Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 Beltone (Teisco) small tube amps in Detroit area for $175 each

Many people think that Beltones were made in Canada (ike Garnets) since they were sold there but they are Japanese amps from Teisco. The same amps were sold here in the USA as Melody brand in the 21950's and 1960's. These are low wattage and the preamps are minimal gain so they are for clean playing unless you use a boost or OD pedal in front but they will never, I repeat never sound like a Tweed Fender.

tan Beltone AP-14

The most desireable of the Beltone's in probably the AP-24 since it has a 5Y3 rectifier and a pair of 6BQ5's. But the AP-14 and other low wattage models are okay too. The best thing about these amps are the looks; they just look great. Perfect if you want to keep a little guitar amp in your bedroom or ofice and can feel free to crank it up anytime.

No pics on the listing but hee is a link to some Beltone photos on the internet. The one I posted is a file copy off Flikr.


Vintage Tube Guitar Amps - $175 (Troy)

Date: 2011-05-17, 11:24PM EDT
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I'm selling three early 1960's Low wattage Belltone tube amps. Compared to my blackface Champs, I'd say these are about 4 or 5 watts. All three have the same circuit, but have different speaker configurations. Each have a Volume, Tone and Tremelo on/off/speed controls. Each have a jack to turn on/off trem with a footswitch. All three are in GREAT SHAPE. The grey tolex model is slightly older and has slight differences. It has 2 alnico 8" speakers. The red amp has 1 8" alnico speaker. The white & tan amp has 1 10" alnico. These amps are like they were put in a closet and never played. Great shape. Only wear is the Grey amp's leather handle is dry and starting to crack a tiny bit. These amps have never been opened up and are ALL ORIGINAL including tubes, which have little use. Each still has the tube chart inside the cab also. I am asking $175 each as these are like time capsules and are very obscure amps I bought in Canada about 10 years ago. I am firm on my price. Very cool low wattage amps in great shape.
You can contact me @ (248)259-0757 Thanks

•Location: Troy

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