Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Better start hoarding those Teiscos - check this out - SS4-L goes for $565 on ebay

I haven't been tracking eBay sales much lately but I guess the low end market is coming back faster than the high end stuff. Check out this Teisco SS4-L that went for $565 + $40 shipping on March 16th. Heck, it doesn't even have the Teisco logo on the headstock. LOL!

Now, we all know the reason this was such a popular item - the particular gold foils in this guitar with the screw poles on the outside (vs. the center) are the most desireable of the Teisco pickups. But they still aren't worth over $100 each! Or are they?

I had an SS4L baritone that I sold about 4 years ago and I was happy to get $200 bucks for it back then. Hard to believe they have gone up this much since then.



Vintage Teisco


You are bidding on the Guitar Pictured. comes as seen. Mid 1960s Teisco Guitar. Made in Japan. 4 Ry Cooder style Gold Foil Pickups. original Tobacco burst Finish. Has Tremolo Tailpiece - there no tremolo arm. Chrome Pickguard & Chrome Control panal. Llight Switch Pickup selectors . Wheel style volume & Tone knob. block fret markers on Rosewood fretboard. comes w/ era correct old Japan made case but I think is a bass case but will keep it Safe for shipping. Quite the cool guitar. New Strings. Sounds great!


Phisically the guitar seems to be in Very nice shape. original finish is Very good shape w/ some minor scratches & some edge wear on the back. Teisco logo missing but nails are there. chrome is good but has some scratches. Pickups and electronics working good. the action is good but as with most of these old japanese guitars it could use a setup. neck is pretty straight. a pretty nice guitar that sounds as rad as it looks. there is no Cracks, repairs or dammage noticed. the neck pickup is missing one of the pole screws as seen.

shipping $40.00

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  1. Hey I sold that guitar... those are my pics,
    those old 4 PU tiescos are getting hard to come by.
    I sell alot of teisco parts and there is definately a market out there for these babys. it always surprises me how much some sell for.
    best of luck
    Slappys Vintage Guitars
    So Cal


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