Wednesday, November 5, 2014

1947 Gibson BR-6 dual 6V6 combo amp in Pittsburgh PA area for $495

This seller is not offering a super cheap deal but this is definitely a RARE and desirable amplifier.  You see the smaller Gibson "tweed" amps all the time since they were paired with Lap steels but this larger dual 6V6 model is a lot less common. The big octal preamp tubes on these make all the difference.  You will be amazed at the nuance and quality of the pick attack on an amp like this.  If you ever see one check it out.


1946-47 Gibson BR-6 Amplifier - $495 (Kittanning)

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condition: good
This 1946-47 Gibson BR-6 tube amplifier is a real attic find. It is completely original, I even believe it has the original tubes. The carry strap is missing but I figured the new owner could put what they wanted on the amp for the strap. I plugged in my guitar and MAN what a sound!!!!!This a very RARE amplifier and to find one that plays and is all original, is amazing for an almost 70 year old amplifier. I sent this amp to Western PA's BEST vintage amplifier repair shop and due to how bust he is, it took over a month to get it back, but he checked it all out, replace a couple of caps and the input plug and it is ready to play for another 20-30 years. It is marked as 55 watt output but is probably more like 8-10 being powered by 5 tubes including twin 6V6 power tubes with 2 preamps as well. Back in the 40's, a 8-10 watt amp was considered a professional amplifier. Thanks for looking, this is a great piece of music history and this model of BR-6 was only made for 2-3 years from what that I could find, mainly 1946 and 47. What a great blues amplifier !!
I have been playing this amp with a semi-hollow guitar and there is hardly any difference between it and Fender Tweeds that I have owned, except this amp has an amazing clean sound, but still breaks up at high output. ALL ORIGINAL - GREAT SOUND. Great amplifier, thanks for looking!!

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