December 16, 2010

Silvertone 1423 / Harmony Jupiter in TN for $275

Jupiters are one of the best and most playable of the Harmony electrics (just ask Spencer Davis) and this black one looks pretty cool.  Not uncommon for the output jacks to get torn up due to thej angle on the hollow core body mounting.  To my eye that may be a repro pickguard and maybe new knobs too - but hard to say - pickups look original and the nice bound neck with square inlays should make this one a keeper.


Silvertone 1423 (Harmony Stratotone Jupiter H49) - $275 (Powell, TN)


Date: 2010-12-09, 9:46PM EST

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This is a 59-64 (never took it apart to check the date codes) Silvertone 1423, made by and the exact same thing as a Harmony Jupiter. Also known as the H49 Stratotone Jupiter. Pick 'N Grin recently set it up with new strings and adjusted the action and intonation. Has fretware and a little buzz around the second fret, but you won't notice when using an amp. Fairly heavy wear, the input jack at some point got moved to the pickguard and there is a hole in the body and some cranks where it looks like it got yanked out at least 38 years ago. I bought this from my Pastor and he said is was like that when they got it, and that was in the early 70s. No case. 2 volume and 2 tone controls, 3 way pickup selector and a blender knob to blend the 2 pickups together, basicly a balance control. Sounds pretty cool. These things are full hollowbodies even if they don't have F holes. Sounds and plays good, no noise to speak of. Still has the origional DeArmond pickups, looks to be completely origional save for the strings, and again, the relocated input jack. This is a player that plays and sounds good. Search Xysma for my other ads.



  1. Hi! This guitar brings up a question I had upon picking up an old Kay archtop with no Logo on the headstock. What are some of the reasons/circumstances that lead to there not being a logo? Thanks:)


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