Thursday, July 21, 2011

Idiots on eBay are mindless drones - Sell them your useless crap!

Just when I thought things couldn't get more absurd in the VIntage Guitar Market comes this hapless trend of overpaying for junk guitars. Now we all know the Teisco Spectrum 5 is a rare and collectible guitar (now selling in the $1500 - $2000 range regularly) but apparently the mindless flailing masses of eBay auto-snipers are too lame to realize that a Teisco Spectrum 4 is a completely different guitar and light years away in value and collectibility.

Why am I so bent out of shape? Because having a bid-fest that results in a $950 selling price for a Teisco Spectrum 4 just fuels the perception that the lower end of the guitar collecting mob are idiots - something I struggle to defend.

Anyone who has ever plugged in and tried to play one of these 4 pickup plywood Knobzilla's knows they have scant resemblance to any sort of professional grade guitar.

May God have mercy on our souls.



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  1. The very problem has arisen due to people tagging these "ET" models with "spectrum" pick-ups AS 'Spectrum' guitars in the first place. They are NOT Spectrums. They are ET's. A Spectrum IV has the same body as a Spectrum does a Spectrum 3, Spectrum 2, and Spectrum 22. These ET models are inferior in every way, and in no way can hold such outrageously inflated values. SO, you're correct in your rant......I wholeheartedly agree. But we need to educate the buying public on what a "real" Teisco Spectrum is. THAT's where the real collector value is.....and the sound of the real thing bears little resemblance to the cheap and tinny ET's. Not even close.


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