Friday, January 27, 2012

Harmony H-162 acoustic in Van Wert, OH for $125

The guitar this seller is offering looks just like my Harmony H-162. I highly recommend this model as an "under the radar" vintage USA made acoustic. The tops are solid spruce and the sides and neck are solid mahogany (not laminated). They also have nice tortoise-shell type body binding and pickguards.

I can't vouch for the playability of this particular guitar but I just picked up my H-162 this morning and couldn't get over the nice feel and smooth tone and playability even compared to my most expensive Martin Acoustic (approx $2K).

Please be respectful of this seller if you contact him - sounds like he is going through a rough period right now.


Vintage Acoustic Guitar - $125 (VanWert,Oh.)

Date: 2012-01-22, 7:29PM EST
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USA made Harmony acoustic guitar with Mahogany back,sides and neck - Spruce top - Marbled bakelite binding (front and back)
Marbled bakelite pick guard - Bone rosette in the sound hole - Bone nut and bridge - Pegged bridge - New Martin 80/20 bronze strings
Nice deep rich sound. Sorry NO CASE.
Everything is in GREAT condition.
Wife had a tumor removed from her brain so I'm trying to raise money to make ends meet.
Asking $125
Please call or text: 419-***-****

•Location: VanWert,Oh.


  1. Hi JC,

    I love the blog, I check it often. I've got a couple old, quirky Japanese copies (a Lyle EB-2 copy with a Fender style headstock and a Teisco/Kawai EP-2T).

    I recently purchased another old Japanese guitar and am having a lot of trouble finding out anything about it. It's a red 335 copy with a bigsby style vibrato and a Gibson style headstock. The pickups are these strange white humbuckers that almost resemble wide range humbuckers (they sound incredibly clear). The name on the Headstock is "Grossman." I couldn't find anyone online that had a Grossman guitar.... All I could find about the name Grossman was that it's an old music instrument distributer and is now affiliated with Grover (Grossman Music Corp).

    I figured if anyone, you might know something. Any information you could give me would be incredible.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Rob: I can't vouch for the accuracy in terms of your particular guitar but Grossman was one of the big USA Musical instrument distributors out of Cleveland OH. They were around for more than 50 years and had several "house brands" they sold over the years including the well known CRESTLINE guitars that were made at the Matsumoku factory in Japan. I would expect that anything with the Grossman name on the headstock would be part of their product line. - JC

    1. Great! Thank you for the help. I could tell the guitar was of a higher quality... I love my Matsumoku bass, so hopefully after I get this guy set up it will play as well as it looks.

      Here's a photo of the guitar:

      I know it's not that clear, but do you have any idea what the deal with those pickups are?

      Thanks again,

  3. Rob: I can't say for certain but usually when pickups have split pole pieces like that they are split coil units meaning there are two individual magnets that are each dedicated to three of the strings at a time. I have a Burns "Split Jazz" that has a similar arrangement and it divides the bass strings from the treble strings - supposedly to provide more clarity. Leo Fender experimented with a design like this at MusicMan/G&L and even Teisco has the well known Spectrum Stereo guitar which splits the coils and sends them to separate outputs. The Japanese manufacturers were always experimenting with creative wiring techniques - one of the reasons their guitars can be sometimes be a baffling mystery to rewire LOL. - Jim C.


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