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Beautiful Vintage Guitar or Harp tube amp in Lubbock TX for $225

This seller is clearly an expert and has posted a meticulous listing for this absolutely stunning vintage tube amp and speaker cabinet.  These Bell & Howell Filmosound tube amps are considered by some to be the "cream of the crop" as far as build quality and components. In fact the tube complement, including the original British made 12AX7 Mullard tubes in this amp are worth a considerable small fortune on their own - let alone the rest of the perfectly matched and preserved ensemble.  If you are anywhere near Lubbock TX and are looking for a nifty vintage tube combo with some serious MOJO, I recommend you check this listing out. 


1950s B&H Tube Guitar Harp Amp And Jensen Speaker - $225 (Lubbock)

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condition: excellent

For sale is an early 1950s Bell and Howell Filmosound 15 watt all tube amplifier featuring point to point wiring and 6V6 push pull circuitry and a matching B&H Speaker cabinet with original Jensen 12" speaker in amazing original condition. This classic combination includes the very low hour amplifier extensively and professionally bench tested in pristine original condition with no corrosion or damage of any kind. The hand wired circuitry is all original with only the photo electronic tube used in the original projector application removed for optimization in use as a guitar microphone or instrument amp. The premium tube compliment is all original B&H silkscreened logo tubes including two 6V6 output pentodes (with a third for screen voltage regulation) the original RCA 5Y3 rectifier and 5879 dual element tube for voltage gain and two matched B&H British Mullard 12AX7 dual triodes for the Class A front end and driver stages. This amp can drive both 8 and 16 ohm speaker cabs with plenty of clean power wide range tone control and superb crunch when overdriven. I am an old retired recording studio service calibration tech and can assure that the original circuitry including capacitors resistors and wiring has never required repair of any kind and the amp has not been unnecessarily tweaked modified or otherwise altered by unskilled tube amp Guru wannabees. The very rare early generation Tombstone Deco speaker cabinet has the original white and burgundy felt B&H logo and grill in pristine condition with the inner matching felt lining to the entire cab equally clean and nice. The hinged back of the cab allows access to cable storage and is tight with no unwanted vibration issues when used at full volume. The original Jensen P12 Alnico 25 watt rated 16 ohm speaker is in mint condition with complete B&H labeling and tan paint scheme to the frame and bell housing with the date code showing it was manufactured the 9th week of 1952. The cone voice coil and spyder assembly are perfect and the original B&H dedicated terminals are provided with a standard 1/4 inch phone jack lead to allow use of this cab with other tube amps. The only cosmetic issue is the expected scuffs to the outer two-tone gray paint of the cab which was the result of storage at times without the included original B&H logo heavy quilted and padded cloth cover. 60+ years young and going strong this is a rare local opportunity to acquire an authentic Boutique amp from the Golden era. For the guitar player or blues harpist desiring this unique combo I am asking $225 CASH. This price is cash only and firm. Please be patient and I'll try to answer email as quickly as possible. Thank you. If this ad is still listed then it is still available so please don't email asking if it is still available.

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