Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fender USA Strat in Nashville TN for $625

This seller is offering this American (USA) Stratocaster for $625 with a nice tweed case. I can't place the exact model or year - he calls it a '79 Vintage look but I don't know what that is - it is not a 70's RI because this one has a small headstock and a 4 bolt neck.   

This could be an older modified Highway 1.  They used to have the smaller headstocks and only one string tree.  This one has a single vintage-style string tree and it also has the vintage Kluson-style tuners which could have been upgrades.

I don't think they made a Highway 1 with a black pickguard and black knobs and pickup covers but those could all have been changed as well.   I can't tell if this is the "see-through" finish that came on the Highway 1's.

Of course the best way to tell is to go check it out.  Good luck!


Fender USA Stratocaster - $625 (Donelson)

This is an American-made Fender Stratocaster. '79 vintage look creme/black/rosewood fretboard. Very good shape with a few minor scuffs. Fast neck, very comfortable to play. Great looking stage guitar. Like most guitars, you have to plug it in and try it out to really appreciate it. Comes with tweed case. Thanks for looking!

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  1. Why would it have a skunk stripe when it has a rosewood fretboard. Weren't those just on the maple necks?

    1. It is not uncommon to see skunk stripes on both types of Fender Fretboards. Both the maple and the Rosewood are caps - and fender has been inserting their trussrods from behind for many years. Fender's new Custom Shop "Ulitmate Vintage Strat" comes in both Maple and RW boards neither of which have a skunk and most USA Strats made after 1972 have a skunk stripe unless they are a Reissue model with a trussrod that adjusts from the bottom. Even the large headstock models of the late 60's have the trussrod acccess on the bottom, not the headdstock so those won't have a skunk stripe either. I don't know how they did it exactly but I guess Fender used to slide the rod in from the bottom.


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