Friday, May 3, 2013

1970's Yamaha SG-80T in Garden Grove CA for Sale - Rare 70's MIJ Yamaha

Came across this Yamaha for sale on CL here in SoCal and it is a model I've never seen before.  I know the Yamahsa SG series for the 80's and they are highly prized by Fusion players and the other SG models I know from the 70's are the "Samurai" Surf guitars with their machete headstocks.  Apparently Yamaha also made this line of guitars from 1972-1974 and it included the SG-20, SG-40, SG-45, SG-60 and SG-80.  The "T" models also include a Tremolo arm.  The 20 and 40 appear to have been bolt-ons and the 60 and 80 have a German carve and set-in neck.  The SG-45 has a fully bound maple-capped body somewhat similar to the later SG-1000 and SG-2000 though it is still a single cut with a shape like these.  

I don't know what happened to this one but all the knobs have been changed (to what look like vintage stereo or ham radio knobs) and for some absurd reason the owner has added a metal hook to the lower bout that looks like something made to hang a plant (?). Seriously?  WTF?  I guess this was a permanent "wall-hanger" and he was too cheap to buy an actual guitar hook.

Anyway if you look at the 1972 Catalog page I found you will see the neat collection of controls on this baby;  they include bass and treble tone controls as well as a five position tone switch (similar to a Gibson Varitone I suppose) and something called a "tone boost" switch (?).   Definitely a blast from the past.

These guitars are supposed to have beautiful C-shaped necks.  There is a video on youtube of a guy playing a bunch of different improvs on one of these guitars with a looper pedal.   To watch it click HERE.  


1980's Yamaha SG80 ( Garden Grove)

Make offer to buy or trade for a quality spotting scope.. RARE! 1980's Yamaha SG80... Try to find one... This guitar is the most tone versatile instrument I've ever played! Selector toggles in mind blowing options. Features neck through mahogany body, beautiful! Pickups are freakish! Anything from smooth jazz to driving metal... Stripped and oiled neck. Superb tuners. Whammy tail piece... And best of all... IT JUST EFFING LOOKS MASTERFUL! You NEED this Guitar! Local Pickup Only. 


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